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Rate and Rant – “Happily Ever After” Changes The Game

By docarzt,

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Here’s the message for fans who have been kvetching about the pace of season six, compliments of “Happily Ever After” : S.T.F.U.  The game is on, but more importantly the game board is now visible.  “Happily Ever After” kicked off the big inter-dimensional struggle we all knew was coming, but brought a few unexpected tones as well.  Is it just my imagination, or do there appear to be ‘angel’ characters on both sides of the fence?  Can Libby be one?  Please?

My good friend and Lostpedia sysop, and TVOvermind contributor, Sam McPherson summed up exactly what I was feeling at the end of this episode: “It’s this year’s ‘The Constant,’ and it’s the strongest episode of the season. Episodes like “Ab Aeterno” were marvelous, but “Happily Ever After” simply blows them out of the water in terms of scope.” (Read his full review here.)

“Happily Ever After” was equal parts crystallization, and catalyst.  In one fell swoop it gave the sideways context, and gave the road ahead a full tank of purpose.  It’s not that there is no more mystery or suspense, but there is a sense of the psychic territory that lay ahead – and it is on the highest peaks of the continent of imagination.  Game. On.

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  • Iwantmykidneyback

    epic. simply epic

    • Matthew

      I so agree

      Such an AWESOME episode – check out my full thoughts over at AP –

      • rich


        • Matthew

          Was truly a great episode, I will seriously be a bit sad at the end of this great run!

          • Jamaste LeFleur

            For me every Desmond centric episode from each season is that season’s Constant. Starting with the Season 2 Finale which gaves his first flashback and ended with him turning the keys that would lead us into “Flashes Before Your Eyes” and his specialness that culminated with “The Constant”. To me the wirters and producers nailed the characterization and in finding the actor that could pull it off. Jack and Kate’s love story never seemed as important, poignant or of any real pull when compared to the Scott and his “Penny Lane”. Season 5 faultered a bit for the lack of Des, but thankfully Sawywer stepped up, as he always dies and provided much needed heart and gravitas. Now that we don’t have Locke our Man of Faith and Jack is just looking like a Zen Master who can take everything and just go with the flow (I’m sure the Good Doctor will save the day at the end, even sacrifice himself, he’s just not giving me much on the way of dynamic character/storytelling at this moment) we really needed a second Leading Man to counterpart Sawyer’s Con game with some Faith and Love, Des is the answer, Science and Faith in one man, Destiny driven by free will. “There’s always a choice Brother” even when is your destiny to make that choice. No go kick some Smokey/Jacob’s ass and save the world.

          • Iwantmykidneyback

            dear mr. lefleur, you win. that is all.

  • amy

    mind is blown!!

  • max

    I believe that in the end, the ‘adam and eve’ skeletons will end up being Charles and Eloise.

    • johr77

      i like that idea..

    • andyphon

      No, I think Rose and Bernard – they didn’t jump forward and stayed in the 70s, dying together in the cave.

      • Charlie’s Ghost

        technically, we don’t know that they didn’t go fwd

  • InAnotherLife815

    Was it just me or did the painting of the scale with the black and white rocks in Whitmore’s office switch positions? Did anyone notice if the black and white rocks switched sides. I believe that in the end the skeletons will have something to do with balance. Perhaps by the end we will get a look way back to where Jacob and the MIB came from if they did not originate from the island and the skeleton’s are in fact parents of those two and someone else was guarding the island long before Jacob. Okay, I just cracked my brain. We’ll know soon enough.

    • julian

      no they did not switch, i watched over and over, no switch…great hypothesis too.

      • Ament

        I noticed when Desmond walked into his office the painting was in fact on his left side, after the hug and commercial break the painting was on his right side. In that way i believed it swapped spots…but that also happened in “Flashes Before Your Eyes” with a picture of a polar bear and upside down statue. One scene it was on his left then it was on his right. He may have two pictures though, but i don’t know.

        • Ament

          I have to add they’ve done a lot of camera trickery in this show, in “The Incident” they showed Hurley and Jacob in a cab clearly driving through a city, when the cab stops to let Jacob out the background shows a beach/island scene with a palm tree waving. Does it have meaning i don’t know but it is kinda cool to add things like that.

          • Little One

            Shoot… I meant, you what you DIDN’t notice… 😉

            How come I cannot edit my own post?! WTF is that about?!

        • Little One

          Nice catch, dude.
          But what you did notice is that there are actually TWO different paintings on both sides of Widmore’s office walls – on the left, as Desmond enters the office first, there’s the scale painting framed in WHITE! and on the right, later on when he’s starring at the boat as Charles is speaking to some-bloody-one on the phone, there is another one framed in BLACK!
          So… I say: “No one here is exactly what here appears to be.” (?) G-Kar, Babylon 5

          Nice place you got here… thank you all!

