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Seanie B. Update – The Easter Edition – UPDATED!

By docarzt,

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Happy Easter Everybody!  So here is a quick update on the Seanie B. situation.  Seanie B has edited out the three instances on the video that I taunted him over, but many remain.  As a matter of fact, somebody made a NEW video that points the remaining instances of plagiarism – save for the ones he stole from other people… but more on that later.  In the meantime, Seanie B has responded… sort of…

On his forum, Seanie B. Posted this message concerning the controversy:

“Hey guys :/ Will make a response soon since there is a big demand for it, but in the mean time, go back and watch my very first recap, the first couple minutes. Will explain a couple of things… Just know that before the “incident” (pun intended), I never heard of her or went to her site, will explain it later once it cools down a bit, just super tired atm and stressed, been out all day, so probably tomorrow”

So that video says, basically, that he is going to gather the secrets and theories that people have posted.  Sean, I’m sorry nobody told you back then that you’d have to cite your sources and not merely say “Best Lost site: mine” in your video linear notes, but I’d expect maybe common sense would require?  Certainly, sharing the theories from around the net would be a service! You do that by prefacing the theory with “I read this interesting idea at…”  instead of “I think…”,  putting off other peoples ideas as your own thoughts when you are reading them word for word is lying.  Come on, man.  You’re a Christian, you of all people should know this.

EDIT:  Okay, that last sentence – kind of uncalled for and I apologize.  Although, those of you who think I was taking him to task for his faith – I wasn’t.  I hold people of faith to a higher standard.  That was my intent, and it was kinda tasteless.  I certainly acknowledge that there is no tasteful way to bring faith into this sort of conversation, and I apologize for trying to… I certainly meant Sean no disrespect for being a person of faith.

Interestingly enough, the video features my LOST Spoilers header graphic which was made for TheTailsection.  Yeah, you didn’t ask for permission to use that.


Amusingly enough, SeanB and his more zealous followers believe that I took this on to increase my traffic.  That’s asinine.  In that past month this site has been featured on E! and EW,  and for sometime on LOSTPedia – and it was for other reasons (the parallels between the social effect of the BSG finale and what awaits us with LOST, Nato64’s Awesome series, and ratings analysis).  I’ve kept the personal out of this, but I gotta say that I’m a little amused that some guy who has a whole million channel views since October of 2006 thinks I’m trying to cash in on his fame. This is what Sean wrote:

Going to write the response tomorrow still. I’m not going to write anything to Docartz or whatever the name is. He has nothing to do with it, just trying to name names to get people to head over to his site, which is working. This is between Erika and myself, and my fans and myself. I have already apologized to Erika 2 days ago, which I’ll talk about later… I have been literally called the next Hitler by thousands of people the past 2 days, which I really didn’t care about at first, but, as you can imagine, it’s just getting old now. If you’ve noticed, I closed my YouTube channel comments section for now, and it will remain closed until things settle down. I’ll talk more about this and other things tomorrow.

Now, there are actually some articles, including one by me, amongst the plagiarisms.  And it will come out.  But I would like to point out ONE piece of creative work of mine that is plagiarized in every episode of Seanie B’s recaps:


His logo.  That image is a custom dharma logo I made for TheTailsection.


Now, Seanie B never asked for permission (TheTailsection does have a copyright notice, or used to), and to my knowledge never gave me credit for designing his logo.  Frankly, it’s not a big deal to me – but sheesh, is anything on his videos actually his?  So Seanie, you do need to talk to me, because I’m putting out a copyright infringement notice against every video of yours that contains that artwork.

Oh, and I am NOT posting on Seanie B’s forums, and haven’t.  That is an impersonator.


Really, to allow further commenting on this would be foolish – we all know the outcome:  Sean’s supporters will continue to flame me for posting this, my people will flame them, on to infinity.  That’s not why this was done.  This was done because a distraught friend came to me after her attempt to negotiate it was met with the reply “no, it was a strange coincidence.”  Sean tried for two days to make this go away first by claiming he’d never heard of her – something he has since changed his tune on – and then by offering to remove what he stole.  I did what any friend would do, I stuck up for my friend.  I’m a real “Don’t let the bastards win” kind of guy.  We all know the facts from the video I made, and this one, and the many that will come from others.  Trying to blame me as some kind of attention seeker really pales in the face of what is presented in the videos, and what is yet to be uncovered.

To his fans I say this:  I have people I admire that I would defend until the bitter end.  I understand and respect your passion, and in many ways I’m not happy at all that it had to come to this.  The fact is, this outcome was his decision.  I stood by ready to assist should he not do the right thing and he persisted in saying that he’d never read Erika, didn’t use other people’s material, and so on.  Questioning my motives may be an effective way of avoiding the hurtful facts – that he considered each and every one of you as being gullible enough to never find out – but it doesn’t change the reality of the situation:  Sean ripped off my friend, and many others, and I acted the way a good friend should.  Case closed.

