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Questions for Adam Horowitz and Eddy Kitsis?

By Koobie,

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I was lucky enough to grab an interview tomorrow with two of Lost’s executive producers, Adam Horowitz and Eddy Kitsis, while they are visiting the UW-Madison campus.

If you guys have some burning questions you would like asked, please throw them in the comments below.  I will try to get to as many as possible!

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  • Flatulator

    Re: Question For Adam & Eddy:

    Will the Smoke Monster end up being Hurley’s ranch dressing fart?

    • TaoWhat

      pretty damn funny.

  • MC

    will we definitely find out who was in the rocking chair in the cabin?

  • Josh

    Q: Is everyone who’s trapped like Michael on the island (and therefore the whispers) being punished, doomed to that limited interaction with the living they long to protect a la The Christmas Carol?

  • Dan

    Desmond ran down Locke because he knows that Jack works at the hospital and that Jack could fix Locke’s spine, forcing their inevitable interaction.

    • tina

      yes! totally agree

  • Artie Deco

    How the heck can the whispers be the trapped ghosts of dead people, if Hurley’s voice was among the whispers in the first couple of seasons?

    What the heck is the deal with Jacob’s cabin? Why does it move? Who was in the chair? Why was Claire in there with Christian? Why does technology cause the being in the cabin to freak out? Why the heck did Horace build it??

    Why did you drop the Annie storyline?

    Why make it seem that Amelia was Amelia Earhart, and even name the Mittelos airport with an anagram of Earhart, and then never show her again?

    Why did the paintings in the house where Miles spoke to the woman’s son change?

    How the hell did a Dharma polar bear end up in the desert? Were the bears used to turn the donkey wheel? If so, how the hell the they get the bears down there, and why would they use such vicious animals for such a task?

    Why is the current season pretty much jettisoning all sense of cohesion?

    • Dan

      Why are you such an asshole.

      • Artie Deco

        What the hell is you’re freakin’ problem? I list some questions, and you call me an asshole? Well, screw you, moron.

    • Sachin

      What’s this about Hurley’s voice in the whispers?

      • Artie Deco

        His voice said, “Dude, I think he likes her” during a whisper scene involving Sayid and Shannon, and he said a few other things as well.

    • JessiePow

      I have almost exactly the same questions. Tho I think the Amelia Earhart thing was just a wink and needs no resolution. Oh and as for cohesion, you know, they’re trying to do a lot and solve all the mysteries. Pretty cohesive to me given such a tall order. Nonetheless, I want answers about those damn stairway pictures. Are they implying that the original timeline is a conflation of multiple overlapping timelines and that somehow Miles’ is tapping into the multiples rather than talking to the dead? Or something?

      And the whispers! SAME question. How is Hurley’s voice one of the whispers? And why was Sara one of the whispers?

      • Artie Deco

        Careful, Dan may call you an asshole.

    • Litemakr

      I am with you on the the cabin questions. They set that up as a big mystery then kind of jettisoned it to have Jacob living in the statue. My guess is that MIB was actually in the cabin, or maybe both of them at one point. Why was whoever it was trying to lure Hurley into the cabin? I want to know why Claire was in there with Christian and not at all concerned about Aaron, and how that led to her living in the jungle and being crazy and obsessed with Aaron.

    • Jason

      I would like to know the answer to most of those as well, but I would say the Polar Bear question has been pretty definitively answered. They needed strong animals to turn the wheel (that could perform the task on thier own, and on two legs) as it’s obviously not an easy thing to do. Whoever turns the wheel ends up in the desert (like Ben and Locke). As far as their being vicious–I’m not sure they had a choice (grizzlies? black bears?) as to what kind of animal would be strong enough and balanced on two legs enough to do the task.

      • Not to mention the ice cavern seemed freezing cold… perfect for bears of the polar kind.

  • Who had the idea to use the University of Michigan as the home base of the DHARMA initiative? Are or were the DHARMA initiatives objectives benign?

    • naultz

      THE Ohio State University would have been a better choice for the Dharma Initiative. GOOOOOOOOOOOOO BUCS!

      • Jason

        I can take lots of unrealistic things, but I’m not sure I would have bought sciency stuff being done at OSU–that’s just far too unrealistic. 🙂

  • Susan Terral

    I know you can’t answer anything about what might be coming up or what mysteries are still out there so I will go for a question related to something that has already happened. It also relates to one of my favorite characters (who am I kidding? they are all my favorite characters!) were some of the pictures used at the beginning of Everyone Loves Hugo from Jorge’s personal collection or were they all posed specifically for the episode? Thanks for a wonderful action packed episode and for the answer about the whispers!

  • theusedfan31

    how bout what is the island??
    tell us all readyy!!!!

    and will Kate connect with sawyer or jack?
    and Juliet? jack or sawyer?
    what if no Juliet and sawyers alone?

    • theusedfan31

      im basing that on the fact that in the elevator they (sawyer and kate) didn’t really get to conversate.

      • Shane

        They don’t need to speak to say everything. 😉

  • BasiaK

    Artie Deco:

    May I?

    How the heck can the whispers be the trapped ghosts of dead people, if Hurley’s voice was among the whispers in the first couple of seasons?

    — This is not canon. It’s a supposition that was never proved.

    What the heck is the deal with Jacob’s cabin? Why does it move? Who was in the chair? Why was Claire in there with Christian? Why does technology cause the being in the cabin to freak out? Why the heck did Horace build it??

    ——Do you really, really think stuff like this would be divulged?

    Why did you drop the Annie storyline?

    ——Remember the strike-shortened season? A lot of material had to be cut… she apparently isn’t integral to the big picture, at least that’s how I take it.

    Why make it seem that Amelia was Amelia Earhart, and even name the Mittelos airport with an anagram of Earhart, and then never show her again?

