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Everybody’s Free!

By Cat,

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As I was watching “Confirmed Dead” last night, I noticed that the episode made sure we knew where each new character was located during their back story (excepting the mysterious location where Naomi is talking to Matthew Abaddon).

I might be mistaken, but I don’t remember Lost making great strides in keeping us informed of where a scene is taking place, so I made careful notes of each character’s location. Below, I have listed where each flashback is located corresponding with their characters:

Daniel Faraday is in Essex, Massachusetts. From my initial research, there doesn’t seem to be anything too special about Essex (unless you’re a Lemonheads fan, then you probably love the place).

Miles Straume is in Inglewood, California. Again, nothing too special with Inglewood (unless you’re a Tarantino fan, then you know it’s the… yeah, I won’t go there).

Charlotte Lewis is in Medenine, Tunisia. An incredible place I’m sure, but from my initial inquiries, there doesn’t seem to be anything too special about Medenine (unless you’re a Star Wars fan, then you know it’s also Tatooine).

Frank Lapidus is in Eleuthera, The Bahamas. Never heard of Eleuthera? Neither had I. It’s a long, skinny island in The Bahamas, relatively inconsequential in the history of the world. It might be the first island that Christopher Columbus stopped at in his expedition to the new world, but beyond that, nothing special. Except… what does Eleuthera mean? It’s a strange word.

Turns out, it’s Greek. For “free”. Eleutheria, a close brother to eleuthera, means “freedom”. Is it possible that the Lost writers posted the locations of each character just for the sole purpose of getting to Frank’s location?

Does this mean Frank could be the key to the Oceanic Six getting off the island?

  • Thiger

    Isn’t Tunisia the place where the Lost Experience said there was a Dharma experiment that went all wrong? I thought that this was a nice shout out to TLE.

  • Ben

    “Inglewood? Inglewood always up to no good”

    Dr Dre said it best.

  • Thom

    Charlotte isn’t from Tunisia. She’s from the island. I believe she’s Ben’s “man” on the boat. Everybody assumes it’s probably Michael, but I don’t think so. When she bailed out of the chopper she was frantically trying to find her bullet proof vest. How was she so sure she would need it? Not to mention she didn’t seem shocked at all when she discovered the polar bear and she even knew exactly where to dig to find the DHARMA collar. Above all else; Ben is a manipulative liar. If you wanted to throw everybody off the scent of who your allies were what would be the best way? To shoot them in the chest of course!

    Speaking of manipulative. Has anybody else noticed that Locke has apparently taking manipulative lessons from Ben. He told Hurley that they had to convince the others not to trust the freighters or else “Charlie would have died for nothing”. When Claire tried to stop him from shooting Ben he said “what if one of the bullets had hit your or the baby?”

    Remember what Ben said in last seasons episode “Expose”
    “…I find out what someone is emotionally invested in and then I use it against them…” That’s exactly what Locke is doing now.

  • calebspeaks

    Could we be over thinking this location thing? Maybe the locations are just shout-outs. Homages to Star Wars have been all over lost, why not a location. For that matter I am sure Inglewood is just a call out to Tarintino. So the real question is who are the other to locations alluding to?

  • Autochthonous

    Thom: I never said she was from Tunisia. That’s just where she happened to be in her flashback. I don’t think there’s enough evidence to support that she’s from the island. At least not yet. The Dharma connection is intriguing and I hope that they’ll explore that further. Sadly, it won’t be in these first eight episodes.

    And yeah, I noticed that Locke is becoming quite the manipulator.

  • Ashley

    anyone got the coordinates on these places? could they jsut be numbers shout outs?

  • chris

    dont no if its any relevence but the charlotte lewis is from ‘Essex’, England

  • numbersarebad

    SMOKE MONSTER theory!- Maybe the Smoke Monster judges whether or not somebody is SUPPOSED to be on the island. (it was called a security system) It must have killed Seth the pilot so quickly because it knew that Frank Lapidus was supposed to be there instead, and boom!!! it course corrected by killing the pilot. Maybe the victim has to know they werent supposed to be there. Seth probably woke up long enough to think, holy crap! I wasn’t even supposed to be here! Eko didn’t get killed until after he found the beechcraft, and realized he should have been there, not Yemi. Maybe Smokie just course corrects knowing that Eko would have died if he was on the beechcraft. On the other hand, Locke would be an example of Smokie knowing that John Locke is indeed destined to be on the island. Maybe it is the island itself rather than the monster that course corrects depending on judgement, maybe explaining why some get healed while others get killed.