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The LOST Final Season Logo – In Motion!

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Thanks to TheODI for forwarding along this video clip.  You’ve probably seen the new logo for the final season, if not here is one from


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The poster features all of the main characters from LOST that have appeared since season 1 (with a few exceptions), and John Locke in the center with his back turned.  The lettering contains some hieroglyphics. (Get the Egyptologists on the phone… STAT!).

Those attending the panel got treated to a sort of motion-poster of the logo. It’s very cool, here’s the vid:

  • Looks like the “Underworld” symbols from The Swan Hatch are there in the word “final.”

  • Bookhouse Boy

    Can someone name everyone in the poster?

  • Jacooooob
  • preztige2k6

    I knew everyone would be back. Season 6 will be the greatest!

  • JP

    notice how about half the people are in shadow tho…what could that possibly mean??

  • Bezmina

    According to someone with better eyesight than me on Dark’s site (props to you Zachary!) it goes like this


    So no Walt and of course crucially no Vincent!

  • OMG where is nikki and paulo! Jokes, shud be such a class season, glad richard is going to be a part of the main cast this year, hes a ledge!

  • neoloki

    I think they got some big plans and big surprises for John locke in season 6. the fact that we heard nothing or saw nothing of Mr. locke was not an oversight.

  • preztige2k6

    hhmmm, can the shadows mean dead, different timelines, whisperers? I think they will all be back but possibly not on the same timeline. All the people coming back will be seen or heard, and they are back to help change and save the island.

  • Ament

    It’s a powerful picture for the last season, I like it. Locke’s back turned is either he’s turning on them or everyone has turned on him. It doesn’t look like they are on an island but more of a desolate area like the desert. Also how they divided Light and Dark with the ground and sky is cool. Great symbolism.

  • Bezmina

    Random thought, if there is no Walt or Vincent, why not?
    Walt was the first Special person in Lost I think (oh no maybe Locke was – waaa!) but maybe he is the one who should have never left. Didn’t they say at the panel that Jacob never appeared as another person? What about as a dog????

    Yes this is the sound of me clutching at straws deperately!

    • Wow! I love your way of thinking! That’s an awesome catch, and really plays with the “he hasn’t appeared as another person.”

  • adam118

    No the question was if Jacob had appeared as any shape in general ie apparitions, Kate’s horse, or people.

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