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VOTE! – Lost 5.03 – “Jughead” – A Quick Review

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For some reason my last post about this episode came off as a hate-gram.  Now that the episode is out of the bag, I can finally explain myself.  Let’s talk LOST 5.03, “Jughead.”

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The truth is, I thought LOST 5.03 was a spectacular episode full of chilling reveals and gut wrenching emotional work.  The emoting was mostly off the island, in the capable hands of Penny and Desmond.  Of all the romantic geometry on the show, few couples have succeeded as completely as Desmond and Penny.  The fact that the two named their son Charlie was one of those rare moments of sadness and heart, a small detail that really showed how emotionally connected the writers remain with the story.  On island, the Daniel and Charlotte thing  just feels weird – however, is it possible that Daniel knows Charlotte from another timeline?  It would certainly seem so, otherwise the fact that Daniel ‘loves’ Charlotte, someone he has relatively little history with, comes across as a bit, yeah, creepy.

The Others continue to astound.  Here we see that they are still at their ‘borrowers’ ways.  It reminded me of their rouse throughout season 2 with the bare feet and grubby clothes.  The fact that Charles Widmore was among them is absolutely mind blowing.  Is he of the ageless sort, ala Richard Alpert, or is he a recruit like Juliet was?  Could Elle be Eloise Hawking?

As for my complaint of a ‘cliche’ in Jughead, what I was referring to was the fact that John sent Richard to visit him.  That clears up that mystery, in a way, but the actual element represents a trope over used in time travel stories – imho.  Granted, I’m a die-hard Phillip K. Dick fan, and it is a twist used many times in his own time travel stories.  If you’re seeing this used for the first time on LOST, I envy you.  For me, PKD stories aside, it was enough

Could This Be a Young Eloise Hawking?

times to elicit a small groan.

With Jughead we see our first glimpse at the possible endgame, or one aspect of it.  What kind of impact did that leaky hydrogen bomb have on the island after it was implanted in it?  Did Richard’s people follow Daniel’s instructions for disposing of the bomb safely?  How would the island’s special properties impact a leaky hydrogen bomb anyways?  Something tells me that Jughead will be seen again.

That’s what I have for now, be sure to check back throughout the evening and tomorrow as we dissect the episode further, and don’t forget to check in at our forum to give your own reviews.