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Lost Easter Eggs – 4.05 The Constant

By ErasedSlate,

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UPDATED!  Here are the first images from ‘The Constant.’  Spoiler Disclaimer (in case you have not seen the episode yet).  Click the image to enlarge.  



  • cap10tripps

    Holy sh#tballs. This is the greatest television show of all time.

  • Marc Vibbert

    So Faraday was mind – time – traveling too. Best episode this season.

  • cap10tripps

    I don’t think he was havin flashes. He wrote that in his journal after meeting Des in 1996…

  • gusteaux

    Greatest single episode of the greatest series in the history of television. I was completely spellbound for the entire hour.

  • ctkmike

    Maybe I’m crazy, but when we see Sayid on the freighter alone (16 minutes in) the camera scans toward the top of the ship…and it looks like an African American man with a goatee looking through binoculars….could this be Michael?

  • lostfanboy16

    Best Show ever. I think this is one of my Favorite Episodes ever.

  • cap10tripps

    The Des-centric eps. are officially imo the best. Doc, I’m sure you’ve done this before, but I’d be interested to see a poll of which character’s centric eps. have you the most interested…

  • xtremdelt8

    If it was really “Not Penny’s Boat”, why then did she call it so many times?

  • cap10tripps

    One thing we’re sure of is that it’s 2004 on the island and everywhere else. What I want to know more about is when Faraday starts telling Jack he’s not experiencing time quite the same. Also, more on the fact in was dusk when they left and middle of the day when they got to the freighter. The island is definitely in some kind of event horizon bubble…

  • cap10tripps

    Oh yeah, and Widmore buys a painting of the black rock whose previous owner was a Hanso. Anyone else gettin the idea that Widmore manipulated the situation along w/ Brother Campbell, Ms. Hawking, and Libby to get Des to the island???

  • cap10tripps

    And is using his daughter to find him (and the island)?????

  • rob

    cap10, widmore bought the captains log from the black rock, not the painting itself. im sure its oozing with all kinds of crazy island stuff.

  • rob

    cap10, widmore bought the captains log from the black rock, not the painting itself. im sure its oozing with all kinds of crazy island stuff.

  • Rulito

    I think the “light” Minkowski was talking about is the Looking Glass station which penny had been trying to contact but he was told not to answer it. I believe that Minkowski used to live on the island and possibly worked under Ben (Ben’s man on the boat maybe?) Minkowski’s dying words were something like “I can’t get back”. Maybe he’s trying to go back to the island just like Jack and probably eventually all of our Losties (Oceanic 6)

  • Jimmy Zer00

    What an amazing hour of tv fun!

    My impressions:

    Marc Vibbert,
    Yeah I’m almost certain that that last little scene with faraday and his journal was at least the second clue we’ve been given as to the fact that he’s having his own strange future flashes. The first was when charlotte was doing that experiment on him with the cards. In the new context, that scene makes total sense.

    What’s up dude how’ve you been? I’m right there with you on the whole Widmore being part of some temporal conspiracy thinger. In fact, I think that when Widmore tells Desmond that he isn’t the one who hates him, he isn’t referring to Penelope, he’s referring to a fellow conspirator. Someone else whom we either haven’t met yet, or don’t know the truth about.

    It seemed to me that when Minkowski “couldn’t get back” he meant that he couldnt get his mind back to the present, but what do i know?

    Later, gotta go clean up all of the brain-blood that exploded out of my eyes and ears for the past hour.

  • Rulito

    Jimmy Zer00: Yeah, that could very well be the best explanation, i thought of that as well but I wanted to toss out some other ideas. I hate to over analyze things, the simplest explanation is usually the best. I still do believe there is a possibility that he may have been stationed at the Looking Glass at some point in time.

  • Take a look at the picture of the calendar. I thought I saw something like this in the episode, and this picture confirms it. Why are there four days in October that aren’t crossed out? Could that have something to do with a time anomaly?

    I think my head may explode.