  • triangulatedsignal

    wow this whole thing gets worse each hearing more and more ppl come forward woth stories of accusing him or other cases with him. so disappointing

  • Hmmmm

    Okay, you should all probably get over yourselves a bit? You run a Lost fansites. The various theory posts put up on the site each week are usually fairly similar in ideas anyway. They’re a place to discuss ideas about Lost. I’m not really sure there was a need for a video to be made about this? Okay, so, he took some ideas and posted them as his own 3 days later. Any average Lost fan knows all the sites to check anyway and would have already seen the content here and probably looked no further. All you’re doing here is giving his site far more attention then it ever would have gotten.

    • docarzt

      You make some valid points, however some points are getting lost in the translation, maybe.

      It would be awesome if he were spreading the love and dipping from various sites and giving credit. Everybody in this community does that, and we all reap the benefits through the richness of ideas that are generated as a result.

      The issue is, he represents these ideas as his own. Often saying “I think…” before going on a word for word recital of somebody’s post. And there is no such thing as blanket citing. If I said right now, hey all of my posts will use sources x, y, and z, and then grafted quotes directly into my text to make it appear as I had written them… I wouldn’t have a leg to stand on.

      You are dead right about this calling attention to him. It’s galvanized those who think this sort of plagiarism is okay. But, “who watches the watchmen” is a good thought here… who did watch the watchmen? The watchmen watched the watchmen. There is no ethical police on patrol, so occasionally we have to shine a lite on people. I’ve been called out on major gaffs before, and I took it like a man. He needs to do that same thing. I realize it may be mean, but y’know – maybe he grows a little, goes on to do things a little more ethically, and is happier for it.

      • Kermet

        Best to get spanked when you’re young and your butt can take it, rather than when you’re old and your entire career is based on ripping people off.

    • Kermet

      Until Sean acknowledges that he has committed plagarism and removes himself from TV Guide’s “Getting Lost” then he deserves all the “attention” he can handle.

      • Mel

        I don’t think this guy is really affiliated with Do a search with his real name (not hard to find). I only saw him with about 20 seconds of webcam time on the video. He was described as a “superfan.” I kind of doubt he’ll be invited back after this.

    • Ali Bags

      Hmmmmm – as has been already discusssed at great length after Doc Arttz’s original post about this topic – the problem is not that Sean has taken other peoples’ theories or ideas, it is that he read word for word from someone else’s blog. This is both unethical and illegal.

  • MiNaeClem

    I wonder how “original” is caps will be from now on…

  • Koongaroo

    You seriously all need to carm down. Most theories and ideas on Lost come from one person and tbh all sources are the same. I allso think your all a bit sad and pathetic. Doc Arzt you doing this cuz you cant get it up?

    • docarzt

      When I need to get it up, all I have to do is remember the day I met Elizabeth Mitchell in person on the set of LOST, after I was invited there, by the producers, works everytime. 😉

      • JJStrange

        Wow, smh

    • asdf13

      Why is this concept so difficult to understand? He is stealing other people’s work word for word. He’s not using theories, he’s not borrowing ideas, he’s plagiarizing.

    • Beena

      If you think it’s all so sad and pathetic, then why are you even posting here? There are plenty of other posts and forums on this board that involve LOST. Feel free to visit those.

  • monkeyface

    so the little thief has yet to admit or really address this issue? instead he is trying to remove proof of his plagiarism.

    Boycott seanie b, boycott.

  • Beena

    Now it just sounds like he’s just back-peddling after having gotten caught. Smokey wouldn’t like it!

  • Koongaroo

    It just seems like you have a vendetta against him. & True she would proberbly do it for me too..

  • hmmmm

    “Come on, man. You’re a Christian, you of all people should know this.” ….uh, that’s a little weird. Who all thinks this guy is a loser for stealing their work? I do! OK, now who wants to get over it and read more LOST stuff? I DO. The end.

  • fatamorganaa84

    I just cant understand you, and how you possibly justified spreading all this shit all over the internet. The right way to handle this would be to ask him to remove the so called “copyrighted” material from his video, if he didnt, then you could have announced it.

    Now, he has already removed that, so case should be solved, but instead you keep harassing him. That just doesn’t seem right. Bringing up his faith, that he is Christian, what the …. does that that have anything to do with the issue? Man, you seem like such an angry and bitter person.

    What else do you want him to do? There just doesn’t seem to be anything he can do to make you happy, right? I bet you would love it if his whole site was shut down. Where does all this hatred towards Seanie B come from? Is it envy, jealousy, cant handle seeing someone else in the lime light? Hmmm….

