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Spoiler – Just When Will We See Juliet?

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300mitchellhollowaylc030509As everybody knows, LOST season 6 will have many past characters coming back, but when?  E!Online has got the scoop on when to expect at least one of those characters to return.

Juliet, it appears, will be returning sooner rather than later – and maybe not for very long.  What I found interesting about the Juliet/Elizabeth Mitchell news was that her return was dictated by fan popularity.  That said, it isn’t a very good sign for Suliet fans.  If Damon and Carlton were intent on using Juliet as the catalyst for a deeper and darker Sawyer, as Josh Holloway himself has suggested, odds are their overall plan isn’t going to change.  We’ll have to wait to see, but since this season is about character closure I’m guessing they planned a very different end for Sawyer than an eventual do-over of his Juliet cuddle-fest.  That’s my theory, at least.

From E!Online

Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse did announce that Juliet would be returning this season on Lost. When are we going to see you?
Pretty immediately, and then I’m not sure after that, but I think that it will be satisfactory.

Based on the faux commercials they showed at Comic-Con, it seems that things have been reset. Is Juliet going to have a happy life now?
That would be so amazing. It really would, and I think we’ve all expressed a desire for that, but you know [Damon and Carlton], they’re devious. They’re devious little genius little guys, so my feeling is that I don’t know, but I’m willing to go along for the ride to find out. I would hope after everything that they put her through that she does have a happy life, but it doesn’t always work that way.