  • Rulito

    They all look crossed out to me, did you enlarge the picture? there are 4 days that are yellow that look like they may not be crossed out in the smaller picture. I even counted all 31 days in october.

  • Josh from N.Y

    So how does this mind travel stuff explain the polar bear in Tunisia? Michael may be Ben’s man on the boat….but who sabotaged the communications and why? Why did Faraday make Desmond his constant? During Dez and Penny’s phone conversation at the end….did we miss anything important in the static? Could those 4 days missing in October be when the hatch imploded? Great episode….and it’s only mid seaon.

  • Bobert

    Great episode, i loved it. I missed the first minute or so but caught it just in time.
    All the dates on the calender are crossed out, the four that look like theyre not are just crossed out in yellow which makes it harder to see
    About Faraday’s memory loss, could it be that radiation might have something to do with it ? When Desmond visits him at Oxford and he does the experiment with Eloise, he puts on a gown because of the radiation Desmond asked if he needed one and Faraday answered he only wears it because of prolonged exposure to the radiation(im guessing from all the experiments he does), anyway Desmond responds something like “nothing for your head?”.
    The theory that faraday may have flashes of his own sounds way more interesting than radiation being the cause of his memory loss, but if he did have flashes wouldnt he have died already?

  • Rulito

    There aren’t any dates that are not crossed out in October. Those 5 ones that are blank at the beginning are Sunday-Thursday. October 1st, 2004 is a Friday and that is the first day that is crossed out on the October calender, the calender is right. That calender is going by a grid of 34 squares (I’m guessing just for aesthetics since all 3 of those months have 34 squares) so it has some days on there that aren’t part of that month, make sense? There are NOT 4 days missing in October, count all the X’s, there are 31 of them (there are two X’s on the bottom left). Don’t start on the “Then OMG the 27th through 30th of September aren’t crossed off then” either because that’s not that way the calender is being crossed off, just look at it and it’ll make sense.

    I’m willing to bet that’s each day they have been out to sea on the freighter or “searching for the island” cause it ends on present day (Christmas eve)

  • Rulito

    and yeah as i stated previously, if you’re talking about those 4 days that are crossed off at the bottom, they’re in yellow so they could be harder to see, but they are definitely crossed off. If you click on the picture it will enlarge it.

  • KeepingAwake

    So what is the significance of the color-coding of the x’s on the calendar? Hmm…

  • Angelbaby0906

    I like the shout out to the numbers in Penny’s new address… 423 Cheyne Walk

    Also…I can’t help but think we missed some important info when the static overtook the conversation between Penny & Des. We heard her start to say she was researching…*static* Maybe Penny was researching for her father. Which would definitely tie in to Widmore conspiracy theories to a certain degree. While I don’t believe Penny was in any nefarious plans, daddy dearest may be allowing her to “use” his “resources” to try and find Des. Of course, he has an alternative motive here…finding the island!

  • Ganiman

    Michael and Walt left the island on bearing 325. The helicopter left on bearing 305. Faraday said if you don’t stay on the right bearing, there will be “side effects”. Is Faraday’s bearing incorrect? Is this why Desmond experienced the “jumps”?

  • Angelbaby0906

    I was going to comment on that as well KeepingAwake! It definitely looks like three different colors used on the calendars. The yellow in that small block in October, several light red x’s throughout November & December & the majority of blue x’s appearing in all three months.

    Could the reds be when Penny called the freighter? How much time had passed when the hatch exploded? And does this even really matter now with all the crazy time issues cropping up? Could the yellow x’s be when the hatch exploded/imploded and the red x’s that follow be unexplained anomalies or “occurrences” that have popped up since?

    Sorry…just rambling I guess! Thanks for letting me add – Dark this place is the best…the best show, best site, best storylines, best overall. How will we cope when it’s over?!?!

  • H20

    Faraday told Desmond on the phone that previous exposure to radiation or electromagnetism could cause the side effects. Faraday was exposed to radiation through his experiments (no head protection) and Desmond to electromagnatism through the hatch implosion. Eloise was exposed to it(radiation?)through the machine that Faraday used. Now we just need to figure out what Minkowski was exposed to that caused his flashes.