          • Little One

            Sorry, my bad, the the wrong button to reply…

            Shoot… I meant, you what you DIDN’t notice…

            How come I cannot edit my own post?! WTF is that about?!

    • Handsome Smitty

      You know, that’s a broad reach, Charles and Ellie. Not bad. But it got me thinking – the skels are MIB’s parents!!! And perhaps he killed them, and the blood on little Jacob’s hands were from them….

      • Dorf

        But if that’s the case, why did Jack say the skeletons were only dead for about 50 years or so?

        • naultz

          I thought he said they had to be dead “at least” for 50 years old. hard to hammer down an exact time by just looking at a body.

          • Trip

            I thought he based his estimate on the condition of their clothes?

        • Handsome Smitty

          Okay, then I go back to Rose and Bernard – which I think is compelling since we haven’t seen them on the ISland this season.

          • amy

            I have leaned towards this as well…because they stayed behind when jughead went off and wanted to be together on the island, somehow that will lend them to being in the caves when it blew up…. Not sure how the rocks play with this theory though.

  • I knew Desmond would be powerful, but I had no idea it was going to be this good! He has figured it out and knows the deal.

    Awesome episode!! Amazing, gotta watch it again!

  • MIB815

    Brilliant episode!! I agree, it’s this season’s the constant.

  • Aldo lover

    I’m probably in the minority here but I never understood why discovering the origins of the two skeletons was so important. When they showed them way back in season 1 I didn’t give it a second thought as to who they were or that their identity was important. Just assumed it was a couple dead people in a cave, case closed. However I think I read that the Cuse and Lindelof said we would know their identities by seasons end so I guess it is important.

    • amy

      the only reason I have been intrigued about the identity of the skeletons is because Cuse and Lindelof made a point to say that by the end, because of the skeletons, we will know they knew all along how the show would end.

    • Matt

      I have a feeling that they became important because of Jack finding the white and black stones. The stones obviously have some meaning as we’ve seen. How do they reflect back to the skeletons? Why were they found on the skeletons? Who are the skeletons? etc…

  • Wafs

    Beautiful episode.

    I like how they made Daniel a musician, since when they showed him as a child he was a wonder on the Piano. Looks like regardless of that guy’s life outcomes, he’s always great!

    Desmond Hume is a constant again it looks like , loved loved loved the episode. The two worlds are starting to become apparent.

    I wonder if the flash sideways world ends up being fake and just falls apart back to the first world.

    Eloise seems to know a looooooooooooooooooot about what’s going on, she could possibly be someone who can travel between both dimensions and see the outcomes.

    • amy

      what if eloise is Desmonds mom? They have always been quiet about Desmonds childhood, never revealing his parents identity. She seems to be connected to him and he seems very important as in he was likely born on the island or is somehow “special” because of his orgins…..
      just a thought.

      • julian

        interesting thought but i think eloise and widmore had enough kids

      • jamesepowell

        I can buy this. Daniel said that Penny is his half-sister. Thus, different mother, thus Desmond and Penny do not share a parent. The question, then, is who is Penny’s mother?

        And are we going to find out that more characters are kinfolk? Is Jack literally Desmond’s brutha?

      • I’m still thinking that Desmond is Jacob’s son and that is why “the rules don’t apply” to Desmond

    • Handsome Smitty

      Sideways(c)Lost is what was SUPPOSED to happen, but because of Jacob and MIB’s interference, the Island Lost is the skew. Desmond or someone (Hurley, Jack – Ben Bad Bad Ben – will have to turn the wheel, go back in time and somehow reset everything.

      Faraday admits he was wrong but what if he’s also wrong about which reality was broken!

      I was against the alt-thing at first, seeing it coming at the end of last season. But now I am convinced that Sideways(c) is the true reality.

    • gusteaux

      Maybe it was Daniel who programmed the Good Vibrations code for the jamming device in the Looking Glass.

  • Ament

    So apparently Desmond has a unique scientific property who is on a spiritual mission. “Man of Science, Man of Faith” is one man. If Adam and Eve are Eloise and Whidmore…then we’ll be visiting the past again.

    • Rams

      Great thought! Des is both a Man os Science and Faith.

  • amy

    wonderful episode. I love that they brought back Farraday (sorry widmore) so he can finally explain what the heck is going on! I didn’t realize how much of a necessity he was till he was absent this season and I really needed his ramblings.

    Charlie is back!! And not just in a cameo shot…he was brilliant!!!

    So are we to believe now that Widmore is the “good guy” His eyes sure were a shiny blue in that last scene with desmond. I am still not completely sold on this idea…I still have this feeling that MIB is really going to be the “good” guy, in a not so good sort of way. I guess I just have a fondness for ole’ Locke even if he is now just a disguise for ole smokey.

