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TimesTalks – “LOST”: The Final Episode

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Anybody in New York? Buy your tickets while they are still available!

Hear the masterminds behind “Lost,” executive producer Carlton Cuse and co-creator-executive-producer Damon Lindelof, reveal the challenges of crafting a finale that satisfies themselves as storytellers and the show?s legion of fans. Interviewed by New York Times entertainment editor Lorne Manly.

  • Marc

    you put this up after it was sold out

  • Kara

    boo! It must have sold out in 2 seconds!

  • G!D!

    Yeah, sucks it’s sold out all ready. But… isn’t it happening the Thursday BEFORE the Sunday finale? So, either they’ll be dancing around the “answers” or they’ll be showing the finale or a chunk of it, I would bet. Of course it’s sold out.

  • kaptan36

    I have several questions I would like to ask them about the ploholes and mistakes with the continuity.

    Where to begin…. 1.) Jack’s beard timeline in season 4-5?: Minor, I know, but when Locke visits Jack off island in the hospital, Jack has roughly 2 weeks worth of facial hair. Locke is killed roughly a few days after this, and then his funeral must be within a few days after that. When Jack goes to the funeral parlor he has 6 months worth of beard if not more, not to mention that the week in between he some how manages to take quite a few flights hoping to crash, becomes addicted to pills and booze, loses his job, tries suicide, saves a crash victim, gets visited by his ex wife, etc., etc….. There is just way too much of a problem with this timeline for me to explain here, but if you go back and watch this, you will agree major timeline screw up.

    2.) ETHAN’s timeline?: They reveal in season 5 Ethan was born in 1977. Flight 815 crashes in 2004. You mean to tell me that when he infiltrates the camp, that Ethan is only 27??? Really? C’mon man! And where did he get all of this medical experience if no one is allowed to leave the island? In a deleted scene, Ethan even tells Jack that he had a wife who died during childbirth; while this could’ve been a lie, I don’t think that was the intent, what with him working to cure the fertility problem and all. The only reasonable explanation for this would be some kind of off island accidental time travel and he aged when returned sorta thing, but that’s a huge stretch.

    3.) Michael & Walt’s off island adventures?: The timeline between when they leave and when Michael returns is absolutely absurd, not to mention all the stuff that happens in between. So if you do the math, only 2 weeks, maybe 3, pass between when Michael & Walt leave and when Naomi parachutes onto the island from the freighter, which Michael is on. Now keep in mind that it probably would have taken a week for the freighter to even get to the vicinity of the island from California, where I am guessing they must have left from; not to mention the day of flying Michael would’ve had to do to get there, because I believe he lived in New York. Anyways… In that time frame, Michael & Walt steer their crappy little boat to rescue(which they never explain), or if you find it more plausible, let’s say in a day’s time they manage to hit another island. Okay, then how with no money or passports do they get home? They couldn’t have taken a flight or any legitimate means of travel without the red flag of flight 815 survivors going up. So you would assume that unless there was some help from the Others(which would be totally contrary to the story), then they would have probably had to have stowed away on a freighter or something just to get back to the states undetected. Which in itself is ironic, because the best way to have explained the whole thing would have been for them to have been picked up by Widmore’s freighter, Michael just simply tells them he’s a flight 815 survivor and about the island, they hold him against his will onboard to help them find the island and take Walt (via helicopter) off the freighter and to the nearest island (since the actor was now a teenager and couldn’t be on camera). Maybe even the boat Michael had taken off the island had instructions from Ben about the freighter and what he would have to do and say when they picked him up, and I’m sure the writers could have found some way Ben could’ve connived him into doing it. I am an amateur writer, and that is a way better explanation and would have also been easier and cheaper to film, but this is what we got; In 3 weeks Michael & Walt manage their implausible journey back to the states undetected. Michael drops Walt off with his mom, and manages to get a job, an apartment, and car, without accessing his own bank account(once again, red flag) and tries to kill himself a few times, and is visited by Mr. Friendly, who also if you do the math out, should have been killed at this point by Sawyer. There is no way, Mr. Friendly could have left the island, met up w/ Michael, and gotten back in time to be killed by Sawyer. Ugh… Man I’m getting exhausted just thinking of every angle in which this plotline was god awful. Once again if you wanted to see what I’m talking about watch seasons 3 & 4, do out the math of the days, and everything that happens and you’ll see what I mean.

