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Three REVEALING Clips from LOST 5.14 – “The Variable”

By docarzt,

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ABC is sparing no plot twists with these three clips from LOST 5.14, “The Variable”.  The information contained in these clips alone could have us churning out LOST theories for the next month and a half.  They are spoiler heavy and should be avoided by spoiler phobes!

Last night, a mysterious man in a black Dharma jumpsuit arrived on my door step and said “Doc, do you know that ABC released clips yesterday?  I was never here…” DOH!  Sorry.  Very unlike ABC to release clips THIS early and this explosively awesome, but I guess they figured after putting us through that tortuous clip show we deserved it.

[media id=72 width=512 height=340]

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[media id=74 width=512 height=340]

  • JJStrange

    I’m not going to be happy if they kill Juliet! That shirt is very red! =(

    • angjen0816

      I’d say more pinkish personally, but that could be denial.

    • johr77

      back to the beach?,
      ill say that’s our Adam and Eve right there

      • johr77

        James….. What the hell the sky is turning purple again
        Juliet…. James, Quick in here…(we see the cave)

      • Justin

        I think it’s Bernard and Rose.

  • Dolce

    Holy crap!

  • Fosca

    My mind is going Dave…I can feel it…

  • Seabiscuit

    Exciting stuff!

  • neoloki

    Why are they tormenting us with these? Why can’t it be Wednesday?

    I never watch these because I like the episode to be completely fresh, but after almost two weeks without Lost and the fact that “the variable” is faraday, my favorite character right now, centric I just couldn’t help myself.

    it seems like we have entered the finale end-game. The next 4 hrs are all going to revolve around the same circumstance or similar. At least that is my guess.

  • neoloki

    It would be nice if we could edit our comments without adding a whole new comment. Doc, would that be possible?

    • docarzt

      Can’t you edit if you are registered and logged in?

      • neoloki

        Not that I see under any of the comments and I am logged in.

  • Dharma Adept

    ok, worth a peep but nothing we didnt really already know. obviously jack isnt supposed to be in 1977. obviously the incident has to happen. obviously faraday is the variable. juliet’s short could be a “red” herring, though. hurley also had on red, in the last EP.

    • DM

      Since when did we know that Jack wasn’t supposed to be in 1977? That’s news to me.

    • Cecil

      Yeah, why exactly is Jack not supposed to be in 1977? I was under the “whatever happened, happened” impression… meaning he is supposed to be there?

      • Jeremiah

        Here’s my current theory. None of the Losties are supposed to be in 1977 and none of them were there the first time around. I think all that “whatever happened, happened” refers to is the “big events” in history. Lost’s primary storytelling device is these glimpses at turning points in a personal or universal history. The Losties are now just enabling an already completed (or predetermined) set of events. For instance, Ben was shot as a child (probably by Widmore). Sayid just happened to fill that role in 1977 redux. That’s why “you can’t change the past.” You can change the future, though, however slightly. Just ask Desmond. As for why Faraday tells Jack that he shouldn’t be there, I bet his next line is something like, “None of us are. Here comes the incident.”

        • Matthew Perry

          “Here Comes the Incident.”

          If that isn’t the perfect name for an album, I don’t know what is.

          • Lost Mom of Four

            “I Got Jack’s Back”
            by Juliet… 🙂

        • Bonita

          Interesting thought, that Widmore would have originally hurt Ben (broke the rules?). He might now want to get someone else blamed for it by bringing Sayid there.

          Faraday says his mother was wrong, Jack’s not suppose to be there. He has no idea, how they got to -77. Looks like his mother is smarter than him then. If that is his mother. I’m a bit stubborn about it, since I haven’t heard “Faraday’s mother” and “Eloise Hawking” in the same sentence yet.

          Most likely I’m very wrong here. 🙂

          • Lost Mom of Four

            You already know I agree with you about the Daniel’s Mother/Eloise Hawking thing…I hope this gets resolved soon for us – one way or another!

          • 1

            Eloise doesn’t have to be smarter than Daniel, he might know many ways to get back to the island and he wanted to know which one Jack took.

          • dms

            Don’t the narrated clip shows directly state that she is his mother?

          • meems


          • Lost Mom of Four


    • Iwantmykidneyback

      faraday isn’t the variable. desmond is.

  • Michael

    question: what if mrs hawking and whoever else she is involved with is trying to kill the losties off/remove them from the timeline, by having them killed off in the past in a manner they cant avoid – assuming that the incident/purge are unavoidable, which they seem to be. Why would she do this? dunno. whatever. still, interesting thought — kill them off in the past to prevent them doing something in the future or..something. by the way i dont care if there are timetravel rules against this lol; im pretty sure the shows writers can do as they please with it 😉

    • horselover

      I think you’re making the mistake Hurley made in his conversation with Miles. 1977 is not their past, it is their present. If you kill them there that doesn’t remove them from 2004 because, for them, that already happened.

      • dust

        that indeed DID already happened but maybe they’re still about to do something huge in s06. and maybe she knows about it because she has seen the future or has been there or something.

        • Michael

          i think it works anyway and thats why the hurley/miles conversation eventually ended with miles stumped. anyway, i got that bit, but as the man says, “youre not meant to be in 1977”. Maybe being killed before you were born trumps the fact that it’s your present somehow – like i say, since these things are paradoxes, the writers have a great deal of artistic license to resolve them as they please.

          • Paolo Nikki

            He would never disappear in 04 because he’s already lived that part. But this theory is good, because maybe Hawking is with Widmore, and she’s sent them to the past to get killed to avoid something that Widmore is planning. That would work.

  • R

    It’s funny how you can hear Phil in the background moaning (since he’s tied up) in the background while Juliet and Sawyer are packing up.