    So glad I am not one who lost faith in LOST, I feel like it is gearing up for a good ride to the finish. Even if tonights revelation that the sideways world might be nothing more than a subconsious world of nonsense is a bit simplified I am diggin it.

  • LaFleur Me

    I loved the scene at the marina -same marina as the “fake” background in Pen and Des”s photo.

    • Wanda

      It’s Marina del Rey, where Ben shoots Desmond in 2007.

  • LaFleur Me

    Oh and I kept hoping for a glimpse of cute Charlie butt in his hospital gown. Remember in the season opener when Charlie said “I was suppossed to die”? I wonder if he knows he was suppossed to sacrifice himself for Claire and Aaron – that it was the way he had love

  • Brain In A Vat

    Maybe the skeletons are symbolic of fanboys. Fanboys who aimlessly mine the depths of the internets, further and further removing themselves from reality. Anyhoo, great ep!

  • Mark

    Love how the concept of “constants” was re-introduced. they seem to be strong emotional attachments that are able to help ppl travelling through two seperate plains. for charlie, its claire; for daniel, its charlotte and of course for desmond, its penny. once they find their constants, they understand that they are in two plains.

    u knew back when ‘the constant’ aired that this was important but it had never really been addressed again. now in the final episodes it looks like its a key component to the sideways.

    time travelling has been a significant theme throughout the series. Not just overtly like in ‘flashes before your eyes’ and ‘the constant’ but also in subtle ways like the flashback/flashforward storytelling devices And it looks like the end reveal of Lost is going to centre heavily on this idea.

    • Jon

      Actually, didn’t Farraday write in his journal that Desmond Hume is his constant?

      • dolce

        yes he did

    • gusteaux

      It was clearly established in S$ (The Constant) that Daniel’s constant is Desmond Hume (not Charlotte). He even wrote it in his jorunal. I really thought that was what he was going to show Des in his journal last night…but it turned out to be the quantum mechanics formula.

  • Mark

    Just to further that last point, maybe the story behind jacob and the man in black is heavily focussed on time-travelling. perhaps MIB is being trapped in the wrong time by jacob and thats what he means by wanting to go home. I dont really have a theory or know exactly what im talking about but this ep just really reinforced to me that time-travel is the key.

  • Justin

    Do we know for sure that ‘Adam and Eve’ have to be male and female, as the name suggests?

    It seems obvious to me that they are Jacob and Esau.

    • Dorf

      Yes. They were identified as man and woman by Jack.

      So nope, can’t be Jacob and MIB.

      • Unless of course Smokey is actually a woman.

        • Dorf

          I don’t see that happening.

          • sayidsfingernails

            I think it’s very likely we’ll find out that the MIB is a woman. We have not learned MIB’s name yet. Why? Either-
            -MIB is someone we know or know of (unlikely)
            -MIB is someone we have heard of, a historical figure (highly unlikely)
            -MIB is a woman. We have reason to believe that Titus Welliver isn’t MIB’s original body (possible)
            -MIB is Jacob. They are two halves of the same whole (possible)

          • Brent

            MIB stated in an earlier episode this season that before he was smokey he was once a man

          • andywhit

            If MIB is a woman – which I’d never considered before – maybe she is Hawkins?

        • Love Story in Purgatory

          Unless, like stated above, Adam & Eve are Charles and Eloise!
          Eloise seems to know much, much more no matter which Flash she is in AND she seems to be thouroughly enjoying the SideFlash – as she is rich, well to do, in charge AND has her non-dead former Faraday. Just what every little smokie would want.

    • Smokey siad Jacob stole his body. Maybe Jacob was a woman.

  • bps

    When Desmond woke back up on the island, I think he had a clearer picture of what he was supposed to do than Widmore did. He did not seem surprised at all at Sayid’s “kidnapping” of him…like…HE KNEW WHAT WAS COMING.

