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Why Lost Sucks (If you don’t understand it)

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I normally don’t give airtime to anti-LOST articles – but this gem is so clueless in its construction that I just had to share it.  The real title of the article should be “I hate anything I don’t understand,” or maybe “I don’t have the brainpower for LOST.”  Maybe there is a hint of humor somewhere in there that I missed.  Who knows.

26764984-26764988-largePeople have been criticizing Lost ever since it came on the air in 2004, but only lately have die-hard fans begun to question their investment. While Abrams may be all about the journey, most of us want our questions answered at the end. And try to keep the jerking to a minimum. This season has all been about the time travel element, which hasn’t gone quite as well as it could have. There are too many characters, too many storylines to keep straight in our minds. I need to drag out that map of characters that shows all the one to two degrees of Kevin Bacon separation between them all and prop it up like a finals cheat sheet.

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So, I’m guessing most of you are die-hard fans – are you questioning your investment?