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Solved – The Man In Black’s Name Is…

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Thanks to mike for sending this along:

In the LOST auction catalog, I stumbled across a interesting discovery. On pg. 14, item #16 Titus Welliver chair back is up for auction. On top is his name, then a LOST logo and underneath that is his characters name… Samuel. I’ve included a photo for you

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  • I had heard this back before the series had ended so it is nice to have the confirmation. Thanks!

  • X

    We’ve all heard this before but it’s not cannon…

    • docarzt

      It’s the best we’ve got…

  • RandomZombie

    I was under the impression that Samuel was the named used for the audition. Several characters were cast under assumed names, in part to help curve spoilers.

    At any rate, even if the character was at one time meant to be named Samuel, it doesn’t mean that it is actually the Man in Black’s name. Not anymore, at least.

    Besides, having no name adds to his character. A lack of personal identity is a great motivation for someone living under the rule of the brother who murdered him.

    Although Samuel does come from the Hebrew name Shemu’el. One of Shemu’el’s meanings is “name of God,” which is interesting, given the character’s abilities and unexplained knowledge.

  • Dave Thompson

    Man in Black’s name is Adam.
    Why? Because Locke is the only person we have seen to bother naming him. So that’s his name.

    • Benmanben

      No. Jacob called him brothers as if it was his name, and Mother called him son as if it was his name. His name was Samuel, and that his how it was cast and planned.

      • bplenc

        Ben you are wrong. It was a name used for casting purposes to throw off spolierhounds – since he was never, not once, referred to as Samuel in the actual show, we do not know his name. He never had a name.

  • Benmanben

    The name came out a LONG time ago.

    • imfromthefuture

      yes as a misdirection .. read what bplenc said.. just as dogen was described as a corporate executive.. the point is if you do a casting call for MIB it kind of gives things away.. thats why they used a fake name.. samuel

  • Drew

    I dont know any other way to post this on here, if you are lucky enough to watch it before its taken down. Good for you!

    Answers a good part of the hanging questions.
    Awesome epilogue.

    • NSBZero

      Caught it last night by chance. No spoilers here, but definitely worth the wait (as long as you don’t have an irrational expectation for all your questions to be answered within 12 minutes).

      I can let go now.

    • Naultz

      Glad i got a chance to see it. answers a couple of mysteries but doesn’t really tie up anything and infact, creates more new questions. at least i now know it is not worth it to pay for the whole DVD set.

  • folks were fighting over this over at the puntz community forum. it was in the first stages to become a messy conversation.

  • Naultz

    his character and name( or lack there of) is based of the nemesis in the Gumslinger, by Stephen King. The Man in Black is the gunslinger’s nemesis. They obviously stole this idea from King and decided to use it instead of samuel. if you want to call him that its fine, it just wrong.

    • imfromthefuture

      you mean king stole the man in black from the princess bride which stole it from some one else who stole from someone else.. who stole it from will smith and tommy lee jones lol.. the man in black has been used in story tellin for a long time however in the case of lost MIB came along as a name by the fan community which started after season five finale.

  • milo

    Not canon. Maybe it’s his name, maybe not. It was planned at one point but they changed their mind and decided not to give him a name. Along the same lines, casting sheets have given names that were later changed (either they changed their mind or they intentionally used a fake placeholder name to keep things secret) so while this is sort of a fun curiosity, that doesn’t make it the character’s name.

  • milo

    Follow up…Gregg Nations has clarified officially that it is NOT the character’s name.

    “…They couldn’t call him “Man in Black” because that would be a big red flag for fans and would reveal too much too early. So they told me to use the name “Samuel” since it was only for the casting breakdown…”

  • Matt


    • dd

      So do so, instead of telling people what to post.

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  • Samuel… makes sense!

    and great find!!!

  • I do think the writers copped out by not giving him a real name.

    • bplenc

      oh please shut up!
      how is that a cop-out? it was done on purpose fool !

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