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The Fine Brothers Lay Out LOST’s Hanging Questions in Song

By docarzt,

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You probably know the Fine brother for their numerous LOST parodies featuring action figures from the show. (A few people accused the LOST Untangled videos of ‘ripping’ them off, but anywho). The brothers are back with a brand new parody, this time turning the lingering questions into a song. The lyrics seem a little anti-Lost to me, but remember that it is a parody.

  • Comical! Definitely features some of my personal top questions…but I’m sure they will answer most of them.

  • graciela

    They did show how Jack got Locke’s letter back. One of the Ajira employees returned it to him after they checked the body.

    • dp2

      Yup. They even made a point of having the ticket clerk tell him they’d have to examine the coffin.

  • Casey

    Correct me if I’m wrong (I don’t have the fortitude to watch the whole video again) but of all those questions, I don’t think they mentioned Waaaaaaaaaalt. That’s on a lot of folks’ list.

  • Kevin James John

    They are obviously Lost fans considering the abundant of parodies they have made, thus giving the show more hype. And no anti-lost fan would know the amount of information they do.

  • dm

    This song is kind of really stupid.

    A lot of the “questions” they presented have already been answered or don’t require an “answer.”

    And I always disregard anyone who says or even thinks it matters if “they make it up as they go along.”

    It’s like LOST for half-wits.

    • GeigerCounter

      Exactly. Like the thing with the letter is not a question a at all. Or why didn’t the Dharma Initiative automate the button pushing process. Not a question on anyone’s mind at this point.

      And the thing about Jin was dumb. He time-traveled the same way Farraday did. They were within the “reach” of the Island. Farraday said so on the zodiac raft in 5×01.

      Why do Whidmore and Ben fight? We know that!

      We kinda know why part of the Oceanic 6 ended up in the seventies and part of them didn’t – because they didn’t recreate the crash well enough. Not all of them returned.

      Who really wants to why Miles talks to dead people? um, because he’s a psychic. That’s not even a question!

      Overall, it was a dumb video and most of the lyrics fit the melody quite poorly.

  • dp2

    Yeah, sure, Lost Untangled ripped them off. Hey, Fine Brothers, you didn’t invent the idea of making stories with action figures; that’s the WHOLE POINT of action figures. Grown men have become so enthralled with their collectible action figures, they forget that their REAL PURPOSE is for kids to act out stories with them.

    Also, they stole the Hurley-dies-every-episode thing from South Park, so they have no room to complain.

    Also, Lost Untangled is funnier.

  • dp2

    I took the tie to address all of the questions that scroll by near the end:

    Who was the real Henry Gale?
    May get answered, but unimportant if it isn’t

    Why did Jacob touch some of the characters away from the island?
    I expect will be answered when we learn the nature of Jacob

    If Jacob planned for them to come, then why did the plane crash due to Desmond not hitting the button?
    I expect will be answered when we learn the nature of Jacob

    When Ajira 316 crashed why didn’t the Others mix in with them like when 815 crashed?
    Mixing in was Ben’s idea, and he’s not the leader now. Also, they were on Hydra island. Also, they had expected this crash (they built the runway)

    What is Ilana’s history with Jacob?
    Will be explained

    What is Frank a candidate for?
    Will be explained

    Why did Walt appear to Locke taller?
    A fair question. I don’t care if it’s answered, but since they made a point of mentioning it when they didn’t have to, I think we’ll get something

    Why can’t the Others give birth on the island?
    Will be answered

    Why do the Others need to birth on the island when they have a sub to take them away to safety?
    Juliet asked to take someone off the Island; he wouldn’t let her. The answer is: Ben.

    How are the Others bad ass ninjas when they are essentially scientists?
    The Others are not scientists. Not even a valid question

    Why did Ben have Kate wear that dress?
    He wanted her to be comfortable, and he wanted her to look hot for Sawyer.

    What were Kate and Sawyer moving rocks for?
    Okay, now I’m convinced they’re not paying attention. Juliet told Sawyer it’s for a runway. Then a plane landed there. How hard is that?

    Why didn’t the Others speak Latin when around the castaways in the beginning when they establish in season 5 that all Others speak Latin specifically so people wouldn’t know what they were saying?
    I’m not sure it’s established that that’s the reason, but not a terrible question. Though I’d ask in return: when exactly would this have come up? The only time I can think it might is on the dock, and even then, there wasn’t really anything to hide.

