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Lost Trivia Game !

By lyly ford,

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lost_y1_y2_title_lEW put a lost trivia game on their website. I made it and i got 33/34 lol seem i’ve still good memory of s4 ^^

test yourself guys 🙂


  • professorstotch

    I got 33/34.

    If you haven’t played the game yet, don’t read below…

    The one I got wrong was: “Approximately when did Ben turn the frozen donkey wheel and disappear from the island?”

    I put December 2004, seeing as how I remember reading that TNPLH Parts 2 and 3 take place on December 31st. So apparently, even though the date was December 31st, it counts as January for EW. Good news everyone! December 31st is now a part of January!

  • wophers

    I got 30…maybe I should use this as an excuse to go and re watch every episode before the new season haha

  • TRoss

    Same here professorstotch.

  • Dnomsed

    What about the one involving Kate’s deal…pretty dumb. I guess you should know to always take the ridiculously dumb answers…

  • Remsleep01

    34 out of 34

    It was a good quiz…I had to really think about the date questions. I almost screwed up the Hurly Chess question. Then I remembered and switched my answer before I hit button.

  • cameron

    im ashamed with 3 points, the kate sentence is stupid, but some were funny like when claire apparently asked kate why she hasnt cut his hair