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POLL: Was Michael Emerson Robbed?

By docarzt,

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I’ve been painfully honest about where I’m coming from with this:  John Lithgow definitely deserved the Golden Globe for Dexter.  Season 2 Ben Linus vs Lithgow, that would go to Emerson all the way.  Lithgow just power-slammed the craft in Dexter, it was crazy.  Still, the LOST zealotry is going wild with the notion that Emerson should have won.  He did, after all, win the Emmy – so it is worthwhile to open a discussion about it.  What do you think?  Was Emerson robbed? Personally I think a lot of LOST folks were robbed in general by the lack of nominations.

  • Leachpunk

    I agree, Michael Emerson is a talented man. But had the Emmy’s happened after Dexter aired, I feel we would see the same result as the Golden Globes. I say it all the time, Lost is my favorite show on television, but Dexter is the best show on television. Watching an episode of Dexter, I never felt bored, cheated, underwhelmed, or deceived. Every season of Dexter has been a treat.

    So with that, I feel that John Lithgow was pretty amazing. I’m certainly surprised that Lost does not receive more nominations, but lets face it, A LOT of us Love one of the most hated shows on television…. simply because we understand what not to understand.

  • Rooky

    I think that Michael won the emmy and that should be enough he doesn’t need more awards tbh, share the love its no fun if one person gets every award at everyshow.

    Lithgow was great in Dexter and Michael was great is Lost simple as. Dexter just happened closer to the awards.

  • GeigerCounter

    In my opinion Emerson has been stellar on the show ever since he first appeared and he was already awarded for his efforts with an Emmy plus 2 nominations. I think the academy (or foreign press) doesn’t really owe him anything – you can’t say he was robbed because he won once. And he still has a chance to win again seeing as Lost isn’t over just yet. On the other hand, Lithgow was only on Dexter for one season, he won’t appear on it again, and he was mind-blowing in his psychotic role, so I think the real robbery would have been to not award him for his work. Emerson was not robbe din this case. (Plus I do get a feeling that giving an award to Lithgow is more fair since he is a Hollywood-based actor who’s been in the business for decades, whereas Emmerson is primarily a theater actor -he says so himself- so it almost feels weird that he steels TV awards from people who are actually TV/movie actors when he isn’t. It’s like when the pope chose Michaelangelo -who was a sculptor- to paint the Sistine Chapel ceiling. And Michaelangelo didn’t even want to do it in the first place because he hated painting. So ho was that fair to the real painters of the era?)

    • Rams

      The past/background shouldn’t matter in receiving an award. Just because ME is from a theatre background doesn’t mean he should not win awards.
      Now, I don’t watch Dexter, so I can’t comment on who deserved the award more. I’m glad Emerson won the Emmy, though. Even in the example you gave, fair or not, Michelangelo didn’t exactly mess up the Sistine Chapel ceiling. Ultimately, though, I don’t take these awards too seriously. Sometimes, chance and timing play a big role and they may not always be fair.

  • mpl

    I’m a big Michael Emerson fan; but this wasn’t necessarily his best year. Not his fault; he spent much of the year standing around looking wan. Season Two definitely best most impressive.

  • Come on Doc. You know the response you are going to get by asking that question. This is after all a website devoted exclusively to Lost.

  • Matt

    I am a HUGE Michael Emerson fan, and his character, Ben Linus, is my second favorite on the show, only to John Locke. I don’t think you can compare the talents of Emerson and Lithgow though. They were both fantastic in their respective seasons. But man, I can’t stop showing friends of mine who don’t watch Dexter the Thanksgiving dinner scene from season 4. Absolutely incredible work. Emerson, as amazing as he always is, was just one of the many things that made season 5 great for me. John Lithgow, however, was the REASON season 4 of Dexter was fantastic, and probably the best season so far. Too bad Dexter always gets his man.

  • Normally I would say that, but John Lithgow was amazing.

  • MK

    No, not this time. Much as I love Michael Emerson (and Ben) John Lithgows performance in Dexter this season was beyond amazing, in fact the entire season of Dexter was unbelievable. It’s unfortunate that the Golden Globes don’t have a “Guest Star” category like the Emmys do, then likely John Lithgow would have been in that category but the GG’s are split up in a different way. Did you know John Lithgow writes childrens books? Just a little trivia I recently found out lol. I’d also like to give a shout out to Michael C Hall on his Best Actor award, i’ve been a fan of his since Six Feet Under, if Hugh Laurie had to lose to someone i’m glad it was MCH.

  • joe bones

    to be totally honest, emerson didnt have that much to DO in season 5. obviously the murder of locke was awesome and emerson totally sold the scene…. but when you look at his performance in season 5 as a whole, he didnt do a lot.

  • Michael got his Emmy nod. Lithgow deserved some acknowledgement.

  • Binda

    I rooted for Michael Emerson because Lost is my favorite show and we all know and love him. But after watching Dexter this year and seeing Lithgow's chilling performance, I would have been disappointed if he didn't win or at least been happy if he won and wasn't the favorite going in.

  • Binda

    I rooted for Michael Emerson because Lost is my favorite show and we all know and love him. But after watching Dexter this year and seeing Lithgow's chilling performance, I would have been disappointed if he didn't win or at least been happy if he won and wasn't the favorite going in.

  • EmrsnFnMoorhead

    I heard Lithgow's performance was amazing. I always root for Emerson. As long as he didn't lose to Piven, I'm a happy camper. Emerson did get well deserved Emmy. LOST as a whole was cheated at the Globes.