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The Official LOST Podcast Returns! Damon and Carlton Explain it all! (Not!)

By docarzt,

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The Official LOST Podcast has returned.  Damon and Carlton take on the bigger question of the premiere, and offer a few hints for next week’s episode.  Tune in and drop out!

[wpaudio url=”″ text=”Official LOST Podcast” dl=”1″]

  • It’s been so long! Thanks for the update, downloading now from itunes.

  • Mark

    the black and white stones were some of my favourite characters… lol!

  • Paul

    Does anyone know if there is a new non-iTunes RSS link for the Official LOST Podcast in 2010? I don’t use iTunes and the old RSS link no longer works. The link on ABC’s site goes to iTunes. Thanks Doc for posting the MP3, but is there an RSS way to get the podcast without using iTunes?

  • Jack’s Sidekick

    anyone else think the space in LA X might be a U? “LAUX” as in two Lockes?

    • Josh

      No, the title is a reference to “Earth X”, a comic book series from about ten years ago involving alternate/future realities. Hopefully this title is a joke about concerns with undoing what has already been established in earlier seasons of LOST, as Earth X is well known within the comic community for horribly retconning character stories that had already been told.