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Lost producers and actors in Paris 25th April 2009

By lyly ford,

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OMG !!!!!!!!!!!!!! that’s xmas now it’s clear lol

Damon Lindelof, JJ Abrams and fews actors will go in Paris the 25th April at the “Grand Rex” for the Jules Vernes festival to show us in exclusivity the FIRST EPISODES OF LOST SEASON5 !!!!!

PS : if you go, we could try to meet eachother 😀 please let’s me know guys ^^

contact me on my chat or my blog here 🙂 :

I forget to add, they want it seem 2-3 main characters so there is good chance to see josh or/and terry too, that’s our feeling ’cause for smalville they got alison and erica and michael 🙂 and for heroes sylar ^^ contact me to have news and i’ll tell you

have a good xmas 🙂

kiss from france the country i love today lol