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Signed LOST Ate My Life Available Once Again

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Screen shot 2009-09-10 at 2.54.00 PMI have signed copies of LOST Ate My Life available once again. Click on through for more info on how to get your copy.

LOST Ate My Life is a book about the history, appeal, and fandom of LOST. It is not the story of how LOST Ate my Life – it is, instead, the battle cry of our very unique fandom. How LOST ate our lives. Sound boring? Don’t worry.

The book gives you the history before LOST, revealing the machinery that brought LOST into being. We study the history of the narrative themes of LOST, and ruminate on why they may explain some of LOST’s appeal.

What kind of expert input is in the book? For starters, LOST writer and producer Javi Grillo Marxuach gives the introduction, and that is just the beginning of the officially-unofficial input to the book. We have interviews with Gregg Nations, who gives his candid feelings on what it felt like to have his episode – Eggtown – spoiled months before it aired; Michael Ausiello looks even deeper into the phenomena of spoilers and gives us a breakdown of his spoiler ethics. William Mapother, Bryan Burk, and many more add their voices to this celebration of the LOST movement.

So buy your copy now, get it signed, and help ensure the future of through the off season. Not only will you hopefully learn a few things about LOST you didn’t know, but you’ll support the growth of this particular niche of the LOST community.

Lost Ate My Life is $14.95 + $4.95 shipping, $8.95 international shipping.

Note that I will be signing these, Amy will not. She’s not local to me, so arranging that sort of thing is difficult. Although, I bet we might be able to work something out in the future. In the “Personal Inscription” slot, feel free to put any personal message you want me to scrawl.


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