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The Real Lost Ending – Find Out What the Island Really Is

By Koobie,

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Someone has released a video of a lost scene of the finale. It isn’t as emotional as the original, but it may provide the answers some of you are looking for. From io9:

And for an extra laugh, check out the Locke and Jack Lightsaber Standoff.

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  • dd

    Well, that was stupid. Two weeks of radio silence… and THIS is how you re-emerge?

    • Koobie

      Don’t worry, our finale podcast will be up here soon. 😉

      • dd

        Hey, I think someone has been using my name. I haven’t looked at this site for over a week.

        I don’t use really corny typing conventions like capitalizing for emphasis.

        • bplenc

          they have been dd! i think it was Brian.

  • naultz

    now i can finally sleep at nite, knowing that chuck norris is the source of the the islands mysteries.

  • Handsome Smitty

    The first one had me for about a minute…I first I thought, no way, Locke in the jungle, not on the beach. But effects had me thinking…maybe – then Chuck Norris.

    Both clips cool.

    Fuck off dd – no reason to come back if all you want to do is slam the host. Make your own lame (d)we(e)b website, whydoncha!?!

    • dd

      that wasn’t me. It was probably some FB weirdo.

      • bplenc

        monique. or FB herself.

  • Marc

    handsomesmitty.. always has been.. always will be.. an asshole.. with or without lost.. swoosh flashback to smitty kidnapping g w bush in college.. makes him drink some dirty urine.. smitty says “now your like me” bush cries.. a nation is doomed.. LOST

    thats my ending

    • dd

      There’s no need to attack Handsome Smitty, Marc. He was absolutely right.

  • Rinjo Njori

    The light sabre was way cooler than Chuck Norris. My son wants to know if there is a longer jack and Flocke lightsabre duel

  • Thanks for the video Koobie, it was breathtaking! Loved Faraday as Obie-wan, though it probably would have made more sense for it to be Christian or Locke. This kind of all reminded me of in harry potter and the goblet of fire when harry is dueling with Voldemort in the graveyard… CEDRIC!!!!! Sorry, just had to do that

  • Beena

    Loved the second clip from above. And all to the “Duel Of The fates” music! Perfect.

  • KJJC

    OMFG! That was perfection. Thanks for sharing!

  • representing sharing it!

  • ebm

    Man In Black, Titus Welliver in The Town

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