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That’s A Wrap! LOST’s Last Moments Are Filmed

By docarzt,

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Damon Lindelof tweeted the end of an area earlier.  LOST is done.  Over. Finished.  The final mysterious moments have been filmed, and now it is time for the filming aspect of production to come to a close.  All of the actors have spent their last moments in their respective character’s skins, and the highly guarded secret final season is now known to those who were involved.  Let’s hope they can keep secrets.

  • Rooky

    Bit slow on the news Doc, thanks for uploading anyway. TBH I think his other quote was much more meaning full…

    “Yesterday was… there is no word. To watch the people who actually MAKE this show as they made it one last time… man, what a gift.
    1:01 PM Apr 20th via web “

    • hmmm the tweet was 3 hours old when I posted it.

      • Dave

        Yeah, in internet time. That’s like 3 weeks in real time.

        • Wanda

          But the tweet had already happened on the island last week.

      • Rooky

        Sorry wasn’t saying this tweet was old just that the news of Lost filming being over was. Ended on the 20th I think. Can’t wait to watch it myself.

        • Hey, if Damon says it wrapped yesterday… it wrapped yesterday. 😉

          • Rooky

            Yeah true lol I probs should stop paying attention to other, less reliable, news sites. 🙂

          • i wonder if a 6am call means they filmed throughout the night, or they finished the nigh before and bender didn’t dare disturb lindelof…. 🙂

          • Rooky

            Maybe they did film through the night, altho Lidelof said he watched as “he people who actually MAKE this show as they made it one last time…”, so they could have been filming shots of the island or even scenes without the regular cast.

          • Well 6am LA time, which is 3am Hawaii time. I think Damon was back in LA by then. So they probably wrapped at 3am. 6am is pretty early so I bet Bender called right when it was finished.

      • My nose is bleeding…

    • mr.sherman

      If you listen to Jorge Garcia’s podcast you know filming was pushed until April 24th (Damon Lindelof’s B-day).

  • The Mantis

    Bittersweet…. I often wonder what my life will be like without the next season to look foreward to.

  • LaFleur Me

    NOOOOOOOOOOOO…. They must go back!!!!!!!! God, I love this show- the writing, the acting, the directing –the PODCASTS. Serious withdrawals on May 24th

  • Charlotte K

    end of an era not area

    • Thanks, I was going to say that too. I’m kind of a stickler about spelling.

  • spacebender

    Thanks for archiving this historic post here! And nice touch showing a graphic of the actual tweet. Only 9 days until the 4th of the last 4 episodes remaining before the 2-hour finale!

    • spacebender

      That is, the 1st of the last 4 episodes. 🙂

  • rodmanrc

    Yes, but if we can set off a nuclear bomb, then Carlton and Damon will never have written the finale. And if they never wrote the finale, that means the end of the show never happened. And if the end of the show never happened…never happened…


  • Jack’s Beard

    I feel dead inside…

  • Sonoftheroad

    You know this season never really did it for me. Even though i did enjoy ab aeterno, happily ever after and the ben ep, i started to feel the lost vibe in this last episode. Ok so not much character development, but it evoked the memories of Through the Looking Glass and the Season 4 finale. Having said that, i did enjoy Jack’s scenes. I’m actually liking him this season. A relief after last season’s waste of space Jack.

    • Cody

      you’re an idiot. you say this season never really did it for you before its over, then list a bunch of things you liked. please don’t post anymore. Thank you

      • SonoftheRoad

        So let me guess, you have a school girl crush on Jack and got ticked off at the last sentence? Hehe… Grow up kid, critiquing is what adults do.

  • Dont do it

    Please Internet, don’t spoil the finale for me.

    LOST Fan.

    • GettingArztedWithIlana

      AAww, that was so nice!

  • The White Rock

    Think of how the cast and crew must feel. They’re crying the tears we won’t shed for another month — they’re doing the sideways reality flash now! I bet producer/director Jack Bender goes on one helluva bender!

  • Northlost

    How ironic (or intended) that in that final Tweet “full circle” would be referenced with regard to the 6 years lapsed. If memory serves me right, the original title for LOST was CIRCLE.

  • Jack’s Sidekick

    Yeah,I was in Hawaii while this was all going on, went to the camp site and there was security everywhere. Got hold of an antique though, hehehe….

  • Kayla Mullan

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