    • Jamaste LeFleur

      I’m with you there, and furthermore every Castway-Lostie on each camp are working together with their Boss-Deities and yet they all have Con going where they have another idea/solution to the problem and they will execute when the moment comes. Sawyer is with Mr. Lockness but only so “We are taking the Sub Kate”, and everything else he’s said so far about taking Jin and Sun off the Island with him etc, so he’s the most obviously “not with” his party’s real intention. Then back on Camp Jacob, team Richard/Ilana seem to have found a solution to their MIB problem, blow the plane up, but Jack tells Sun “Do you trust me” – “I’ll get you and Jin on that plane and as far away from this Island…” so eventhough he’s tagging along with Richard he ain’t buying his planning either. And he’s endgame is very much then same as Sawyer, again the two Alpha Males are working against each other (on a surface level at least) but for the same end result. * Notice that Jack promises to get Sun and Jin off the Island and not “we’re all leaving” like Sawyer says. Jack will probably be Jacob’s replacement, he ain’t happy in the real world, has never been, maybe he’ll find solaced in 100 Years of Solitude. But back to their factions and their intentions on camp Widmore, Charles thinks he’s in control and knows it all having brought Desmond to ther Island agaisnt he’s will, at the end of the episode he expetcs Des to be reluctant, resistant to his plan, but he isn’t, already he comes back from his sideways trip and just like his alterna-self, he’s got a plan, and he’ll play along with Widmore until is time to execute it, and when Sayid shows up, it just seems to be the gravy, he sorry, has a little smile on his face. Like he’s playing into his hand. So to me, eventhough this season has had the appearance of the Bigger Picture taking over, where we getting out more of the heads in this conflict with Jacob (Ilana, Dogen, Lennon, etc), MIB and now Widmore (and his annoying Liz Lemmon). Getting most of our fixing for the Losties stories from the sideways world, in the end will come down to the choices our castways make, the three Heads will duke it out, but the candidates are important not just because Jacob says so, but because they’re the people we care about. And I think finally after “Happily Ever After” we’re gonna start to get that. They’re ep by ep decisions making more of impact on the main story, the bigger picture, and more sideways-Lost Worls bleed into each other proving there was always a place for the alterna storyline. ‘Cause I think when push comes to shove, what Jack, Sawyer and Desmond choose at the end will be the most pivotal points on the show.
      Welcome back Des. you were very missed, and very neeeded on these shores

      • gusteaux

        Desmond’s demeanor after waking up on the island after his exposure to the dual magnets at the end concerns me. He actually seemed “zombiefied” during his last exchange with Widmore and his exchange with Sayid. Did he (Des) die during the experiment and have his body “claimed”? I sure hope not and I really don’t think so. But watch those two scenes again and you’ll have to admit that it is at least possible. And, yes, I know that MIB is supposed to be back on the main island which is what is giving me the most hope that Des hasn’t been “claimed”.

        • I think Des is a decendent of MIB. This makes him special – I think he is the only one who can kill him. So, yes he would go willingly with Sayid – even if he is pretending to be on their side. This way, he can get close to MIB

  • pic369

    There needs to be an option for “Best of the season” because while this is clearly best of the season, it’s not the best ever…and “above average” doesn’t do it justice.

    • Handsome Smitty

      Yes! Number two after The Constant, at most. I had to vote “above average” because of that. Best this season by far.

      • gusteaux

        I would actually rank this one fourth…behind The Constant, Flashes Before Your Eyes and Through the Looking Glass. Interestingly Happily Ever After paid significant homage to all of my top three.

  • Matt

    My only question is… WHY DIDN’T SAYID KILL ZOE?

    • Pantagathus

      Yeah, that neck should’ve been snapped too…

    • gusteaux

      For the same reason Claire didn’t kill Kate…to frustrate us!

      • accessoire

        Well I think because he simply didn’t care. All he wanted to do is get to know what the secret is. Just as he was told by Flocke. He found his secret so why care about Zoe? He can’t even care about her because he has no emotions any longer.

  • rohangirl90 (faraday’s constant)

    EPIC EPIC EPISODE. I’ve been waiting all season for them to bring Faraday and Charlie back, and they did it in the same episode! Both of them were absolutely brilliant. Completely awesome episode. It would have been really cool to see Charlie and Faraday having a jam session together though, lol. I had to rewatch it so I’d have something intelligent to say because the first time I was basically O_O and SQUEE the entire time.

    I like the idea of their constants being their great loves. Hopefully that means Charlie and Faraday will end up with their girls by the end. I’m just hoping Faraday doesn’t also have a near death experience because he was supposed to die. Because he shouldn’t die, we just got him back. I also hope the Sayiminator doesn’t hurt Desmond, we just got him back too.

  • I was both afraid they would do this and satisfied that they would do this. I’ve seen so many stories (Terminator, Back to the Future II, X-Men comics) where the goal was to re-write the future, which sum’s up the previous season of LOST, and almost as many stories where the goal was to repair the past (Back to the Future, Quantum Leap, Star Trek: The Next Generation’s “Yesterday’s Enterprise”) which now it seems sums up this current season. Most of the gang on the island don’t know they succeeded in re-writing history, and now sideways Charlie, Daniel and Desmond know and feel that their reality is somehow “wrong.” The idea of parallel worlds always comes down to three or four hardcore philosophical questions: Is there a RIGHT universe? If Quantum Mechanics says a universe is created whenever I make a choice, then do my decisions matter? What does that mean for my immortal soul? Heaven and Hell? And at the heart of LOST lately, what does that say about DESTINY? PURPOSE?

    If/when Jack faces sideways Jack, for example, will our original Jack be satisfied with the outcome of the hydrogen bomb being detonated? Or will he want another do-over? Or will he see what our Locke was trying to tell him all along? That the Island and Jacob wanted the survivors of Oceanic flight 815 there because doing so would bring them purpose, fellowship, love, redemption, renewed faith and hope.

