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Rant and Rate – LOST 6.09 – “Ab Aeterno”

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Perhaps the most anticipated character back story in LOST history was played out tonight.  Richard Alpert has been an essential element of LOST’s mysteries since he first appeared on the show.  This is a man who seems to know what is going on.  The right hand man to both the visiting powers that be on the island (Ben, Widmore, and whoever else), and the all powerful – and recently deceased – Jacob.  Last week, we saw an Alpert who had plumbed the depths of despondency, did “Ab Aeterno” satisfactorily back up Richard’s quest for self destruction? What did we learn about the island?

Among the various aspects of the LOST myth arc that were colored in this episode:

  • How the statue got all messed up.  The Black Rock hit it!  (Next question… where did that gargantuan wave come from!)
  • Jacob views the island as a morally level playing field and is trying to teach MIB that human beings are capable of making the right decisions.
  • No wait!  Jacob really views the island as what stands between a well of infinite evil and the rest of the world.
  • Actually, the fact that Jacob seems to believe both scenarios, depending on who he is talking to, means neither one is true.
  • Richard Alpert’s faith in Jacob was just that:  faith. In terms of answers, Alpert probably didn’t know much more than the other players we have met along the way.  He was simply Jacob’s ageless errand boy and faithful go betweener.
  • The MIB plans to kill all of the candidates.  Question of the week:  if Jacob was ‘holding’ him there, and no-one has assumed Jacob’s station, why can’t he leave now?  Is there some latent quality of the candidates that binds him to the island, or does he just need a ride?  Maybe his ability to turn into smoke is strictly a localized phenomenon.

What are your thoughts about tonight’s episode?  Rate.  Rant.

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