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Lost Rewatch Week 4 – S1 – Episodes 13 – 16

By AstroJones,

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800px-1x16_sawyerflashAfter a week of being a beach bum and laying in the sun with my kids, I’m back and ready to get us caught back up on this thing we’re calling The Lost Rewatch.  I apologize for the delay in this post (and the next), which should have been posted a couple of  weeks ago.  The good news is that I have no more vacation time this summer and therefore no excuses (or good ones at least) for falling behind.

Hearts and Minds

So this week (or the week before last rather) we’re taking a look at season 1 episodes Hearts and Minds, Special, Homecoming, and Outlaws.  For those of you who might not have rewatched these episodes, Hearts and Minds was a Boone-centric episode, and in fact the only Boone-centric episode ever.  This week’s episodes had me reeling from the first moment, and as irrational as I know it is, and as much as I try to tell myself that its the stupidest theory ever (I really do think that) I can’t push away this feeling that the Locke we’re seeing in season 1 is actually Jacob’s nemesis.  In reality I don’t see how this could end up being true, or how it would even be played out in the last and final season.  But you have to admit, Locke’s behavior in season 1, and definitely in this stream of episodes, goes beyond strange and bizarre.  Hearts and Minds has Boone getting jealous over Shannon and Sayid’s developing relationship (actually they were just talking, and flirting with each other, but we all know what becomes of that).  Boone even threatens to tell Shannon everything about their discovery, the hatch, to which Locke lets Boone know that he allows Shannon to have far too much control over his life.  Boone, of course, disagrees and gets up to head back to camp and tell Shannon.  Locke, in turn, knocks Boone over the head, and ties him to a tree.  This is where it gets really interesting, as Locke blends up some kind of hallucinogenic substance made of berries and boar poop (at least that’s my theory) and rubs it on Boone’s forehead.  Boone’s so called vision begins, where he thinks he hears Shannon screaming for help, breaks free, rescues her, runs from the smoke monster, is ultimately attacked by the smoke monster again, and then Shannon is taken and killed by said monster.  Watching it this time, and knowing Shannon wasn’t really dead was quite different than the first time around, when I was convinced she’d really just died.

I can’t help but want to know more about this scene.  Locke’s behavior is interesting, as if he knows that Boone will hallucinate and see Shannon’s death.  He also seemed to pull together his concoction far to quickly and easy.  And the Smoke Monster’s involvement, though it makes sense being the most dangerous thing on the island, is a bit to convenient.  Not to mention that this is the first time we ever see the monster as smoke, and it’s supposed to be a hallucination in Boone’s head, yet the monster really is made of smoke.

Regardless of whether this was the “real” Locke, which it most likely was, or Jacob’s nemesis posing as Locke somehow, I still say that the berry and poopoo paste Locke made for Boone had nothing to do with what we saw happen.  I think that Boone’s hallucination was completely induced by Smokey, just as any other hallucination on the island has been (in my opinion).  So if this was the real Locke, then how did he know Smokey would help him out?  THAT is a good question, but one I don’t have the slightest answer for.

Also in Hearts and Minds we heard the first mentioning of the strange electro-magnetic properties on the island, when Sayid commented to Jack that the compass that Locke gave him wasn’t pointing to true north, and that a reasonable magnetic anomaly couldn’t account for the degrees it was off.  Also, in the flashbacks we learned that Boone and Shannon weren’t blood-related and were only step-siblings, however, at least for me, this whole thing is still weird and incestuous feeling.


Next up was Special, a Walt/Michael-centric episode that got me way excited back in season one, but only depressed me now that it seems we’ll never have closure on Walt’s specialness.  Still, after watching the episode I realized how much other great stuff, besides Walt, started in Special.

The obvious awesomeness in this episode is the stuff about Walt.  In the flashbacks with his mother and her husband Brian Porter, when they stop paying attention to him, and won’t look at a book he is reading about birds, a bird oddly flies into the window.  Later, on the island he is reading a comic book about Polar Bears when suddenly he is attacked by one.  We also have Brian Porter telling Michael that Walt is “different.”  Locke uses those same words about him on the island after he teaches Walt how to throw knives, telling him to focus the task in his mind’s eye.  Walt then manages to hit the spot dead-on.

mikecakraI’ll also quickly say that I love the foreshadowing of Dharma on the ceiling above Michael in the picture to the right.  Very cool.

