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Welcome To the Closed Time-like Curve

By docarzt,

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The alt is dead – long live the, er, alt.  I’m a little proud of the fact that I’ve been using the term “Closed Time-like Curve” to describe the shenanigans of LOST since, September of 2007. </gloat>  So I’d love it if some one much brainier than myself would verify that Faraday’s spontaneous physics doodle is in fact describing a Closed Time-like Curve.  The implications for LOST would be this:  if one of the universes we are seeing is within a “Closed Time-Like Curve,” then in fact one is not only NOT an ‘Alternate’ to the other, both are valid and one could be extraordinarily unstable.

This could explain why the M.I.B leaving the island is viewed as such a catastrophe.  We know that Desmond’s years in the Swan Hatch gave him some sort of ‘specialness,’ but what about Smokey?  He’s been soaking up the island’s weird magnetism for years.  What if leaving the island meant passing through a membrane separating universes, and Smokey’s specialness would cause a collapse?  This would be inviting additional mass into a Universe, probably igniting a massive release of energy and perhaps providing the fuel for a big crunch – meaning is Smokey escapes, there are more things to worry about than him bringing his brand of social awkwardness to the streets.  He could literally destroy the universe. Bad smokey.

To celebrate this theory I pieced together about a dozen frames from Happily Ever After to come up with a more complete look at Faraday’s doodles.  Anybody have a math-geek friend at CalTech?