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Rate and Rant – LOST 6.06 “Sundown”

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Oh, Sayid, the carnage you sow. Sundown was a fun episode of LOST. I actually feel a little sick saying that, since it was largely a bloodbath. What I mean to say is that “Sundown” was as good a representation as you could get of the ‘high entertainment’ flavor of the LOST spectrum.  It was brilliantly paced, intense, and showed just how inexhaustible some of these characters central themes are.

Largely, imho, the episode was about the inner conflict that dogs Sayid.  He tries so hard to be a good man, and succeeds, yet he is capable of such awful things.  The tragedy of it is that he keeps winding up in these situations where the well being of the people he cares about winds up drawing the darkness out.  How perfect is it that his season five story has been about this hanging question of whether or not he will turn ‘evil,’  only to have the outcome ultimately hinge on that very theme – Sayid not only murdered Dogen and Lennon in cold blood, but  a sizable number of the Temple Others – all on the promise that fake-Locke would bring Nadia back from the dead.

What was really nuts was the palpable nature of Sayid’s transition to the dark side.  Naveen Andrews was killing it at the end – he was just oozing evil all over the place.  Was that the temple’s cursed toilet water, or did Sayid come into contact with his inner bad guy and decide to make him his BFF?  Sundown was a turning point in the story of Sayid’s inner turmoil, but it definitely wasn’t the end – in either universe.  Rate.  Rant.

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