I’ll admit that while I understand the issues they’ve faced about Walt growing up and how to include him on the show, especially in light of what his father ends up doing, I’m very disappointed to think that we won’t find out more about Walt.  I keep holding out hope that it will somehow be explained, even if Walt himself doesn’t return to do the explaining.  Either way, it’s one of the bigger plot-point mysteries that is looking like it won’t be solved, and I hate that.

But moving beyond Walt, there was plenty of great stuff in this episode.  Sayid and Shannon talk to Jack about Rousseau’s maps and the points on the map that they think might be the tower transmission.  Since they never actually found the tower using her maps its got me wondering exactly what those points on the map might have been.  If anyone out there has a better memory than me, or a theory on this, share it with us below.  Also, Michael and Walt start to build the first raft in this episode.  And finally Charlie finds Claire’s diary and reads about a dream she had about a black rock.  Sayid mentions that one of the maps had a spot marked on it as The Black Rock.  Of course, they never attempt to go there to find Clare because at the end of the episode she wanders out of the jungle, with no memories of what has happened to her since she boarded the plane in Sydney.


I don’t have a lot to say about Homecoming, not because it’s not a great episode, just because the second time around not as much stuff struck me based on what we now know.  The things that did catch my attention was seeing Ethan Rom.  It’s interesting, now that we know that Ethan was born on the island, and best buds with Ben in his transformation to becoming an other, that there was really no one who knew the island better than Ethan.  Its also fun to think about the fact that Sawyer made Ethan’s very existence possible, by saving his mother’s life from the Hostiles.  And of course we all know what happened to Claire while she was gone with Ethan, and we know why they were so interested in her (or at least we think we know).  Again, my bad memory might be the cause, but I can’t quite remember if we ever found out for sure if the shots the Others were giving Claire ended up having anything to do with her safe pregnancy.  It was certainly implied, but after seeing all of the manipulation that the Others utilize, it makes me wonder if they did anything to help little Aaron be born, or if there was simply something special about Claire and the birth of her baby.  Something special that made the island allow her pregnancy to not fail.  Naturally, the episode ended with the killed of Ethan, by Charlie.  However, we all know that we will be seeing A LOT more of Ethan in upcoming rewatch episodes.


This was a great episode simply because it was sort of ridiculous, but Josh Holloway pulled it off in such a major way.  Seeing Sawyer obsessed with the fact that a boar has it out for him was priceless, and Locke’s story about how his mother (step) had blamed herself for her daughter Jeanie’s death, and how a golden retriever showed up at the house, and his mother had instantly thought that the dog was Jeanie.  It was a great little story about redemption, a major theme in Lost, and certainly makes one think about Vincent.  I’m not saying that dog was Vincent at all, but its certainly interesting that it was the same kind of dog.  Of course, Locke could have just made the whole thing up.

To witness the horror that was Sawyer’s life for a second time was great, especially with how his character shifted from the anti-hero role to the hero role during season 5 of the series.  Still, seeing his story for a second time further revealed the tragedy in it all.

As Sawyer continues to battle the boar in this episode, there is another great scene in the jungle where Kate and Sawyer play a little game of “I never.”  In the game we learn for the first time that Kate was once married, and that both of them, Kate and Sawyer, have killed a man.  We know from the Outlaws flashbacks who Sawyer has killed, but it will be a long time before we learn that Kate killed her step-father.  The final interesting thing I wanted to mention in my post is how at the end of the episode Sawyer realizes that Jack is the son of the man, Christian, that he met in the bar in Sydney, Australia, however Sawyer doesn’t divulge this information to Jack for many more episodes.

That wraps up week 4 here at Docarzt’s, but there’s far more to read about the Lost Rewatch, happening across the web. The links below will take you to other great articles from other Lost sites. The next episodes are …In Translation, Numbers, and Dues Ex Machina.   Now here is some more Lost goodness.

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