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Rate and Rant – LOST – Follow The Leader

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115865_330_preOne more week before LOST season five is in the history books, so how did the penultimate episode – Follow the Leader – do in revving you up?  Was it a walkabout, or a walk in circles?  Sound off, rate, and rant.

While there was little new revealed in this episode, there were still some interesting notions setup.  For starters, what is the nature of leadership amongst the others.  It seems that no matter what, Richard acts autonomously and follows his own definition of what is best for the island/jacob.  We’ve seen him question ‘leaders’ before, most notably Charles Widmore.  The word ‘leader’ is starting to look like one of those ’empowering’ titles that get tossed around in the corporate cubical jungles of the world – team ‘leader,’ shift ‘leader,’ sales ‘leader.’  I’m beginning to wonder if John is a leader at all, or if this is heading into one of those “To Serve Man” style twists.

As for the rest of the episode, it seems pretty obvious that they must move to change time, otherwise season six becomes a repeat of season one with really old losties watching from the bushes.  What did you think?  Big revelations?  Just a ‘fun’ episode to set pace for the finale next week?  Or an explosive setup that wowed you?

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