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Ask your question to darlton with Kristin

By lyly ford,

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Kristin at eonline will meet Damon and Carlton on friday
time to ask your questions guys !

  • Hey Darlton!
    Greetings from Tunisia.
    My Question:
    Is the island the navel of the world and the constant of all our Losties?

    PS: Funny thing. I found a polar bear in front of my house. The not so funny thing; He had nosebleed and was till alive.

  • Jim

    just how many “stations” does the DI have?



  • don’t ask here lol send to kristin guys ^^

  • big eric

    not to be morbid but do you guys ever have a back up plan in case someone dies on the show what would you do?

  • Oh! But the link above doesn’t work. Were should we post our questions?

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