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more than 100 promo pics for finale season 5

By lyly ford,

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ABC shared a lot of promo pics this year for the finale season5, here the latest added after the two finale episodes of this awesome season !

[nggallery id=59]

  • Wintermute

    Third picture – Jacob reading the book. Did anyone notice his bookmark is a piece of woven cloth? I have one quite like it. Just an interesting little tidbit. It fits into his portrayal as some sort of weaver (both of cloth and fates).

  • newbie

    can anyone read the greek on the woven cloth jacob made? What is it saying!!

    • kadenajack

      I believe the top line was translated as “he who will save us all” or something like that. However, that picture with Ben standing in front of the tapestry reveals some more Greek words in the middle and on the bottom. Anyone know what those say?

    • kadenajack

      Oops just found the real quote on the top of the tapestry. It is: “May heaven grant you in all things your hearts desire.” Still wondering about those other lines in the middle and bottom that I really couldn’t see in the episode but are really clear in the promo pictures.

  • Philoceania

    its an extract from Homer’s Odyssey, which has an abundance of LOST connections, some of which are: Odysseus leaves his wife Penny, but she waits for him for the 20 years he is missing, and Odysseus leaves an island (i forget its name) but needs to sail back, and before his eyes the island disappears. theres also one land he visits where time moves slower on the island than off it. its worth looking up