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Video – Paul Scheer Quizzes Darlton – PLUS a MIB Clue/Puzzle!

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Is smokey Johnny Cash? Of course not, but according to Carlton and Damon if you take “Johnny” and add two vowels and three consonants you get and anagram that works out to be a big hint in Man In Black’s identity. Here’s the catch: it’s in a foreign language. At least it isn’t in MD5. Thanks to Griffin for tweeting this to my attention. The hint is in part two.

  • Dharma77

    WOW, i can’t watch it because I’m not in the US…

  • mubzymalone

    Blocked in UK! Another link anyone?

  • Video’s don’t work.

  • docarzt

    Ah, workaround coming.

  • JasonG

    Johnny Bravo?

  • Benmanben

    lol. It’s so obvious they’re making that up just to make us insane.

  • Greg

    Johnny Locke