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The LOST Cast Interviews Themselves

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Thanks to BookOfLaw for these vids!

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  • max

    why do they always edit the question ???

    they always pick the most lame questions ever, never the right ones, always the silliest and most childish questions…

  • dd

    What kinds of questions are the “right ones?” Stuff like “hey, could you answer some minor mystery that your character did not acknowledge or have the ability to answer because it would betray the strict limited perspective narration? If I don’t know the answer to this really unimportant question, I will believe the show is ruined. Also, I will ask you to answer something that has already been implied in the story, but I’m just too dense to figure it out. Thanks!”

    • The writers create a lot of mysteries that will never be solved, and that’s a deficiency in the storytelling. I wouldn’t expect the actors to know the answers, but I understand viewers being frustrated about it.

    • The Magician


  • spacebender

    Very enjoyable! Thanks for posting them here.

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