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Potential Big LOST Spoiler / Tease

By docarzt,

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Okay folks, it’s been a pretty boring week as far as spoilers are concerned.  As usual, the network of folks on the island have been buzzing about various filming bits.  Now there is something new to report, that may indicate something cool is about to slip out.  More after the jump.

So let’s summarize.  So far the ‘big’ scoops have consisted of stuff that we knew we’d see.  They have filmed some stuff outside of the four-toed-statue, natch.  They have filmed some stuff at the old Swan Station dig site, well… no crap.  Now, a very awesome source on the island is indicating that something is going on with a particular location that is sort of an axis for the world of LOST.  Scenes shot at this location will be very telling indeed, and you can bet all eyes are watching.  I only need to say three letters for you to know what I’m talking about:  LAX.

So far no details have emerged, since Hawaii is five hours behind I’m waiting for everybody to wake up so I can get more details, but judging by the exclamation marks I’m guessing there is some filming going on involving LAX.  Frankly, whatever is happening might be too telling for me to report here.  It’s going to be very difficult to avoid the ruiners this season, but I’m guessing you all know where to watch to keep up on the unrestrained spoiler madness.

So this is a big test for folks wanting to stay away from major spoilers this year.  What we find out from a set report today could explicitly answer the question of “did they change time?”, and you have to ask yourself:  do I want to discover this in the context of the story, or on somebody’s website?  Either way is no statement of character, mind you.  The spoiler debate is a hot one, but at the core let’s not be judgmental.  If anything, it’s an interesting social experiment.  Are you going to be watching?  Or will you be putting on your aluminum hat?  Let me know below.

  • Zonker

    No tinfoil hat for me. Sure, I’ll try to avoid verbatim leakage like the infamous Season 3 finale spoiler. But if I hear that Jack, Sawyer, Kate, Hurley are being filmed walking around “LAX,” no biggie. There are still months left to speculate what it would all exactly mean to re-boot the timeline. What about Locke? Did he never die in this timeline? If so, doesn’t that mean Jacob is now safe, since the loophole has been erased? Boone? Shannon? Libby? Michael? Wallllltttt?

    • Mack

      I think the island plays by a different set of rules. I wonder now if it really was Jacob asking Locke to help him. He was asking Locke to help him exist. As I said before, the island is skipping in space time and objects and people, the deceased for instance, exist in a state of being and non-being. I like to use the cabin as an example. The cabin went from being hard to find, changing location repeatedly, to being a physically rooted place that Ilana was able to find easily and then physically destroy.

  • ghanima

    I guess we will have to wait to find out if this is the “real” LAX or if we are seeing more trippy dream scenes a la’ Boone and Locke seeing everyone going through security in LAX before. Can’t remember the episode- just Boone making cryptic comments, and Locke unable to speak.

    At least we know it isn’t a flashback or forward.

  • RandomZombie

    I guess there’s a blurry line between what I consider a spoiler and just ‘extra information.’ Without the details, this is more of a confirmation of some theories.
    My desire to remain relatively spoiler-free is at battle with the gaping anti-Lost void and the restless anticipation that comes with it. I guess I’ll go along with it until I feel like I’ve gotten too much information, then I’ll back off.
    It’s going to be a rough few months.

  • Casey

    I try to stay relatively spoiler free, in that I don’t mind small bits, but I try to avoid major plot lines.

    Honestly Doc…you’ve done a good job of separating the two and filtering out the major stuff on your site (or at least putting up good warning signs when you do reveal spoilers). For now, until and unless you change the way you handle spoilers, I’ll trust you to do the right thing.

  • Mack

    I don’t mind spoilers. It is all about the journey, not the destination. I don’t understand the reasoning behind getting upset if a site has spoilers. If you don’t like them, don’t read them. On the other hand, I don’t want everything revealed and I will choose to avoid certain topics of discussion to avoid being influenced.

  • sommery

    Bring on the SPOILERS! I just started watching this show last year with a marathon Netflix viewing. I already knew some of what was coming before I watched it. I started watching the new episodes before I finished with the old ones. And I followed the spoilers. It’s fun to see the differences between the spoilers and the actuality.

  • Andy

    Bring on the spoilers! Bring on the big reveals! Bring on the heart-stopping scoops! Bring on the photos of Evangeline Lily and Elizabeth Mitchell posing nude in a “Who’s hotter?” contest! Bring it all on!

  • Doc,
    I think this year you may have to make a distinction between “spoilers” and “ruiners.” With it being the last season, some thing are game breakers when it comes to spoilers. But episode titles, and casting news (to some extent) aren’t that big a deal. Maybe two separate sections?

  • Zeus Ex machina

    I agree, Crazy Bearded Jack. The fact that a news story was posted today with a “Major Spoiler” tag that isn’t really a spoiler at all backs you up on this.

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