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Premiere Warm-up Chat With Doc At Zap2It!

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I’m honored to be part of a panel discussion this Wednesday at zap2it! Here’s a little blurb about the chat, which is being presided over by Ryan McGee of Zap2it’s LOST Guide to LOST.

We’ve got DocArzt himself, Jon Lachonis; Erika Olson from Long Live Locke; the one and only JOpinionated; and the co-creators of SL-Lost all coming to chat. This will be THE epicenter for live “Lost” chat on the interwebs about the season finale.

The chat will begin at 2:00 EDT on Wednesday! For more info on the chat check out THIS LINK.

  • triangulatedsignal

    awesome doc! the last chat with erika and ryan was great! also something i just noticed too, on thursday there will be a chat with eric lange which should be good too. post finale chat

    • Dolce

      Hey Tri, will this conflict with the regular Wednesday night chat?

      • triangulatedsignal

        no it wont dolce. it is totally sep and done through zap2it. the last time they had a chat i was in both.

        • Dolce

          so they’ll both be happening during the finale?

          • JOpinionated

            Hi Dolce. The spoiler-free, pre-finale Zap2It chat will take place on Wednesday afternoon, at 2pm EDT! 🙂

  • clueless1der

    Wow, you, Erika AND Jo??? That’s like blogger Nirvana.

    Jeez, Like I need something else to geek out over on Wednesday. 😛

    • triangulatedsignal

      haha i know, i loved the last one so this one should be even better!

  • What, no Astro or Sledge? I’m boycotting!

    Just kidding.