    How many times havent you and 99% of the people who have posted here, watched a music video on youtube, posting that is illegal, or watched a tvshow on youtube, without even thinking twice, the person who posted that did something illegal. What Seanie B did, is nothing.

    Seanie B has never said that this is his own and only his ideas, he has always said that he does research, and then presents the most plausible theory. It is funny how people how every single day watches music videos on youtube or downloads music/tvshows/movies illegally from the internet, suddenly now have become the biggest moralist. Funny. Throwing stones in glasshouse, that is what you all are doing.

    • docarzt

      He was asked, as this new video illustrates he failed to act. Keep in mind that initially, he just denied it.

  • Seanie B.

    Basically what you people need to realize is that none of you are appearing on TV Guide and I am. I have the face time and no one is going to believe a bunch of tiny blogs like yours Doc.

    How dare you attack my Christianity like a bigot. Perhaps the sin of “envy” has gotten to you a little too much.

    • Beena

      Perhaps you should behave as a Christian, then. It is a disgrace that you steal from someone else in your shameless attempts at self promotion. And then, you add money to a collection plate at church on Sunday thinking this somehow absolves you from having offended someone else. You were supposed to “love your neighbor”. These “tiny blogs” belong to PEOPLE. Just because you haven’t a face to attach to those tiny blogs, doesn’t make what you have done any less of a sin. They are people who you didn’t credit, and have offended. Shame on you. Repent!

    • docarzt

      Tiny? You show me your blog and I’ll show you mine. But honestly, this is not Seanie B (obviously, since the IP is in norway) and anyone savvy enough to know what Alexa is knows I stomp his butt in traffic.

  • Cecil

    Does anyone watch The Wire? Season 5, while not at its best, still featured an excellent storyline I think has relevance here, one which gets to the core issue of WHY people are so worked up. Scott Templeton, a reporter for the Baltimore Sun, begins fabricating parts of his stories. It starts as just quotes, then the change of facts, and eventually full blown lies with which he inserts himself directly into the story. While the editor who outs him gets knocked down to the copy desk and the reporter who also outed him is sent to an obscure county posting, Templeton wins a Pulitzer for his work.

    Moral of the story being, it IS a big deal because, yeah, it’s a Lost blog for now. The kid is 21 though, he’s not gonna be a Lost blogger forever. He clearly intends a career in journalism, and it is IMPERATIVE to make sure he understands the gravity of his error and feels the consequences of his actions before he moves on to a “real” journalism job (no disrespect to bloggers) and feels he can continue, and escalate, this type of activity because no one ever called his shit on it. And, it will escalate. Someone who plagiarizes will only continue to do more and more brazenly until they’re caught. See: Jayson Blair et al.

  • I find it strange that so much ire is being directed towards Doc for pointing his finger at Seanie B. He’s right, the guy is a thief. And like the last poster said, “Someone who plagiarizes will only continue to do more and more brazenly until they’re caught.” Besides, it is obvious that Seanie B. is not all that repentant. He only deleted the material pointed out, and then in his statement, he claimed he had never heard of the Long Live Locke blog. Can anyone else see through that load? He virtually quoted word for word.

    If you put a thousand monkeys at a thousand typewriters for a thousand years, they will finally be able to type a line of Shakespeare.

    Does that mean if you put one Seanie B. in front of one video camera for one minute, he will be able to quote a line of (fill-in-the-blank here)?

  • LostInCanada

    so is he going to do another video for tv guides getting lost? i cant see so with this happening? you think that matt mitovich knows whats going on? has anyone sent him an email telling him that he has a plagiarist on his videos?

  • ofao

    If you believe Seanie B has committed plagiarism here is the address of’s comment page:
    I’m sure does not want to pay for or even use the services of someone who is committing plagiarism and the only way they will take note is if many people let them know what is occurring.
    I’ve read a lot of the discussions/angry exchanges at Seanie B’s website, his youtube channel, here, and Erika’s blog and it seems like those that really like Seanie B will never be convinced he did anything wrong or don’t care that he did anything wrong. His extremely dedicated fans will support him no matter what and will not be swayed by logic, reasoning, ethics, morality, etc. It seems like a lot of his fans though are definitely open to a frank and serious discussion and are giving this matter a lot of thought. I think it’s best if anyone comments on any of these sites, including this one, that it’s best to state your opinion in a polite manner, stick to the facts, don’t get involved in hypothetical situation arguments, name calling, and things like that. I find it best not to try to sway the individual poster who may be vigorously defending the indefensible, but to present my argument calmly so that many readers who are following the discussion are swayed by the facts and not my hot headed responses.