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Through Wind… and Rain…

By clueless1der,

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…and a crapload of snow, Artists Terry Kilby and Belinda Chance prove their LOST obsession a twofold. Erm, or would that be a toefold? 😀

Unless you’ve been.. oh… marooned on an island someplace, you know that TPTB  took the time and effort to recognize how much they appreciate their fans by having a red carpet and premiere event last week in Hawaii.  If the show’s producers are willing to appreciate LOST’s fans, then how can we do any less?

Ten-plus hours of sculpting deserves a shoutout.  The good citizens of Baltimore might think these two have some sort of foot thing going on, but we get it. (Oh, and check out the address in the background!)

So, have you ever done anything goofy to pay homage to LOST?

Thanks to Dolce for sending us the pic!

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