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Sizzle Alert – LOST With Sarah Silverman

By docarzt,

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Absolutely hilarious. Beware, slightly not safe for work.  Carlton is not amused.  (Best acting from Darlton so far.) – Thanks to Jeff for the heads up.

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  • donuteyes

    i love sarah silverman, she is so fucking hilarious. i can’t wait to read all the comments of people that hate her sense of humour and thought this video was dumb. the best thing funny or die has ever done, and the best LOST ‘comedy’ video on the web i’ve seen.

    • MisingS

      did you forget to add “/s” ?

  • JJJJacob


    Lmao, Only Damon.

  • richie k


  • Handsome Smitty

    You know, I used to think she was funny. That, however, was just awful. The Darlton had to be in on it, dropping the F-bomb with a grin at the end.

    If they weren’t pissed, that was indeed great acting.

    • Annie B. Robyn


    • Down with Tards

      You showing quite a particular brand of stupidity son, congratulations.

    • Cutter XXIII

      LOL 😀

  • Mark

    i love how they keep going through the same hall.

  • minnie swirl

    I didn’t think it was funny.

  • DeSelby

    “Doesn’t really feel like this is going any place. Seems like you’re just raising random questions that are all improvised, just all over the place–are you going anywhere with it? Or is it just a big clusterfuck?”

    Only part I found funny, but pretty damn funny.

    • Rams

      Agreed! The rest was so unfunny…

  • Bakedbob

    That was the most stupid thing i have ever watched..

  • spacebender

    Not my cup of tea.

  • Cutter XXIII

    That was awesome. 🙂

    “Oh? You’re saw-ree? You’re saw-ree?”

    • Cutter XXIII

      “I couldn’t help but notice that you’re huge fucking nerds.”

      C’mon, people, lighten up. That was pretty funny.

  • Uncle Beaver

    I think Sarah Silverman is pretty funny, and this bit was pretty good.

    I am so glad and thankful that Lindeloff and Cuse actually go out and talk to fans about their show and give us ANY kind of insight into their creative process, and let us know they are serious about connecting with fans, weather its comedic or serious. Podcasts, ComiCon, Jimmy Kimmel, etc.

    I’ve never been that impressed by celebrity, but if I ever had a chance to meet them, I would just say “Thank you”… (even though there are a few grievances I might have have with some aspects of the show.)

  • Brandon

    mehh it was ok

  • MacCutcheon

    ok… can i get my 4 minutes back now? sheesh