    There are many other huge plotholes and problems with the continuity; some which are the faults of the writers (like the setup of Pierre Chang to be the Montand who is missing an arm Rousseau talks about in season 1, and he shows up w/ a prostetic arm in season 2, but never actually loses an arm and the 2 are never connected?!?!); and some which weren’t the fault of the writers, sorta(like most of the religious overtones and the church that never gets built, because at the height of his fame the actor who plays Eko, decides to leave the show to make and star in an autobiographical movie about his own life which then becomes a straight to dvd movie released only in select countries, mostly 3rd world. Way to go with the career choice there buddy).
    Now I know it sounds like I’m bashing the show and the writers, and maybe I’m bashing the writers a bit, but for a show that relies so heavy on continuity and purposely has the audience looking for little things that tie the story together, these things that I’ve mentioned are just major plotholes that could’ve been easily avoided if more care was taken. Having said that, I still love the show, and I will even go as far as saying I think it is the best sci-fi show and primetime drama of all time, with an amazing cast; but you take the good w/ the bad, and this is just me pointing out the bad.

    • Casey

      You’re crazy.

    • Hey Paste-Happy, how many threads are you going to post that in?

    • marc

      dude…. chilllllllllll

    • JackAttack

      Yeah…. so I was able to snag a pair of tickets, but you can bet your ass I’m not going to be going off my rocker like this guy.

    • dolce

      Dude, smoke some pot and just enjoy.

      • kaptan36

        Trust me, I do bro. I just bring this stuff up because, like I said there were simple solutions to all of these written plotlines, that would have been easier to write, cheaper to film, and would have helped the show to make way more sense. Maybe it’s just the writer in me.

  • Hexonxonx

    I don’t think Darlton will be taking questions like that at the talk. That said, Tom Friendly may have left the island (or returned to it) at an angle that would allow him to make a very quick trip; he may have left the island and returned to it on the same day even though he spent a week or two in New York (and Tallahassee perhaps). Lostpedia proposes a timeline that doesn’t involve use of the time bubble/barrier around the island if you visit their pages on “Timeline”. Also, Pierre Chang does lose an arm; watch the final sequence of E517 and you’ll see that his arm is crushed during the incident. The clear implication is that it required amputation. As for Ethan, he does look a lot older than 27, but it’s completely reasonable for someone to be a doctor and have lost a wife and child by that age.

  • Benjamin

    “Where to begin..”

    Don’t you love it when people can’t take piece of work as great as LOST and just go with it?..Or when they rant about things that aren’t even correct?…Oh hey, me too.

  • Christian

    Sounds very interesting. No surprise to see it’s already sold out.
    I don’t care too much about continuity errors, so much as I would like Walt’s story to be wrapped up (since they placed so much importance on him in the first few seasons and then basically forgot about him). Also, I’d like to see Aaron’s story wrapped up (why is he so special? what is his role in the scheme of things etc.)
    Hopefully Damon and Carlton are able to tie up at least those important plot-lines, amongst others. LOST has some flaws yes, what show doesn’t? But it’s still brilliant TV.

  • Christy

    Boo! I would have totally gone if it wasn’t sold out. I need to find other Lost-related events in NYC.

  • kaptan36,

    There were always a myriad of alternative timelines in play on Lost. We’ve been narrowed down to just two and these also will merge by the end of the season. Remeber that all the principle actors have worn contact lens to make their eyes appear different colors during the show’s run. Specifically, Locke’s eyes have been shown as blue, green, brown, and black. Each time you were shown a different eye color this was a clue that you were seeing a different timeline. The voices in the jungle were due to timelines rapidly approaching their convergence. Questions of continuity? All can be explained away with the multiplicity of timelines. Remember when we first met Myles Strom at grandma’s house? Her pictures on the wall behind the stairs changed after he met with the ghost upstairs. When Myles came back downstairs the pictures were in different frames and had moved around. That was a direct clue that we were viewing an alternative timeline. Keep in mind also that Lost was never shown as a chronologically linear storyline. When Locke was shown changing from weak spirited to ardent hunter in a matter of minutes we were seeing two incarnations of Locke. Speaking of which, could Locke have died in the crash and his body claimed by the MIB from episode one? How about Claire’s baby in utero? If Aaron died in the womb the baby too could have been claimed prior to birth.

    It all comes down to alternative ways of thinking. Get Lost in thought.

  • Christian

    Bill C,
    That’s all very interesting but in regards to Myles flashback with the stairs and the photos on the wall who rearrange themselves, that’s already been discounted by Gregg Nations as a continuity error – a blooper. It’s not significant. Someone here’s already stated that fact. Still you get points for trying.


    Lost? I watched the first 4 episodes and found them so ridiculous, I could not stomach any more. It’s all teaser and no gratification. Lame writing, lame acting, nonsensical storylines, my goodness, why would anyone watch this garbage?

    • James W

      And yet you are on a LOST site reading the posts….

  • msbreegs

    I went to the Times Talks ‘LOST’ interview last night at a movie theatre here in Kansas City. They showed it live in many theatres across the country. It was awesome! It was very interesting, totally funny and they were extra careful not to give too much away. I really enjoyed it and I’m glad I spent the $12.50 on it. I can’t wait for Sunday night, it should be very satisfying for most of us.

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