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Want a Free Ticket to The LOST Auction?

By docarzt,

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In collaboration with ABC, TVOvermind is giving away two tickets to the Profiles in History LOST prop auction in Los Angeles.  This is your chance to own a piece of LOST history – or at least stand in the same room as many of LOST’s iconic props.  We will select two lucky winners to receive tickets.  Since the auction is in Los Angeles, make sure you have transportation and accommodations covered.

  • Jack’s Sidekick

    I got a piece for free…in Hawaii, I was on the camp/beach set where I got some pics. I grabbed 2 small stones that had been placed on Locke’s grave and a piece of rope from Eko’s Church; all while the guards weren’t looking. Good enough for me.

    • jessea


      • Jack’s Sidekick

        I know

  • Kate’s Perfect Butt

    I miss this site.

  • I live in LA, might just pay to go to this if I don’t win. Wonder if any of our cast will show up??

  • ebaylostauction2010

    Starting Monday 23rd 2010 Lost the ebay auction

  • elginmiller

    Auction report? Anything about the new box sets? Those same three people griping about the last season in the comments section? Where are these things?

    • MIB Pants

      after the finale this site lasted about as long as a fart in a wind storm

  • Aldo lover

    So I thought The Man in Charge video was pretty cool. They even mentioned the Hurley Bird.

    • elginmiller

      It was a perfect combination of mocking the people who don’t get it, and wrapping up a significant loose end.

    • joe

      Hello is there anybody in there?

  • joe

    Doc who?

  • dave

    Habit and desperation keep me coming back here. Is there a decent site for breaking bad?

  • elginmiller

    Well dang, let’s figure out Jacob’s cabin or something.

  • domcruise


    • marc

      just came here to say the same thing lol

  • dave

    Who is this Jacob guy i keep hearing about?

  • spacebender

    Hey Doc!! Hope you are well. Though a number of moons have elapsed, I’m still interested in hearing your thoughts on the ending, and/or the overall series. All the best to you.

  • dd

    R.I.P., Doc Arzt’s site.

  • imfromthefuture

    but is the real or fake dd?

  • joe

    Is this what they meant by The END RIP

  • dd

    So, did Doc die or something?

  • Charter

    Doc is in the flashsideways ;-)?

  • Jackisjack

    Seriously no thread on “New Man In Charge” epilogue scene? Solves pallet drop, room 23, and gives Walt purpose and no one cares anymore oh well.

    • swac

      I also thought the epilogue, such as it is, would be worthy of a thread. At least a slide show of so-called Easter Eggs over at that tumbleweed town The Tail Section.

  • The Island

    Wow… cant believe… so depressing… no… one… left…………

  • robin84

    This is what i love about this site. Freebies!

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