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Live Coverage: Panel with Damon and Carlton

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Sorry for the delay, the server backside was down. but its up now… enjoy!

:10 show clips from dvd
:12 Introduced… there’s a dharma box with a question mark on it on the stage
:13 D and C come out
:14 Carlton – Shows a autographed picture from the wrath of kahn, from Judson Scott
:15 shoutout
:17 they are sponsored by the Dharma initiative
:18 Hans van egen comes out from the dharma initiative
:19 talks about the aptitude, suitability and readiness tests taken at comic con
:20 says the results of the tests were abysmal
:20 plays a tape of the test takers
:21 I was in the test!
:23 bring 5 people out that passed
:25 Q and A starts
:26 Bo – when the hatch imploded did the island move then? -No
:27 Open the box and its gifts appropriate to the question asked
What are the fates of jin and locke? Jin will still be on the show in
some form, we haven’t seen the last of either character. Dead is a
relative term, there Is a lot of story left to be told for both
:28 When does next season start? 6 seasons in total starts in February
Which episode do you love the most and which season is the best?
Carlton – Constant and season 1. Damon Season 1 finale and season 4.
The ads show a reflection of the cities in the water, what does it
mean? Reading into it, the ads wanted to reflect that people have left
the island
:32 Is there a Rousseau flashback? We will see Rousseau’s
story this year, not necessarily a flashback. But this year there will
be something besides flash backs and flash forwards. Danielle Rousseau
in season 5
:33 Are you shooting under the new contract or old sag contract? Should be fine with whichever.
how much do the writers know about the end of the show? The other
writers know quiet a bit, they don’t know everything but the last two
seasons of this puzzle has to include them.  Work collaboratively with
the writers.
:36 Are any actors here in the back? No, no one is here besides us.
Have you ever read or ever seen the movie lost horizon and did it
influence the show? Yes we saw it, but they didn’t take anything from
:38 What happened to Vincent?  Vincent’s okay and will appear in season 5 and Vincent will make it till the end of the show.
Are jack and kate going t be together in the end? We can not tell you
the answer to that question but invested in that relationship.  Still
implications to be played out from the love triangle in the next two
:41 Arguing over the Matthew Fox, and he enters!
:43 Will kate ever see sawyer again? Yes, kate will see sawyer again.
:43 What happened to the people on the zodiac? I’d be worried about the red shirts but Faraday should be fine.
Are you setting a limit for how long you’ll show in the future? We
won’t know when and where we are when the season starts. The way they
tell stories will be different too. Stories both on and off island in
different times.
:52 Save the log carrying guys.  They will take
that into consideration. How old is Richard Alpert and how many toes
does he have? He is quiet old and aging on the island is a different
process and you can heal, etc. Matthew fox guesses that he is 125 years
old… Damon says he’s wrong.  Richard will show himself  soon and you
can count the toes in the near future.
:56 One of the recruits comes onstage and shows us a video (Video is dr. marvin candle now known as peter change. He sent it 30 years ago… we need to start dharma initiative again!)
:01 now over

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