  • KoRoBaRo

    After viewing the calander, I was quickly reminded of this article discussing the Philadelphia Experiment and the experience the author had…involving receiving a copy of his book with someone who had handwritten notes thoughout, useing 3 different color pens.

    —“A curious Jessup was astonished to find that a paperback copy of his UFO book had been mailed to ONR in a manila envelope marked “Happy Easter”. Further, the book had been extensively annotated by hand in its margins, and an ONR officer asked Jessup if he had any idea as to who had done so.

    The lengthy annotations were written in three different colors of ink, and appeared to detail a correspondence among three individuals, only one of which is given a name: “Jemi”. The ONR labeled the other two “Mr A” and “Mr B”. The annotators refer to each other as “Gypsies”, and discuss two different types of “people” living in outer space. Their text contained nonstandard use of capitalization and punctuation, and detailed a lengthy discussion of the merits of various suppositions that Jessup makes throughout his book, with oblique references to the Philadelphia Experiment, in a way that suggested prior or superior knowledge (for example, “Mr B” reassures his fellow annotators, who have highlighted a certain theory of Jessup’s).

    Based on the handwriting style and subject matter, Jessup identified “Mr A” as Allende/Allen. Others have suggested that the three annotations are actually from the same person, using three pens.
    A 2003 transcription of the annotated “Varo edition” is available online, complete with three-color notes.”—

  • KoRoBaRo

    …Also, Didn’t Minkowski say that he started experienceing the “FLaSHeS” once they arrived near the Island? He was mentioning that he and someone else were told to not look at the Island or something…but they did anyway and now the other person is in a bodybag. Sorry…I have only seen this episode once, so far.

  • Chris Rusho

    I like the idea that Minkowski was on the island and/or in the Looking Glass station at some point. Penny told Charlie point blank that she didn’t know of the boat; therefore, how could the incoming calls from her be to the boat? But we know that she called into the LG station, Charlie answered it with the press of flashing yellow button.

    Maybe Ben, after his announcement to his crew that the LG station was “flooded”, he sent the two women to guard against the discovery of that lie, then somehow got Minkowski onto the boat to covertly continue communications on Ben’s behalf from there.

    It also seems to better explain why M (and his dinghy buddy) shared the sickness with Desmond. Maybe it’s crossing the barrier after a) a massive exposure to EMF forces (i.e. the hatch implosion), b) long term exposure to the island (the others), or low-dose exposure with lesser symptoms (Faraday’s self-exposure in the lab). I guess I’m also trying to explain Sayid and Frank’s seeming immunity. Heck, if just crossing the barrier heading towards the island at an odd angle (non-305) caused the syndrome, every crash survivor who fell from the sky would already be long affected.

  • Chris R

    Which then begs this question — why were there no issues during travel between the actual “Island” and little Hydra brother island?

  • Natasha

    So….Desmond couldn’t remember the present state…only the past(when he was in the military), because of the “side effects”. My question is then, why did Minkowski remember the present? He clearly remembered how and when the flashes started, and even right before the flashes. He obviously did not have a “constant”, and eventually died. So how was he distinguishing the past from the present without a constant and why did he die?
    Im confusing myself…and probably everyone else!
    AMAZING episode!!!

  • ErasedSlate

    Natasha, I figured Minkowski was experiencing something similar to the flashes Desmond had in ‘Flashes Before Your Eyes’ or ‘Catch-22’ where his present consciousness leaped to a past event.

  • alex

    Has anyone noticed or is it just me, some stanley kubrick references in this episode?
    The first one,the army “barracks” where desmond is at the beggining, with the beds, the lockers and his surgent,looks alot like full metal jacket.
    The second one is the maze.In The Shining we have a pretty big maze….

  • SithLord

    Maybe Minkowski was flashing back from a future consiousness, therefore hed remember everthing up to that point on the island.

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