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“Their dice were made of bones”

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In the latest Jeff “Doc” Jensen piece at EW (which you can read here), the good doc confirms via Darlton that the Backgammon scene is of great significance.  What’s odd is that Damon sort of randomly referenced it a few weeks back as well.  I wrote about it for UGO:

“Their dice were made of bones”

When @DamonLindelof tweeted this a while back, claxons went off in my theory cortex.  Even though Cuatro artfully compares Lost to a chess game in their classy promo, the game of choice in Lost is backgammon.  A game of chance AND skill, removed from chess in that the players mix fate and destiny with each throw of the dice.  Could the castaways be the “dice made of bones” alluded to?  A chilling metaphor that could suggest that everything we have seen is merely one round of a game of infinite turns.

My thinking was that there is a distinction between being a Chess piece, and a die.  A die gets cast with no idea how it will land, then the player converts the outcome into his ‘play.’  If that is the case, maybe the theory that the Losties have been in this game for some time is accurate.  If that is the case, if we are shown an alternate universe where 815 landed, could it be that this `verse is nothing more than another sides roll of the dice, rather than the dice themselves exercising free will and changing their circumstances?

Either way, the notion would be that the characters are ‘cast’ into time and space, and their actions are tantamount to which face lands looking skyward.

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