    • Samuel

      Perhaps all this will tie in with why Walt is so special. He can exist in both parallel time lines at once, appearing when he wants to in the Losties timeline to help steer them in the right direction. The others had so many questions about if walt ever “appeared at a place he wasn’t supposed to be” just an idea but I think it would be really cool to have that mystery tied in rather than ignored

      • Samuel

        Sorry accidentally posted this as a reply rather than a new comment, it’s unrelated to your post

  • Hopefor51

    Aww, Charlotte. You know you’re not supposed to eat choc’let before dinah.
    1.) Good to see Charlie again.
    2.) So is Dan and Ms. Hawking.
    3.) I forgot about the stadium, but when I saw it, I was in awe.
    4.) Yeah, I so know what and how this episode would work out. Still, very thrilled to see how it happened.
    5.)Zombie Sayid seeing Enlightened Desmond. HAHA. Right back at you, Jarrah. You’re not the only one who’s acting weird now.
    PENNY: “Hello? You Okay?”
    DES: “What happened?”
    PENNY: “Well I shook your hand and then you fainted, I must have quite an effect on you (chuckles)”
    7.) Looks like Sawyer and Juliet ain’t the only ones going out for a coffee. Where to? Central Perk?

  • boonesghost

    I love the way Desmond responded to Zoe like she was totally clueless.

  • preztige2k6

    LOSTGASMS all around all night long

  • Samuel

    Perhaps all this will tie in with why Walt is so special. He can exist in both parallel time lines at once, appearing when he wants to in the Losties timeline to help steer them in the right direction. The others had so many questions about if walt ever “appeared at a place he wasn’t supposed to be” just an idea but I think it would be really cool to have that mystery tied in rather than ignored

  • Pantagathus

    Definitely a game changer and definitely a great LOST episode. Is it on par with ‘The Constant’? or ‘Flashes Before Your Eyes’? Perhaps… Perhaps not… My mind was blown and I generally like the turn of events. Loved that Minkowski was the limo driver, wasn’t expecting that nod. Loved the sideways catalyst between Charlie & Des. To me at least it wasn’t as emotional as ‘Constant’ and lacked a little subtlety. All in all though it freak Sayid hurts mega-Des I will be very upset with the writers…

    • notsoshaggy

      Minkowski brought Des and Penny together in this episode just as he did as communications director on Widmore’s boat (when Des reached her by phone). I love the little parallels they do!

      • Dorf

        Ha! I didn’t even make that connection–that’s perfect!

      • spacebender

        Yes! I so loved seeing Minkowski too. It seems like he knows and understands much more than he lets on.

        I’m a bit afraid for Desmond being in the company of Sayid, but wouldn’t it be a wonderfully symmetric turn if Desmond had a role connecting Sayid to his Constant just as Sayid previously had a key role in connecting Desmond to his Constant?

  • notsoshaggy

    Loved the episode as well, and as wonderfully spooky as it was to see Eloise back in her “mysterious guide to Desmond” mode, it struck me that we never learned after The Constant how she became this inter-dimensional know-it-all. Now here she is in the same role. We better find out how exactly she came to this. . . position!

    • Pantagathus

      I agree, it really is an important mystery at least to me. How/why did she leave the island in the first place? Obviously her motivation to stop Desmond from screwing with the Sideways reality is that she has Daniel back alive… But I wonder, did she make a pact with Smokie ever?

  • Great episode. The Penny/Desmond love story resonated deeply for me in a way that the Richard/Isabella in Ab Aeterno didn’t, probably because their story has been teased and built up over time. The love story in Ab Aeterno appeared forced in many respects; as if they were trying too hard to pull the audiences heart strings. Penny/Desmond episodes always find the right balance of romantic elements without being overwrought and melodramatic.

    I enjoyed Ab Aeterno immensely but after watching last night’s episode its sparkle dimmed a bit for me but that is just my opinion. Both episodes define what Lost is really about and that is love. Without love living has no purpose. Everyone, particularly Locke, is a much better and happier person with love in their lives. However, bad love, particularly of the familial kind,(think Kate and Sawyer) can also make your life horrible.

    Two things I noticed.
    On Jacob’s tapestry is written in, I believe, Greek; “Only the dead have seen the end of war”, and “may the gods grant thee all that thy heart desires.” Both of these statements really indicate where the show is headed in my opinion.
    “Only the dead have seen the end of war”: The experience that Charlie had is the perfect example. When he came near death or had an experience that threatened his life he somehow became aware of his parallel self. If MIB is trying to off everybody maybe it isn’t such a bad thing.

