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VIDEO – LOST 6.01 – “LA X” Intro Full Quality

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Here is the official video released by ABC, NOT the message in a bottle vid. NO watermarks.  Be sure to play it at 480p for best quality.

Note:  I’ve added some annotations, you can shut em off if they annoy you.

  • Ryan

    wow, so it actually does change the past ..

    • I wouldn’t be so sure. I have an idea of what might be going on this season, but given the non-spoiler nature of the site I won’r say anything.

      • e-mail me and tell me your idea, I’d like to hear it

    • IAmLost

      Don’t you mean that it changes the future??? They were in 1970’s and they changed events that happen in the 2000’s. So, they changed the future and they are now headed “Back to the Future”, like Marty and Doc. 🙂

  • Matthew

    You can see Locke better in this one. It looks like Frogurt next to him. A couple rows behind Jack, you can also see Jin and Sun and what looks like Charlie (with shorter hair).

  • dri

    also you notice how charlie wasn’t running down the aisle?

    • Yeah, I noticed that too, very interesting…

  • accessoire

    But what are the consequences? It definitely seems to me change still kinda remembers things that happened. At least it seems like all this is making him feel uncomfortable. I cannot wait! And what happens to Jacobs plan now? The story isn’t over for sure. They will return to the island somehow. If everything would be set back, then we wouldn’t know who Ileana and fake Locke is. I don’t think they just cut this and start from scratch!

  • dedal

    I don’t remember seeing this in the finale, Julia has blood pouring down her right chick, then it’s clean in the next scene, then her chin is all bloody, then again it’s clean… Jack spills some of his drink over the table and later it’s clean, he also hurries to fasten his seatbelt but in the next scene the bottle is capped… I dunno, too many mistakes in just 4 minutes of footage, I’d say it’s screaming fake 🙂

    • Matthew

      Go back and watch the finale again. It’s in there.

      • The blood on Juliet’s chin is a continuity error. Not sure about the other

  • jack’s sitting in the window seat in this clip rather than in the aisle seat like he was in the pilot. hope that means something.

    • jmac18

      In the pilot he’s sitting in the window seat, but gets up and sits down in the aisle seat when the plane starts shaking

  • Micah

    Rose is reading Weekly Woodsman. Funny.

    • LoganDC

      She wasn’t in the original. Its as if she still maintains an interest in woodsy stuff after having lived on the island for 3 years. Jack also appears to be more the jack from season 5 than the Jack from season 1.

  • The captain definitely sounds like Greg Grunberg.

    • It is definitely. I watch Heroes and I can spot his voice for sure.

    • Jay Leno

      Well of course they got Greg Grunberg. He’s very well known for being the pilot and is of course friends with the creators. Why wouldn’t he record the lines?

      • Because with the change/reboot it’s not just the crash that might be changed, but many of the characters arcs as well. The bomb blew (maybe) in ’77. That and Jacob’s interferences could have altered lives and situations in ways we may not see. So it was possible Lapidus could have ended up as the pilot (and would’ve bet on – thank God I don’t gamble!). But yes, that’s Grunberg’s voice.

  • IF Jughead detonated in 1977, there could be widespread changes beyond the crash itself. Different reasons for people being on the plane, different life events. The Comic-Con clips show a different Hurley/Kate background

    Which is way we anti-resetters hope that’s not what happens. While it APPEARS Jack remembers everything (Rose, too, disappointed but resigned to her fate?), it still weakens the meanings of their lives, what we’ve seen, so far.

    I still believe it didn’t work. I think we’ll see a what-if and at some point Jacob will offer the opportunity to hit the command-z keys.

    • LoganDC

      I think they will lead their alternative lives, and when they don’t get on the Ajira flight, time will reset back.

  • The dialogue with Cindy is mostly the same but ends differently. In the pilot, after Cindy hands Jack the two bottles, he says something about it breaking FAA regulations. Here he just says it’ll be their little secret. Also, his hair style is totally different. In the pilot, it was buzzed shorter. Yes, there are differences. Who knows if they even all have the same professions?

