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Lindelof talks Lost Movie

By triangulatedsignal,

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damon_lindelof1In this short video interview Damon Lindelof talks about the notion of a Lost movie down the line.

According to Lindelof, they will wrap up most of the mysteries by the end and if a movie or continuation of the franchise ever happens it would most likely be island based as all character stories will be resolved.


Source : TheHollywoodReporter

  • sin

    lol from all the references in the world, why harry potter?!?
    i’d be happy to see the show ends with no open mysteries like he said they want it to.
    but a movie will be a stupid lame thing to do.

    • triangulatedsignal

      yea i agree sin. id like to think once the show is done and dusted, we can have some nice dvd extras and then leave it at that.

    • Tyler Cheman

      Well, think of what they did with the video game, ‘LOST: VIA DOMUS’, it was focused on a background character named ‘Elliot’, and his past before and durring his time on the island. I think it would be interesting to see if any other kinds of characters were involved in the movie, whether they were a native, Dharma employee, or even a survivor. I really do hope that Lost can go on when the show is over, even if there is a book series.

  • CrazyBeardedJack

    This is the second time I’ve heard Lindelof mention a “reboot.” And I’m with you guys, LOST is not a movie.

  • professorstotch

    I personally wouldn’t want a Lost movie, but I wouldn’t be totally opposed to a continuation of the series in a TV show format. Obviously it’d have to be done with the show’s head people on board, Damon, Carlton, and such. But as long as they didn’t kill it, then it wouldn’t be too bad. Lot’s of shows out there have continuations and extensions from their original series that aren’t completely horrible. In some cases, they end up better than the original series.

    • LOST With Lyndsey

      I am 1000 percent with you guys on this. I was just speaking with someone about this yesterday and I just think that the characters were the heart of this thing from the start. The connection (at least initially) was in the people and once we are at peace with their stories, I feel like we just need to go find a new obsession (hard as it may be.)

      • Volcanic-Activity

        haha, yeah a new ‘hobby’ to replace Lost… hmmmm… needs a lot of thinking. Anyway I won’t see a Lost movie with our characters etc, but for instance (if we won’t get the answers in season 6) the story of the Black Rock and the survivors on the island?? Could be watchable.

        • LOST With Lyndsey

          Maaayyyybbeee a prequel type sitch could be okay, but they’d really need to NOT SCREW IT UP… 😉

          • jessea

            i’m with you. a prequel made by the same team only. other than that, i fear it would be crap. the idea of disney using “the island” for future “franchise” is just sickening to me. As much as it pains me for Lost to end, I know that is the only way and the story is better for it.

      • Pat

        Start watching Fringe so that you will be prepared for when Lost ends

        • Tyler Cheman

          ehhh, Flashforward is my replacement for Lost, even though it would be sad to loose such a great show over the past 6 years…..

  • RandomZombie

    Once this story is told I’d be happy letting the island exist outside of our sights. The chance of any island-related story not marring the original Lost is very slim. But ultimately, it doesn’t matter, as ignoring any subsequent stories wouldn’t be a problem.

    The most important thing about this clip is that he refers to the island continuing on, which seems to eliminate the idea of the Lost story being taking place in a time loop. Which I always thought would be one of the worst ways to end the series.

  • Charlie’s Ghost

    First, I oppose the senseless continuation of a great story, just to make a buck. The worst thing about Caddyshack I was Caddyshack II…see what I’m saying?

    But Lost, like Damon says, could do a movie and have it be more ‘island’ based. Where did the Black Rock come from? What are all the details surrounding how the Black Rock crew survived or died once encountering the island? Those details will be passed on during the TV series wrap up.

    How/When did Dharma first discover the island? I’d be interested to see more about Dharma finding the island, setting out to settle on the island, making the ‘truce’ with the Hostiles, etc. There’s a great story in there that could have a lot of suspense, action, and even drama.

    There’s more than just the above, but I think you could pull off a movie…or just a three part made for TV movie.

  • Uncle Beaver

    Stop fooling yourselves. If ABC/Disney did decide to do another TV show/Movie, we’d ALL be there… no matter HOW BAD it’s gonna be.

    Lindeloff and Cuse, I’m SURE, would have NOTHING to do with it.

    • johr77

      Its like people saying they don’t want spoilers, then when they come to the site, first thing they look at? the Spoilers 🙂

  • rob

    man, ive put some serious thought into this. have enjoyed this show soooo much over the past 5 years. after the final season, the ABC peeps would be ignorant not to follow up with something else. i personally would watch a zombie season every week. think about it, no show has done zombies. i know theyre (darlton) always joking about a zombie season, if done properly, i think it could kick ass.

  • rick

    Maybe there could be a movie about Libby.

  • INawe

    If Lindeloff and Cuse are making it.. no prob.
    I just think these guys can do anything and blow us away…

  • stweedle

    Sounds to me like they may be hearing the possibility of Disney/ABC trying to keep the franchise going and they want to distance themselves from it. If you have kids, you know Disney, they sequel/prequel everything. There’s even a Lion King 1 1/2. I think they should just let it be. Anything anyone does would just screw up a good thing.

  • numbersarebad

    how about Dharma in Space! The remnants of Dharma decide to study unique properties of space and search for a new place for human life after failing to make peace on Earth. Okay I am joking…but I would probably watch it anyway!

  • Henry Holland

    Yikes, Lindelof and Cuse talk such large amounts of rubbish, it’s scarcely believable. So, they’ve gone from “No movie, no way” to “Well…..” now?!?!

    A movie is a terrible idea, it always has been, I don’t care about the “Ooooh, they’ll have a bigger budget, the CGI won’t be as cheesy as it is on the TV show”. Any LOST movie has a built-in small audience, the 8-9 million people in the US who watch the show regularly pretty much + the people that follow it regularly around the world. How are they going to be able to do a stand-alone movie without spending the first half-hour on explaining the plot so that people who didn’t follow the show like we do can catch up?

    You know, Darlton, if you hadn’t wasted all that time on the 9th Jackback and the 7th Kateback and etc. etc. WHEN WE ALREADY GOT THE POINT YOU WERE MAKING after the 5th one, you wouldn’t be in the situation of having to cram so much stuff in to the last 34 episodes and then talk about a movie.

    • lebowskii

      Henry Holland, did you even watch the video? He clearly says “In our story plan all we’ve talked about are the 6 years of the show, it’s never been, let’s leave that for a potential movie” Also, when he’s referring to a movie he’s talking about the franchise. He doesn’t own the Lost brand! They can do what the hell they like with it without Lindelof/Cuse!

  • Alan

    I’d watch the movie… if they tied it into CLOVERFIELD!

    The season 5 finale finale big explosion awakens the mother of the Cloverfield baby, who prompty eats Jack, Kate and Hurley.

  • Hurley Bird – The Movie


  • The movies I want to see in 2009 has to be Public Enemies, the story of John Dillinger and Johnny Depp always seems to choose great scripts and plays them well.

  • Larry

    What a liar. Nothing was answered.

  • Love your site!!

  • Joey

    I want a movie. You guys can stay home while I go see it. To me, the island was a major character in the series and I really want to know everything about it. I think a movie is a grand idea. We could learn the origin and history of the island.