    —–What lead you to believe the Other named Amelia was Amelia Earhart?

    Why is the current season pretty much jettisoning all sense of cohesion?

    —Sorry you aren’t enjoying the ride, I’m loving it and not confused at all. mind you, I don’t expect an A to B storyline and am fine with not always knowing the reasons behind certain character’s behaviors. I know that, if important, I’ll find out.

    As for your other questions… meh. If I find out, fine. If not, fine. I’m enjoyint what’s left of one of the greatest shows I’ve ever watched.

    • Dan

      I think the Cabin is a reference to Quantum Mechanics. The cabin is in multiple places at once.


      when eloise was talking about the island moving, maybe the island is shifting underneath the cabin.

      it really doesn’t matter. it’s a cool moving cabin. accept it. like a belligerent elementary school friend on facebook.

  • sam

    Which three episodes, from previous seasons, would you recommend REWATCHING in advance of the show’s culmination?

  • Frogurt’s Arrow

    Why do you kill off all the strong women?

    • NJay

      What about Kate?

      • Rams

        What about her? 🙂

  • Nathan

    Which clue did they drop some seasons ago that no one has picked up on?

    • Jackisjack

      Which clue are you referring? The only one I know of is in S3 the Room 23 sequence played in reverse you hear the message “Only Fools Are Enslaved By Time and Space” which is also a possible anagram for adam and eve.

  • Jackisjack

    Overall which character’s storyline has been the most difficult challenge to portray, the way you wanted us, the viewers, too see them?

    Which character are you most satisfied with from start to finish storyline wise?

    Which character are you least satisfied with from start to finish storyline wise and why?

  • Jack’s Sidekick

    *What do you fear most when you all come up with these crazy ideas? (I’m not complaining, no matter how weird it gets, I seem to be able to keep up, like these Flash Sideways make perfect sense for me for some strange reason)
    *What would have become of certain characters who were offed from the show only because of the actor’s actions or situations? (Mr. Eko? Would Ana Lucia have been the fourth corner in the love-quad, instead of Juliet?) Also on the same note, what would have become of the story had certain characters not worked? (I am mostly referring to Ben here, who was only supposed to play a bit part only to be offered a larger role which has become what we know now.) If Ben, aka Henry Gale would have been killed, what kind of person would you have been optioning to play the vital role of “Others” leader?
    *Did you all intend on the love triangle (Must I name the players?) to be such an impact? Personally I’ll accept it when it comes but I still want Jack to have to “let Kate go.”
    *Has Matthew Fox really known the ending for some time now?

  • Mammam

    Radzinsky was the Head of Research who should have known about all the stations. Then why is the Pearl, a rather unimportant station (and one that was even known to common workmen like Ben and Roger) the central questionmark on the Blast Door Map that Radzinsky created?

    • Dan

      i think he wanted to lead someone to the ? so that they would question the importance of the swan and allow it to collapse, because to him he probably thought that if the iteration of the loop happened again it may be different, but he is wrong.

      that’s just me. tho.

    • Artie Deco

      For that matter, why did Radzinsky paint the map in the first place? And why invisibly?

  • p_s_xpress

    Ilana – what was the point? Maybe we’ll see some more backstory on her later? Will it matter if we do?

    • Artie Deco

      Ilana was just like most of the new characters they’ve introduced in the past few years (Dogen, Lenon, Caesar, Phil, Charlotte, etc.)–there was very little character development, and thus nothing to like or dislike about her. The only characters introduced in seasons 4-6 that I’ve given a damn about have been Daniel, Miles and Frank (but only because he’s funny–otherwise, he’s also a non-character). The characters from seasons 1-3 were so much more interesting to me, and so much better fleshed-out. I don’t understand why they keep introducing new characters and then killing them before letting us care about them.

    • Litemakr

      Yeah, weren’t we supposed to find out why she was injured in the hospital? It does seem like a total waste of a character who got a lot of screentime. Would she really be stupid enough to handle the dynamite so carelessly?

  • NJay

    Will we get more information on the history of the Dharma Initiative and how it got connected with the Island?

  • NJay

    Will we find out what happens with Rose and Bernard, who are not part of Widmore’s camp or Flocke’s camp?

    • erickfortmann

      Agreed…I was going to ask this….I don’t care if they are Adam and Eve…and I know in the grand scheme of things as things wind down they are not front burner but I would like to know if they stayed in the 70’s in their own private heaven ….or came back with the Jack and other

  • dpretty

    Blast door map have anything to do with pockets of energy and howd ben summon smokey with a flush of what lookd like a toilet

    • Artie Deco

      Yeah, the blast map and the Smokey summoning don’t seem to make any sense in the greater mythos.

  • bps

    I have always loved keeping up with the titles of the coming episodes and trying to guess what the title has to do with the story that week. That’s been especially fun this year where not only have the stories paralleled the stories from seasons 1 & 2, but the episode titles have as well. I have two related questions: I have always wondered why did you all decide not to put the episode titles at the beginning of each episode since each title is so important to what the episode is about? And in regard to the episode title for the finale, “The End,” did you all keep it very simple because that’s the only title you could give it that would not give away too much of the endgame story?

  • tina

    Did anyone notice the numbers called @ Hurley’s chicken place, were they THE numbers? don’t know if it matters… just a thought… which means i think way too much about this show…

  • Sorta Cute Smitty

    Why have so many of the big questions–the numbers, the whispers, the statue–been given only cursory, unsatisfying explanations, while others–the Egyptian connection, the fertility issue, Walt–have been entirely ignored?

  • Naultz

    who is possesing/imitating christian shepard?

  • Ask them if they ever get tired of fans complaining that everything in LOST isn’t going they way they wanted or expected it to go.

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