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‘Lost’: Josh Holloway, dude, it’s time to cash in on your awesomeness already!

By lyly ford,

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joshholloway_lIf anything, last night’s season finale of Lost made two things crystal clear to me: (1) The show is coming to an end pretty soon, finally; and (2) Josh Holloway is definitely the best thing about Lost‘s top-notch acting ensemble. Apropos of both points, then, here’s my question for the guy who plays Sawyer/James/LaFleur: Isn’t it about time you became a big star already, my man? C’mon! Get on with it! The show’s ending, game on!

I’m serious here — besides being the justifiable subject of many a woman/man crush (sure, I’m guilty as charged), Holloway proved in this breakthrough season that he really is a terrific actor with depth and charisma to spare. I mean, why did everyone respond so well (and so quickly) to the out-of-nowhere Sawyer-Juliet romance? Why did it seem to resonate so much more than pretty much every other love affair on Lost this side of Rose and Bernard? As Jon Lovitz would say, “Acting!” (Yes, credit is also due to Elizabeth Mitchell, though we already knew she was great.) All season long, Holloway totally sold it, making us believe that Sawyer truly is a lover and a fighter. And in the season finale he completely cemented his status as a leading man-to-be.

This guy has got to become a movie star. And now, with one year remaining on Lost, it’s the perfect time to begin. Holloway had once been slated to appear as Gambit in Wolverine, and while he’d be a good choice for most any superhero character, I can see him in a range of movies — from romantic comedies to thrillers — playing good guys and bad. Certainly, he has what it takes to be the show’s big breakout; after all, none of the other actors have managed to seriously capitalize on their fame.

Don’t you agree, PopWatchers? What should be Holloway’s next move? Think maybe George Lucas should consider starting up a Han Solo spin-off franchise for him?

source : EW

  • sadinie

    Totally agree! Although I think that the Sawyer/Juliet story was taken so well because it was, at least in the beginning, much healthier and drama-free than any other relationship on the show. But I definitely agree that Josh Holloway should go on to making movies. Maybe he just hasn’t had time for that so far, but after season 6 we’ll see what happens. πŸ˜‰

  • Warhorse

    He’s a great actor and I think he will do well post Lost. He’s come a long way since this Old Navy commercial!

  • pacemaker

    I think it might take some time for Josh to really hit it big, but he deserves it. Quite a few of the actors on Lost do.

    However, I think it will take some doing for Josh to NOT be type-cast as a smooth talking Southern man. Not that that’s HIS fault at all.

    Perhaps JJ and Darlton will cast him in the Dark Tower movie(s). Even though a lot of people would cry foul, I would totally be on board with Josh as Roland. That being said, I have a feeling the Bad Robot folks will take care of the Losties in the years to come (Star Trek sequels anyone?).

    • Kermet

      He’d make a better Eddie Dean than a Roland.

      • chris

        Dude, Eddie’s like, 20 or so in the books. I think Josh might be a little old for that. He would be a badass Roland though.

      • idizzle

        While they usually get 25 year olds to play highschoolers, Holloway is more than twice as old as Eddie is supposed to be. He cannot really play 30 anymore, but 20 is plain ridiculous.

    • RandomZombie

      I’m a huge Dark Tower fan, and have the character of Roland fixed so firmly in my mind that I didn’t think that I could be satisfied with anyone who was cast in the part.
      I can picture Josh Holloway as the Gunslinger. Dye his hair darker and give it a trim… he’s got the stubble down.

    • NotBetty

      I can totally see him as Roland. That would be great casting. No way as Eddie.

  • penny

    he can play anything he wants. he has proved it, from drama, to action, to romance and comedy…josh holloway is a great actor…

  • What woman wouldn’t love to watch Holloway in a romantic comedy? You could swap him out for ANY Matthew Mcconaughey movie and he could have done it better!! What about Holloway for Kenneth Branaugh’s movie “Thor”? That would be awesome!!

    • hmmm

      maybe a gay woman.

  • spacebender

    What an outstanding actor, and yes he would be absolutely wonderful in anything from action to romantic comedy to scifi to mystery. I look forward to the unfolding of his vocational… “destiny”. πŸ™‚

  • Dr Violence

    He would be an excellent Solid Snake in a Metal Gear solid film.

    • pacemaker

      Indeed! I would toootally go for that.

  • triangulatedsignal

    josh outshone everyone in the finale, his acting was brilliant.

  • shennydenny

    The Han Solo spinoff would be delicious.

  • SeeYouOnMadManPhil

    Yes he’s proved good, but O’Quinn are Emerson are still way ahead.
    O’Quinn’s job has been terrific this year: I immediately guessed that New Locke wasn’t the Old one: he was too different, his ways more straight and powerful, the light in his eyes more decided and violent. Still his body and voice were the same.
    Amazing Terry.
    Btw, a praise for Josh and hoping he’ll get his deserved soon.

  • Dana

    I love Josh. I think he is amazing on Lost and has the talent to do just about anything. But I don’t think he has the drive to become a superstar. While Matthew Fox has been using his Lost visibility to promote a movie career; Josh has spent most of his hiatus time enjoying the fruits of his labor. I see nothing wrong in that. If you’ve got the money, why not do the things you always wanted to do while you’re still young enough to do them. Now he has a new family that he’ll want to spend time with. Anyway, once Lost is over, I don’t expect to see him as much as I would like. I’ve also gotten the impression from one of his interviews (some time ago), that he may want to spend more time working behind the scenes instead of in front of the camera. Maybe he’ll surprise me and opt for a bigger career. I hope so because I would watch him in just about anything.

  • IKilledJeremy

    He is a great actor and has especially shown his talent in this season, but is he really the ‘best thing about LOST’s top notch acting ensemble’? Have you been WATCHING Terry O’Quinn and Michael Emerson’s performences lately?! I would love to see what Michael Emerson will take on after LOST (I know he does a lot of theatre, but would love to see him play something completely different to Ben on the big or little screen.) Likewise, who wouldn’t want to see O’Quinn take on something a bit less enigmatic and a bit more on the light and funny side?

    • Dharmagal

      Dude, no one’s saying Terry and Michael are anything short of extraordinary, but Josh seems to me to be one of the most overlooked great actors of the show; everyone knows Terry and Michael are going places, i mean just look at their recent Emmy wins! Either way, it may be a bit ridiculous to call him the best, but he is most definitely the most overlooked of the greats of Lost. And besides….you can’t help that his *ahem* looks might win him some more favor in the minds of many viewers and cause them to exaggerate a bit in his favor.

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