    • Lost Mom of Four

      Must Replay!!!!

      • Lost Mom of Four

        That IS funny…poor Phil…

    • Seabiscuit

      God, and in the clip it’s morning? The left him in there all night? Poor Phil. 😀

      • Seabiscuit

        *- They

        • R

          Poor Phil indeed. He doesn’t have a clue of what’s going on yet. And I thought it was a dog or something in the background. Can’t wait for Wednesday!

      • JimDD

        Poor Phil my a$$. He was nothing but a schmuck.

        • Seabiscuit


          • Gripp

            At least he had a lot of time to work on his Marty Feldman impression.

  • Mr_Rob

    I also noticed the alert horn much like the one that was in the swan……… 😀

  • ForwardSlash

    So, is there a chance that faradays mum is the bad guy in all this at the moment? being the one responsible for sending jack kate and hurley to 77 which Dan says is a bad thing, and truley responsibly for putting des there to push the button too. I don’t know her purpose though….hmm

  • clueless1der

    In the words of my dearly departed grandmama…. HOLY SHEEPSHIT BATMAN!!!


    WOWwowowowowowowowowow. I had to wait til my hubby was gone to watch these. Ha. Some of you sneak porn…? I sneak Lost spoilers. 😀

    • Dolce

      LOL! Lost porn.

      • clueless1der

        Ha. There’s prolly some somewhere. 😛

  • sv

    I just LOVE the “new” Daniel, he’s WAY more self-assured and ass-kicking now…
    “Well I have some bad news for you Jack…You don’t belong here at all! She was wrong.”

    *BLAM* in your face!

  • ghanima

    *contented sigh* Daniel’s back! I don’t care if he is predicting the end of the world – my cup runneth over.

    There doesn’t seem to be too much affection in the Faraday/Mommy relationship- I wonder if it was always that way or if her pointing a rifle at his head in her youth had anything to do with that.

    So either Eloise is wrong, and bad things are going to happen, or Daniel is wrong- in which case, bad things will still probably happen (this is Lost, after all) but of a different nature. Neither Eloise or Daniel have been too forthcoming on what the result of the Losties coming back to the island was “supposed” to be- so its hard to tell whose version we would have preferred. (OK, that’s not entirely true- this seems to be an anti-Kate site, so we all know that the docartzish preferred path of events is whichever has her falling into something molten 🙂 )

    I’ll be happy as long as the return of the O6 does end up helping something in the end- because listening to Juliet and Sawyer- beautiful though they may be- constantly whining over how Jack et al ruined their hippy paradise is getting old.

    • Paolo Nikki

      Why do we assume Hawking is “good”?

    • johr77

      OK so then what did……………… Hey Des find my mommy, tell her that all our friends need to come back, or everyone is going to die…………. really mean?

      if it didnt mean, MOMMY please send my friends back so i can have someone to play with?

      • johr77

        or maybe Jack was not his friend and didnt have to come back

  • Iwantmykidneyback

    mind blown.

  • dgotgame

    I am lead to believe that Eloise sent certain people back to 77 and kept some in the future/present time. If you consider that Ben, Locke, and Sun are all kept in the present you can look back to Sun’s conversation with Charles W, “To kill Ben”. Maybe he and Eloise sent all of the people back to 77 with the intention of ridding of them so for some higher purpose. I think we all know there has to be a reason why some are back in 77 and some are not. This almost has to be the doing of Eloise.

    • WheresDesmond

      I’m not convinced that Eloise deliberately divided everyone up into different time slots. I’m wondering if perhaps the reason that Daniel is surprised to see Jack & says that he wasn’t supposed to come back is that they were all supposed to be in 2007 upon their return to the island.

      Did Eloise know that some of the Losties were still stuck on the island and jumping through time when the O6 came to her?

  • Gripp

    Those clips got me so excited that I started giggling and scooting around on the floor like a dog with a dirty butt.

    • Lost Mom of Four


  • Aublub

    Oh I can’t wait! It’s been too long!
    Could “the incident” be the reason why the Dharma children are “special”? Sorry if someone else has said that already!

  • BamBam

    Help me out here…Did Mrs. Hawking tell Jack she was Daniel’s mother? I don’t remember that part (if it did happen, it had to be in the episode when they meet her at the church). If she didn’t tell him, how does Jack know that Eloise is Daniel’s mom (as he clearly states in the 1st video)?

    • GeorgeM4

      He was in the same room with Mrs. Hawking when Desmond came in and told her that her son (Faraday) needed help.

      • Lost Mom of Four

        Because WIDMORE had given Des Ms. Hawking’s name/address…Do we trust him??? I don’t…

        • GeorgeM4

          The question was, “Did Mrs. Hawking tell Jack she was Daniel’s mother?” The answer is no, but he heard Desmond say it. True or not, as far as Jack is concerned the information was not disputed.

  • WheresDesmond

    Burning questions…(I blame the heat for my shoddy memory LOL)

    Daniel wanted Desmond to find his mother in LA, who he stated is Eloise Hawking.

    Why would he want Desmond to find her and not the O6?

    How did John Locke know to find Eloise (remind me, please)?

    Does anyone else notice that the scene with Daniel and Chang is straight from the opening scenes in the season premiere??

    • Bonita

      We never heard Daniel say the name of his mother to Desmond.

      I don’t know exactly why Desmond was chosen.

      Christian told John Locke to find Eloise Hawking in LA, before John turned the wheel.

      Yes, the scene is from the beginning. 🙂

    • Bonita

      Oops, sorry misread. Of course, Daniel had to try and make a contact with Desmond, because they were on the island skipping in time, he didn’t know if he was going to meet anyone else while flashes, I guess.