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So, Is FlashForward The Next LOST?

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We LOST fans have been targeted, with a vengeance – by FlashForward. ABC Has spared no expense in attracting us to their latest epic sci-fi/drama series FlashForward, and – whether you like the overt tactics or not – it was for good reason. FlashForward is, in fact, the type of television show that LOST fans can appreciate. I’ve seen the pilot for FlashForward, so I thought it would be appropriate at this time for a [humble] LOST fan to opine on ABC’s widely publicized comparison to our show of choice, apple to apples.

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  • Nick

    I’m not really interested in it, I know the book its based on, and I didnt think it was that interesting.

  • Dolce

    I have not looked forward to a new series premier since the summer of 2004.

    • Dolce

      ….this much since the summer of 2004.

  • I definitely thought of the LOST opening scene while watching the huge LA disaster. I would say FF is really just using what LOST did for primetime TV – allowed more complex shows – and adapting a new show.

  • Hipster Doofus

    Watched the first 5 minutes…got turned off by all the relationship-y stuff thrown at us right away. What was with the hip hop music? And can we have an interesting young person for once on a TV show? Do they ALL have to have sex right away?

    Plus, I know what’s-her-face as Penelope Widmore, I don’t feel like ruining that. Ugh, the hip hop music…just annoying.

    • really?

      What was with the hip hop music? Ugh, the hip hop music…just annoying.

      Im not sure if you know this, but the soundtrack of this show was not purely aimed at you. just deal with it man, or write a letter. start a website about how every show should only have what youre interested in in it.

  • Hipster Doofus

    So, to answer your question, NO, I’m not watching FF. The fact that its based on a book, apparently, makes me that much less likely to even want to watch it. LOST is amazing, and one-of-a-kind, because it is its own unique story, never told before.

  • JacobsLather

    I enjoyed the premiere okay, and will probably watch another episode or two before making a final judgment, but so far I can say it’s trying too hard. I know it’s based on a book, but my guess is that the network put out the nets to find something comparable to LOST that would carry the timeslot after LOST goes bye-bye this season. They wanted something that basically used all the bankable aspects of LOST–the ensemble, the mythology, the action, and most importantly the “it’s all heading somewhere” storyline–and left out the interesting characters and the originality.

    This show feels very much like a product, based on a gimmick–something LOST has never felt like.

    • Mike V.

      Heroes feels ten times worse like a gimmick, hopefully Flash Forward won’t sink that low.

  • tc909

    Is it just me or doesn’t that Fiennes guy look uncannily like Richard Alpert?

    • Di

      When we were watching it last night my 12 year-old said “Look! It’s Richard!” We corrected her, of course.

    • My wife said the same thing.

    • Seabiscuit

      Nope. I see the resemblance, too.

  • bps

    I will give it a few more weeks. The characters are a little week so far. I also expected there to be a little more suspense as far as finding out what all of the main characters saw. However, perhaps the suspense lies in finding out the memories of the characters we haven’t met.

    If FF doesn’t make it, all is not “LOST” for ABC. I have a feeling they’ve got another hit in their back pocket. V is going to be really good. That’s what I am most looking forward to.

  • Funback Joe

    I think the choice of professions for each of the characters is a little disappointing. It would be much more interesting to start with (i dont know) farmers in the middle of nowhere, and give us a couple weeks to expand it to people that can get answers immediately (the FBI, etc.). Thoughts?

  • Jack’s Sidekick

    It’s funny, I found an old issue of Entertainment Weekly that had Star Wars on the cover, so it’s an old issue. It was talking about the dvd’s being realeased but anyway in the same issue there was a TV review of the Lost pilot, which was very funny to read. The writer was asking questions that we all now know the answers to, including “What’s with this Locke guy?” On top of it all, there was another show debuting that week that obviously didn’t make it. It was called, “LAX” Kind of funny, huh?

  • msjoni

    I enjoyed it and the scenes for upcoming shows seem interesting,it’s not LOST but I don’t think any show will be as great as Lost…this season of Lost will be very bittersweet for me.

  • maina

    Did anyone else see the Oceanic Air billboard about 10 minutes in?

    • numbersarebad

      The billboard said something like “PERFECT SAFETY RECORD”! I thought I imagined it the first time, but thank Jacob for DVR! I don’t know why people are so quick to bash this show. Not everybody loved Lost the first time they saw it. There are still people just now catching on to it. I think flashforward was entertaining enough to keep me wanting to watch the next episode. I doubt anything will compare to Lost, so people should quit expecting stuff to, and just try to enjoy other shows sometimes. At least for people who like to watch Lost frame by frame, flashforward has that quality about it. I paused and rewatched the scenes when they flashforwarded, and even took notes. It is the closet thing I felt to watching Lost, since watching Lost.

  • Wally

    I just watched my DVR of it over the weekend and I think the show could have really used a 2 hour premiere instead of one hour. It left me wanting more which is a good thing I guess

  • Chuck

    I liked it but…it definitely wasn’t as engrossing as Lost from the first second.

    And, the pilot seemed almost like a carbon copy of the Lost pilot which bothered me quite a bit.

    Close-up on the main-character’s face as he wakes up to discover a scene of wreckage. He clearly doesn’t know what’s going on but once he gets his bearings, he starts helping people.

    An animal from a different continent shows up in a place it’s not supposed to be.

    The concept of a flashforward/back is used throughout Lost including in the Pilot.


  • LockeButNotLocke

    I really don’t think any tv show will ever top Lost, it has a story so complex and deep that it wouldn’t be possible to come from a book. It has set the bar VERY high and there’s little or no other tv shows i pay attention to other than House. I must say I was quite happy with the FF pilot but I don’t think it’s going to have the lasting appeal, from early on in Lost we knew these characters had issues (Lockes crippled, everyones daddy issues…) but the characters have always been the focus driving the story but I fail to care or empathise with these FF characters. I’ll stick with it, but I doubt I’ll be there long.

  • The Mantis

    Nobody else noticed the Oceanic Airlines Billboard???? I liked it. The long preview after the episode got me. It is weird that so many LOST actors are in it though..

    • numbersarebad

      the interesting bit to me is that it says perfect safety record! Alternate timeline, or red herring?

  • Hello

    Ill give it a few more episodes before I decide whether to keep going or not. The end is the only thing thats keeping me interested, now I just have to know why and how that one guy was walking around the baseball stadium.

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