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Rate And Rant! “The Incident” – Lost Season 5 Finale

By docarzt,

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I have three words for you: cut to white!  Much like The Sopranos’ series finale polarized fans with its insidiously enigmatic cut to black, LOST has seemingly polarized fans with its brash cut to white. Some love it, some hate it.  My take on it:  brilliant! What better way to end the season that precedes the one with all of the answers then by cutting sharp and clean, and leaving a bleeding edge that gushes the red stuff?  From a forward momentum perspective: Jacob revealed in the first five minutes, FTW! Statue revealed, FTW! John Locke really dead?  NO! Rate and rant ahead.

So a few off the cuff thoughts for you:  Did Jacob bring Locke back from the dead after John fell out of that window?  I say yes.  A lot of people were surprised that John survived that fall, maybe he didn’t.  Furthermore, maybe this gives us a ticket to resurrect the real Locke next year.  Locke vs. Locke, in the shadow of the statue? Whoa.

How about this new game-changer of a rivalry that was introduced?  Seemingly omniscient game masters.  Do we need a divergence from the Widmore/Linus squabble?

And how about the cut to white?  Genius cliff hanger, or the sort of thing that just pisses you off royally?  Tell us!

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