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VIDEO – The Reduced Shakespeare Company Recaps LOST

By docarzt,

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Okay, this is cool.  Thanks to Jason Casey for the heads up.

  • Dan

    I have an idea! Kate not only ends up with both Jack and Sawyer, in two alternate time lines, making the triangle complete, but everyone dies. Sawyer probably dies in the post blast 1977 time line, leaving Jack and Kate to be Adam and Eve. And Jack dies in the newly produced alternate time line.

  • Funback Joe

    God bless these guys, but despite my overly exuberant LOST giddiness, this still kinda sucks.

  • Annebeth

    Most funny thing: the Dharma Chart, the last 2 scentences are: why are you freeze-framing this? You can find this much more easily on the internet, that’s where we found it.

    Man, that’s eye for detail 😉

  • Kete

    I respect the effort, but it wasn’t very funny.

  • b

    Wow. That was completely and totally unfunny.

    And why did the guy with dark brown hair start talking like Keanu Reeves towards the end?

  • Twitchy

    total genius to me!

  • Dave

    Totally random, but what’s that statue upon the shelf, two to the left of the Mr. T bobblehead, and just to the right of Professor Frink (I think)? Do you think it has four toes?

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