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The LOST Season 6 Poster

By docarzt,

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Here it is.  Finally, thanks to, we get a good look at the promo image for LOST season 6.  I will say that a source told me early on, shortly after Comic Con, that the poster is NOT official art for season 6 but more of an interim piece.  We will see.  Certainly it captures what seems to be the general theme of the season, supposedly, which is bringing back all of the much loved characters.  Don’t worry, spoiler-phobes, that info is more ‘widely accept speculation’ than ‘verified fact.’




  • Greg

    Is it just me or does that patch of light in the top right corner look like a 7 to anyone else?
    What could that mean?

    • Ament

      It’s the back lighting reflecting off the shine of the poster, it’s on a few spots. But what is more noticeable is the black and white heiroglyphs in the title. Wonder what the one with the sailboat and bird under wavy lines means…underwater plane?

      • The glyphs in the title are the same glyphs from the countdown timer

        • KJJ

          A few of them are, but there is a variety.

          • Jason

            I read an article that said a translation of the hieroglyphics is “Who is the leader?”

    • Wish it meant a season 7. I’m so excited….can’t wait till Feb.

  • Ament

    Awesome close up shots, very nice.

  • Ament

    Another thing I notice is the walking legs with the swirl over it, kinda like walking smoke.

    • Ament

      I just checked out Lostpedia, I’m way off each symbol does have a meaning and in some point was shown in the show. Pretty cool.

  • Mammam

    It’s Libby!!! =)

  • SeeYouOnMadManPhil

    No sign of walt nor jacob or widmore. What is it: NO MASTERS ALLOWED? ONLY PUPPETS? so.. is walt a master player?

    • maina

      Hasn’t this poster been seen before the season finale? This might explain why there’s no Jacob in it.
      There are a LOT of people who are not in this poster, so I’m not sure I would put too much interpretation behind that.
      Walt? ….Who cares?

      • The first time this poster was shown was at Comic-Con; so to answer your question, no

      • I care

        Youre saying youre satisfied with Walts story so far? Youre not in the least bit curious about any more story from him? Why they took him, How he got off the island, why he was having “dreams” about Locke, what went on while the others had him…none of that stuff makes you wonder? Or do you have all the answers?

        • I’m guessing this was addressed to the person above me…

          • What”d you do, bribe him with pills

            Yeah man, the guy above… Id be crazy to mess with Crazy Bearded Jack.

  • mike

    Anyone else wonder where Walt is at??

    • JOJO

      he’s Abaddon

    • CMC

      I do wonder where Walt is. I mean, Vincent is on there, but not Walt??!! Odd.

      • CMC

        Let me add, I saw another version of this poster on another site and the dog is on the far right. But still no Walt.

  • maina

    Locke is indeed special – he’s the only one turned away. After watching Season 1 again, I’m convinced that he’s been “on the inside” from the beginning. I’m not jumping to any conclusions though (such as, he’s been dead and an embodyment of Jacob’s adversary all along). I think the writers will have something very unexpected and surprising in store for us for Locke, and i’m keeping my mind wide open 🙂

  • Working for ABC has great advantages – Can’t wait to hang this up on my wall.

  • Hexonxonx

    Is it just me or do some characters not look like themselves in that poster? Namely Eko, Libby, Frank, and to a lesser extent Sayid.

    • It’s because they’re photoshopped…I’m guessing some cutting was needed.

  • Phil’s #1 fan

    does anyone know who the guy in between Charlie and Richard is???

    • I care

      Thats Frank Lapidus, Chopper Pilot. 😉

  • eric

    Who is the woman next to Sayid?

    • Seriously?


      • NaNa

        i dont think so. she just dressed like libby, but she doesny looks like libby

        • wtf?

          that’s cynthia watros, so yes, it’s definitely libby.

  • I will buy this poster. It’s awesome!

    • They’re not for sale, they’re ABC promotional materials. Contact your local ABC station in December or so and you might have a shot to get one.

  • Brandon

    meh this poster is kind of lazy to me. All the pictures are old ones from other posters.

    • wtf?

      no, they’re not.

  • Greg

    Also missing: Nikki & Paulo!

  • HumeLocke

    Ok, I don’t really know what to make of this or where to post etc., but I was watching some Fringe stuff online and i got saw an ad that just looked strange (a la the Join Dharma ARG or the District 9 MNU site, clean cut, ambiguous) It was called the Mosaic Collective and it directed me to a site called After a little time reading the different testimonials, I realized it was for FlashForward, the new ABC show. But a few of the testimonials were strange. One was a guy saying that the numbers ( yes, HURLEY’s numbers) were in his head in his FF and he couldn’t get them out. Another person said in their future they were chasing a man named Horatio Salt trying to get a piece of paper with writing scribbled all over it. I googled Horatio Salt and the only thing are 2 weird videos on Youtube, but not the usual weird youtube stuff. It all seemed very staged. Again, this could just be ABC trying to cross promote or mess with our heads, but I figured I should put you guys on the hunt for the meaning in all this too. Oh BTW, every time you enter the site, it gives different testimonials so if you can’t find the ones I mentioned don’t be discouraged, there are plenty of other strange allusions there too. Good luck!

  • Brian

    Did anyone notice the outfit that Michael is wearing? Besides Locke, he’s the only one who is wearing a dress shirt and pants (not including Daniel since that’s basically what we’ve always seen him in). Come to think of it, I don’t recall ever seeing Michael wear that outfit in any previous poster that this image could have come out of. You would think they would have a rugged island picture of him like they do virtually everyone else. And the fact that he’s dressed very similarly to Locke (or unLocke) might mean something. After all they are the only two main characters to not die on the physical island (excluding Charlie, but that can be considered “on the island” since it was a DHARMA station attached to the island by a cable). Hmmm…..

  • Jacob, where are you?

    • Warhorse

      He showed up on Supernatural’s premiere last week as Lucifer’s host.

  • bondsinseconds

    i got all excited thinking that the guy on the far right was mr. friendly. then i saw the close up, and was disappointed that it was just shaggy bernard.

    • yep

      I thought the exact same thing.

  • SeeYouOnMadManPhil

    me toooo.. LOL
    lookin’ pretty sawyer-ish, uh??

  • Hey, Locke is the only one not facing us…any relevance?????? Or just a popular pic

  • andres

    I like the poster concept but the execution is piss poor. Horrible Photoshop job. Every character photo is a rehash from older photos and the lighting is all over the place. But I guess if this is an interim piece and not final art, then its not as bad.

  • Aaron
  • Tom

    Hi, I did an analysis of one of the Lost Season 6 Posters, if you want to check it out here it is:

    Lost Season 6 Poster


  • LeAnna

    The first thing I noticed in this poster was that Locke has his back turned while everyone else is facing to the front. Hm … perhaps this is refering to the substitute not-Locke we met in the Season 5 finale, since the real Locke is still seemingly dead.

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