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Rate and Rant – LOST 6.07 Dr. Linus

By docarzt,

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In many ways “Dr. Linus” mirrored “Sundown”.  Both were about characters struggling with a dark potential, and in both cases the struggle itself is motivated by the impact on the innocents around them.  This week, though, the flash-sideways was more of a suspense play as we knew what the worst case scenario was for Ben – the big question was whether he would act once again to betray Alex; and he didn’t.

We’ll be picking the episode apart in greater detail over the next couple of days, but what really blew me away about this episode was Mr. Kitsis and Horowitz’s stunning use of simile and theme throughout the episode.  The writing was fluid, masterful, and kept a lot of balls of various sizes in the air.  I’d go as far as say this was the best ‘written’ episode of the season.

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