    What were the bright lights from the smoke monster by Kate and Juliet?
    Will be answered IF and when we learn the nature of the smoke monster

    Why did the Oceanic Six call Locke “Bentham” when he didn’t tell them that was his name?
    He did tell them. But I do agree they used the name a lot more than was warranted. Will not be answered, just sloppy writing there.

    Why didn’t the Others time jump with everyone else?
    Will be answered with the nature of the Others

    If the Others didn’t time jump, then did the Island never move in the first place?
    I admit I’m confused by this as well. We know from Hawking the the island is mobile. It may be that the Island moved in time AND space when the wheel was turned.

    How did Whidmore[sic] get kicked off the Island the first time?
    He got kicked off once, and we saw it. Am I missing something?

    Why did Claire abandon Aaron?
    Will be answered

    How could Sun abandon her daughter by going back to the Island? Or at least mention that she was willing to do so?
    Not really a mystery.

    What is the Cerberus System?
    Same question as “What is the Smoke Monster?”

    Why does everyone from all time periods speak English on the Island?
    What? That’s not even close to true.

    How did a polar bear end up in Tunisia?
    Seriously? Turning the wheel. “Why” is a different question which I’m not sure requires answering.

    What’s up with the Whispers in the Woods?
    Will be answered (I’m only believe this because Ben mentions them in S5)

    What exactly are the energy discharges and how can it cause time travel?
    Not likely to be answered. It’s hand-waving pseudo-science, and that’s enough.

    The Cabin? Explain please.
    Will be answered

    How are Christian and Claire working for Jacob?
    I don’t understand this question, but I think it’s based on several bad assumptions.

    What do all the heiroglyphics mean that are all over the place?
    Not important. If you really want to know they can be found out quite easily, but don’t expect the show to explain them.

    Why do you die quicker the more you’ve been on the island when you time jump?
    Won’t be explained. A better question, which also won’t be answered, is why did Miles (only there a few months) start hemmorhaging before Juliet (there over three years)?

    Is there really a sickness on the Island? Does the vaccine do anything?
    Will be answered. If they never say anything about it again, the answers are “No, it’s just Smokey possession, and no it doesn’t”. If it is addressed again, there will be different answers.

    Who made the Others’ brainwash video/stupid glasses and what is its purpose?
    May be answered

    Why can some Others come and go as they please but not others like Juliet?
    May be answered. Tom told Michael that some of them can do it. Juliet would have had to be allowed to go.

    Whose idea was the Purge?
    I think it was made clear that it was Widmore. Possibly Hawking.

    What’s the real purpose of some of the DHARMA stations?
    Won’t be answered beyond what has been already.

    What is the DHARMA Initiative anyway? How can they be funded in secret?
    Not a question to me at this point. We know what we need to.

    Why was the Army on the Island, and if they were, how does the US Army not know about all of this?
    May be answered

    Why was there a failsafe built into the hatch?
    Eh. Why wouldn’t there be?

    Why did Miles know Michael was lying about his name, and Charlotte had been on the Island, and was interested in Claire, etc.?
    Michael was a guess. The rest may or may not be answered.

    Why do viewers accept the fact that they killed all the nameless survivors for no good reason other than to not have to deal with them for the plot?
    That’s a good point, one that’s always bothered me, especially in S4 and S5, but it’s not a mystery for the show to solve.

    Why did they abandon all the religious rituals the Others had? Remember the weird funeral for one of their own?
    I ask in reply: What evidence is there that they abandoned them?

    Who were Adam & Eve and what happened to them?
    Will be answered

    Who built the statue and how was it destroyed?
    Likely to be answered (maybe not who exactly, but its origin will be made clear)

    why did Charlie die for nothing? He told them it wasn’t Penny’s boat, but they came anyway.
    It split the camp, which had a significant effect. A better question is, will Desmond’s vision for which Charlie died still be fulfilled?

    Is Hurley really speaking to all those dead people? If so, how?
    Likely will be answered. Probably not how though.

    How did the DHARMA Initiative find out about the Island?
    Likely to be answered

    How did Sawyer have Hurley-sized clothes when he arrived in 1977?
    Plothole, not a mystery. Hurley’s own duds may have sufficed, though. He doesn’t dress as dapperly as Jack and Kate.

    Why and when and how did Ethan end up with the Others and change his last name?
    Will not be answered. Not a mystery to me, except maybe the last name thing. I suspect Ben and Ethan weren’t the only DHARMites to cross over.

    Why is Miles’ last name Straum and not Chang?
    Mother’s maiden name, probably.

    Niiki and Paulo? — Nuff said
    No, not really. What’s the question?

    • GeigerCounter

      nice list
      it just proves how dumb the song is

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