    “May the gods grant thee all that they heart desires”: The sideways world might very well be the gods, whomever or whatever they might be, granting the Losties their forty acres and a mule after countless years of toiling in bondage on the island. Ms. Hawking, I mean Mrs. Widmore, implies as much to Desmond when he tells him to stop mucking about because according to her; he has the perfect life. But Desmond doesn’t’ have the perfect life at all and he actually seems quite miserable. He lacks one thing, the most important of things, love.

    • “However, bad love, particularly of the familial kind,(think Kate and Sawyer) can also make your life horrible”

      Meant to include Locke. Having a crazy mom and a father who steals your kidney and throws you out of a window is the text book definition of bad love.

  • Ament

    Anyone else think that after the Sayid neck breaking the flash that came next for Desmond is how they will end it? I mean he’s meeting Penny for coffee which is starting over for him so he understood what Charlie meant and wants to spread his knowledge which is why the island isn’t done with him. He wants to, not warn, but inform the others of the life they had so they can appreciate it now because….. WHH!!! Whatever happens on the island from this point is nothing, it’s Desmond that will remind them of the sacrifice they made to get to where they are, a second chance.

    • Ament

      Happily Ever After

      • The Mantis

        I don’t get it, so you’re wondering if last night was the end of the series?

        “Anyone else think that after the Sayid neck breaking the flash that came next for Desmond is how they will end it?”


        It’s about making everyone aware that, like Faraday said, this isn’t the life they’re supposed to be living. Remember the entire conversation they had?

        • Abigail

          THANK YOU, Mantis! I don’t see the sideways as a legitimate reality. That conversation between Daniel and Desmond changed and clarified a lot! The sideways reality isn’t the life they are supposed to be living.

        • Ament

          When Desmond does his flash they make it a point to show us something. After he touched Penny he flashed back to the original timeline, but for some reason they showed the after part when he woke from fainting. They never showed him faint or flash FROM the original timeline when he went with Sayid. I believe the end scene won’t happen till or close too the end is all i’m saying. Why would they title it “Happily Ever After” because I think our Losties will start waking up one by one and thats how they finally get off the island.

  • Beth from Houston

    Go back and watch “The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham” . The part where Caesar is snooping around in Ben’s office on Hydra Island. One of the documents he finds is a drawing. Pause it on that drawing. You will see that it is a picture of “Real Time” and “Imaginary Time” all running on different lines and connected by specific events “Event A”, “Event B” and Event C. All the realities are connected and seem to be connected by events (Desmond turning the failsafe key, Juliet detonating the bomb, etc.) It all makes sense now!

    • adam118

      im pretty sure it was Faraday’s notebook or pages from it.

      • Mack

        It is Daniel’s notebook. I mentioned this before as well. About that notebook. Eloise Hawking-Widmore still has a copy of the journal Daniel from the Islandverse dropped before the time line was bisected.

  • The Mantis

    Oh yeah…. good recall Beth!

    • The Mantis

      Doc, you should put that up!

  • Linnea

    Currently don’t have a mind right now, ’cause it was BLOWN AWAY BY EPICNESS.

  • dolce

    Once again, I cannot help myself, who in the hell are the 8 people that voted this worst episode ever? Please come forward and explain yourselves! If you think this episode was that bed, what is a “good” episode to you? Do yourselves a favor and stop watching because, surely, the finale is going to be the biggest let down of your lives.

    • Trip


  • Trip

    It was awesome how the island reality was bleeding through the sideways world! I almost lost it when the foliage behind Desmond changed to the island when he was talking with Faraday, complete with old school island music. Easliy the best scene of the ep.

    So my question is, will the island world eventually bleed through the sideways world entirely? It would erase that reality and if that happens, is dead still dead? Goodbye Faraday and Charlie…again?

  • cap10tripps

    I really miss some of the old days of this site (I know you’re a busy man Doc and I’m proud of your success) when easter eggs and possible important screen shots were posted. If you pause Faraday’s sketch you will see at the bottom of the page “real space” and “imaginary time.” This seems to be an extremely important factor we are not discussing…

    • Liz79

      Yes! I agree cap10tripps. I’m shocked people aren’t talking about the ramifications of what Faraday says he learned from the equation. From Lospedia:

      He tries to explain to Desmond that it is like something catastrophic was about to happen and the only way to stop it was to release a huge amount of energy, such as exploding a nuclear bomb. He rhetorically asks whether this life was not meant to be our life and that there was another “life” and for some reason “we changed things”.
      Penny asks Desmond if they met before.He adds that he doesn’t need to explode a bomb because he thinks he already has.

      HUGE! This is HUGE.

      • The Mantis

        It’d be nice if some people read the previous comments before contributing… No offense Liz, but yeah, we got that.

        • cap10tripps

          That’s just the point. Nobody’s really “got that.” We’re discussing Adam & Eve, who MIB is, and such. This episode should have us discussing “real space” and “imaginary time.” My personal belief is that the sideways flash is an imaginary time.