    If this is the way the show is really going to go, I’m curious how they are going to make it interesting. Will it just be interesting in that we see how fate causes many of them to continually meet? Part of me still thinks this may be a foiler. I mean, why wouldn’t you release a foiler, especially since the whole theme is alternate realities? Perhaps they shot several fake-outs on purpose. Even if it is for real though, I’m sure we still must see the resolution on the beach with Locke and the gang.

    • docarzt

      My guess: We’ve seen a round from one side of the playing field, season 6 will be a round from the other. The game will be rudely interrupted, though, when the chess pieces (or, are they dice?) revolt and leave the chess board.

      • That’s kind of what I’m thinking, Doc. At some point Jack, Sawyer, Hurley and the Losties will say, wait, we ain’t playing this no more. It’s the whole fate vs free will thing.

      • So the first round was fate (Man In Black) and this one is freewill (Jacob). That would be a cool framework for the story, but I still hope there is more to it that that. I almost want the pawns to outsmart the players.

  • dp2

    My theory: Lost has turned out to be a prequel to Fringe.

    • Cody

      thats dumb, because fringe is not very good

      • Fringe is a cool show trying to find what works, which does weaken it some. Too cop-procedural at times with the whole mirror-verse whackos that does nothing to advance the mystery. Perhaps like Lost, the producers should pick an end date. I think that was a bold idea for Lost (although a year late) to say, no, there’s a beginning, middle and end for Lost and the middle is not that important – and at times tedious and presenting more questions than can possibly be answered.

      • dp2

        It doesn’t matter whether Fringe is good. It would only be taking place in the same world, where there is an Earth 2. Alias evidently took place in the same world as Lost, but the two stories did not influence each other.

  • One interesting thought I’ve had is that the moments with the flight continuing and landing safely may be, like Desmond’s flashes, things that Jack and the rest see because they have been set free to move around in time through their own timeline in a similar way to Desmond. But just because they can see this other possible future doesn’t mean it will happen.

    If these events are depicted as “already real” then it still may be that, just as they’ve changed the past, they may change it again because for some reason the past they undid was preferable to the new one they created.

    • I have been trying to figure out how they will justify the whole sideways-flashes, and you hit it! Des! We may only be seeing a ‘possible’ alternative rather than a real one.

  • brent

    I have ideas for the first half of the season (off-Island, at least) but the back half is completely unknown. The first half should deeply explore the idea of course-correction. How it works. Why it works. And most importantly, what can be done WHILE the course is being corrected. I think that’s the key to LOST. For example, Desmond knew Charlie would die but there was always significant time lapsing between potential deaths. During that window, freewill can dominate even if the end result is the same. Using the course-correction to your advantage. Desmond “used” Charlie to make sure his death was not in vain.

  • ioncewasmine

    Rose isn’t wearing Bernard’s ring around her neck like in the pilot.

    • That’s because her husband this time around is Frogurt.

  • Frank

    Anyone think about what happened when Desmond blew up the hatch? His world flashed white and his consciousness went back in time. He kinda tried to change things and Ellie course corrected.

    Similar scenario here? Same electromagnetic energy released, albeit with a nuclear explosion to boot, but hey.

    • thebigchuckbowski

      What if the fail-safe key was a nuclear explosion?

      • Frank

        Sure – fail safe could have totally triggered a nuclear device.

  • It’s an entirely different plane. Look at the seats. They look way different. They probably shot this on their way back to Hawaii, just because someone had a camera on them, and they wanted to throw us off a few days before the premiere.

  • After seeing the scene where Cindy only give Jack one bottle of booze instead of two, it dawned on me that we have been seeing events from the POV of both alt timelines for some time now. That would certainly explain why the picture frames were wooden when Miles went up the stairs to perform the first “ghostbusting” assignment we saw and were metal when he came back down: He went up in one alt and came down in another…

    • Frank

      Now that’s interesting. Any other examples of this?

  • Will

    Has anyone came up with the theory that this may have been shot purposely to throw us off from the real opening? Idk, I might be wrong…

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