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Abrams/Lindelof’s Star Trek

By clueless1der,

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Okay. It might not be strictly LOST related, but I am over the moon with excitement for this new  film.  Like many Trek fans, I was a little hesitant to hear of yet another Enterprising (ha)  project   in the Star Trek franchise. (I still don’t know if I’ve completely recovered from Nemesis!)

However,  when I saw the names JJ Abrams  and Damon Lindelof (not to mention Bryan Burk, Producer of LOST, Cloverfield, and Fringe, writer Roberto Orci Transformers, Fringe, and Alex Kurtzman also writer/producer for Fringe) attached to the project my geeky little heart was all aflutter. Anthony Pascale has written a lovely not-too spoilery review and all that does is increase anticipation for the film, scheduled for release on May 8th.

Heroes fans (I know there are still a few of you out there!) will like seeing Zachary Quinto as Spock, and Eric Bana as Nero. Also Winnona Ryder even shows up as Sarek’s human wife.

If the movie even lives up to even some of the buzz, I will be a happy camper indeed.

  • triangulatedsignal

    i cant wait for this too!!! lindelof has also signed on reportedly to be one of the writers for the sequel eeeekkkk!!!

    • Dolce

      What’s the fanboy version of the fangirl “eeeeekkkk!” or “squeeee!”? Whatever it is, insert here:

      WHOAH! ?

      DUDE! ?

      I dunno, suggestions?

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