          • Liz79

            Thanks, Cap. My point exactly.

          • ErasedSlate

            I miss that too…

    • DocArzt

      Is it too late to start again?

      • cap10tripps

        LOL! Pictured you right after you typed that with a raggedy beard, standing in a lot adjacent to an airport, holding your laptop yelling, “We have to go back!,” just as an airplane takes off…

  • cap10tripps

    That being said, if it weren’t for Doc, I wouldn’t be pausing LOST. Thanks for the enjoyable madness Doc!!!

    • Jackisjack

      Speaking of pausing, anyone catch the number over the MRI machine, they focused the camers on it for a second then they showed a reflected image of it when the nurse/technician ran back in.

      • Pantagathus

        Yeah, it seemed significant so I paused but as far as I know there were nothing to them

        • cap10tripps

          The only # that holds any signifigance in LOST (over the MRI machine) was 15. If I were really digging deep, I would go back to speculation of Ford #15 and Austen #51 mirroring each other and having a large to do with the endgame…

          • ErasedSlate

            If I were over analyzing things, I would say that in the “Lost Supper” photo, Sawyer, being in the position of the disciple John, and Kate, being in the position of Judas, was significant. And, if over-analyzing, I would say that their corresponding numbers may be as significant as their positions in the painting.

  • No emotional Sayid and a Desmond with purpose in his eyes… This should be good!

    This ep is one of my favs so far, Charlie and Desmond had great scenes, got chills when Charlie put up his hand “not penny’s boat” and Desmond “saw” it! Then Daniel’s theory of “an other life” was a big chunk of the overall puzzle.

    So many things going on it makes your head spin, love it!! There will never be a TV show like this again.

  • gusteaux

    What does Desmond want to “show them” from the 815 mainfest? Probably that he wasn’t on it. In other words: he wasn’t on the plane, but yet he was! Evidence of the bleed through of realities. Obviously if this is correct, Jack will be the first person he goes to with this information.

    • The Mantis

      Ummm…. no. He wants to show them exactly what Charlie showed him. Even if he isn’t on the manifest, that would mean nothing to the majority of the passengers who had no contact, thus, no recollection of him whatsoever. Unless you are assuming that Desmond went around and had a brief yet memorable conversation with every person on the plane?

      • cap10tripps

        Ummm… no. Imho he now has “flashes” and knowledge of both timelines. He will know who to speak with and what to try and accomplish.

    • brlebu

      He wants the manifest so he has a way to contact everyone…

    • Trip

      He had a check bag, so safe to say Desmond is on that manifest.

  • RichM

    Very good episode, just wish it was earlier in the season! It’s the kick in the pants the sideflashes needed.

    • kaptan36

      I agree. It should have been a few episodes ago, or the season should be at the very least a few episodes longer. Only 5 more episodes? Granted the finale will probably be a 2hour episode, but I’m not sure that they can successfully squeeze everything into the remaining 6 hours. It’s obviously gonna be Desmond visiting the candidates and possibly more and probably trying to get them back to the island or at least give them a heads up of what’s going on. And thumbs down to AB Aeterno for not showing Magnus Hanso and explaining the link to the Hanso foundation.

      • bplenc

        but it wouldn’t resonate as it did had it been – UGH.

  • apackofmonkeys

    I really liked how the characters’ musical themes (leitmotifs) in the alternate timeline have been completely different from their “original” timeline’s musical themes, as if to show that they are utterly different people. Then last night, as Desmond starts merging and seeing the opposite timeline, his “original” theme (that we’ve heard ever since season 2) suddenly comes into existence IN THE ALTERNATE TIMELINE, proving that his “original” consciousness has now leaked over to the ALT, bringing his music with it. Very cool on Giacchino’s part.

    • kaptan36

      Giacchino is no longer with the show and hasn’t been for 2 seasons now.

      • Jeremy

        That is incorrect. Michael Giacchino has scored every season of LOST.

    • spacebender

      Yes! I so enjoyed that too.

  • Tonetense

    Faraday told Des that he is special and that time doesn’t apply to him, so does that mean that Des’s consciousness is switching between realties? Also with the wedding ring in the premier episode Des is wearing a wedding ring!! Now that it seems like Penny and Des have switched positions because Des has the approval of Charles, and Penny didn’t take the Whidmore name. She training to go on the sail trip?? May be far fetched but who knows.

    • OtherJacob

      I’ve been wondering since this season began if Desmond’s had always been travelling between realities rather than time periods. I was partially hoping we would get the scene from “Flashes Before Your Eyes” where he’s talking to Charlie while busking on the streets of London.

  • The Mantis

    From this jumbled mess of a paragraph I did find something that slipped passed me last night, I didn’t even think about Penny training for the Sailing race. That’d be a pretty interesting change. Good call.

  • OtherJacob

    FARADAY!!!! My favourite character finally made an appearance!

    I wasn’t blown away by the episode, but I’m pretty sure that’s because I care more about answers surrounding what has already happened, then where the season is going. The plot does seem to be picking up a lot of speed though. I can’t believe there’s only 6 more episodes to go…

  • OtherJacob

    Did anyone else think “The Magic Box” when they saw the wooden chamber with the electromagnets?

  • Brent

    This explains why when Juliete died and Miles read her last thoughts she was thinking “It worked” dying seemed to have the same effect on her in the other reality.If Desmond is going to show everybody else does that mean that they are all going to have to almost die?

    • OtherJacob

      That or fall in love… I think…

      That’s actually really strange when you think about it. True love has the same effects as death??

      • The Mantis

        And what happens within MIB when Desmond gets to Locke… that’s what I can’t wait for.

        • helas

          whoa, mantis, that is something i did not think of and could be HUGE…good thought!

      • Sarah

        the old self, or “selfish self” dies and is reborn in union with the loved one…?

        How many stories, throughout history, revolve around the lover trying to prove themselves, change, be seen the way they want to be seen by the object of their affection….

  • Faraday’s Hat

    Atleast this episode will stop the whining about the sideways in the comments section

    • bplenc

      and hopefully all the awfully negative recaps and negative comments!

      • The Magician

        Would be nice, but I doubt it.

        Some people just get a kick out of complaining about the show. I guess it makes them feel superior to the writers.

    • Buzzkiller

      Agreed. I’ve really enjoyed the sideways – really gives a season 1 feel to it all. And or course this weeks was the highlight of them all

  • skippyjr

    AWESOME episode!! Curiosity though – while reading “Lost Easter Eggs” Episode 6.11 ‘Happily Ever After’ on BuddyTV by John Kubicek ~ He mentions that George Minkowski notices Desmond is NOT wearing a wedding ring when he picks him up at the airport. George conspicuously mentions there is no wedding ring… Yet Desmond, on Oceanic 815 sitting next to Jack clearly had a wedding ring on his left hand.

  • maina

    Who is Desmond’s driver? Throughout the episode they so ominously highlighted this creep, but i don’t remember having seen him before…

    • maina

      Oh ne’mind. skippyjr answered my question in a parallel reality – it’s Minkowski! All the physicists came back this episode. 🙂

      • naultz

        he was the communications officer on the frieghter, not a physicist.

  • whateverhappenedhappened

    I just watched it while eating dinner… My body can’t digest them both!

  • max

    did anyone notice the bar that charlie and desmond went?

    JAX = JACK’s ??????

  • max

    easter egg anyone?

  • sparafucile


    Eloise, upon meeting Desmond, says “It’s about time.” Is it, now?

    Penny was on the guest list for THAT EVENING’s dinner. Why would she flake to run stairs??

    Just how fast do suit jackets dry? And where does all the salt go? 1-hr cleaners at the hospital?

    1-day in LA apx timeline: 10:42am, OA 815 arrived. 10:55, baggage pickup and mysterious no-customs (except for the Kwons) exit to curbside. 11:30, meeting at Widmore’s office. 12:15pm, pick up Charlie from record-speed book & release at LA County Jail. 12:45, diversion into the drink. 2:00, into the MRI. 3:00, chat with Eloise. (Charity dinner & concert happens somewhere in here.) 8:00, meet Penny. 9:00 meet up with Penny for coffee (who meets for coffee at 9pm?!?!) Perhaps Des kep on the same shirt & suit, waited up all night, and met Penny when she was doing a 5:30am stair run????

  • BakedBob

    Sweet Epic Lostness…

    So lost is about timetraveling and…uuuhhhmmm…love?

    Yeap..pretty much.. since their love(s) are their constants i guess…

    Is it me or was Minkowski talkin and acting like the devil ??? I mean really..
    And when in the limo when he turns and says to desmont :
    ” And if there is anything else you want mr.Hume …just let me know..”
    that felt so much like Mib.
    That made my head a way that it made me think that Desmond also cut a deal with “him”.
    And who really feels that the sideways is a better life for losties?
    it seems like hell to me honestly..

    Cant wait for my next lostbotomy…

    • Jack Handy

      I hope some animal never bores a hole in my head and lays its eggs in my brain, because later you might think you’re having a good idea but it’s just eggs hatching.


      • Bakedbob

        …. say what?

        Are you talking about my brain ?!?!!? lol

        • Jack Handy

          Just a reaction to your term ‘lostbotomy’. I found it humourous.

  • ErasedSlate

    Nobody mentioned it yet, maybe somewhere else, Penny’s last name in this reality is Milton. Obvious allusion to John Milton’s Paradise Lost?

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