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We’ve got a problem here. This season, LOST has forgot that it is an ensemble show, with many interesting characters, complex plot arcs and fans that care about these things. Instead, what I have seen is “damn the torpedoes and full speed ahead,” and to hell with all of the holes we are leaving behind.

 LOST is a fictional world, and what has made it come alive in the past, is a fully realized stable of characters, who have reasoned motivations due to clever scripting and a unique storytelling technique combining flash forwards, flash backs, time skipping, correlating plot lines and certainly a scope that transcends time and world history, and maybe even space.

But this wonderful world starts to fall apart when the writers start to short change their own body of work. They are cheating themselves, royally.

The believability of the show starts to wobble when characters just drop off the face of the story. To wit, Bernard and Rose, the Others at the Temple, Frank Lapidus, Desmond and Penny, Widmore and Paik and even Faraday. And what about Pierre Chang and Caesar?

To wit, we don’t need a 8 minute segment of what’s happened to Faraday, but at least show use that he is still around and babbling to himself in front of a blackboard at the Dharma grammar school.

And here we are, smack dab in the middle of the Dharma Initiative, and we still don’t know much of anything about why they exist (apart from the Alternate Reality Games, which are not canon). So far, all we see them doing is fixing vans and having meetings. What is the scraggily band of hippies really doing on The Island? So far these folks don’t appear to be major players in the fate of the world.

It seems to me the writers are rushed. They are jumping to major plot points, at a pace that leaves the nuanced world they created left behind.

Maybe LOST has become to big for it’s own good. It seems that the story has become more important than the characters, which makes for cheap, pulpy styled writing. I hope the producers are not going to forget what has made this series such a refreshing break for standard network TV fare, and close out the show with some drab histrionic writing. What’s happening to LOST?

  • Hipster Doofus

    Imagine that Lost is a religion. Then Damon and Carlton would be God. And you, sir, are having a crisis of faith.

    Seriously. We’re halfway through the season. All of the things you mentioned WILL probably be addressed. They’re telling a story. They planned out all of Seasons 4, 5, and 6. Just because you’re not getting everything RIGHT NOW doesn’t mean it isn’t coming.

    • Landry B.

      Ha! I love this analogy! Some people have religion, I have Pearl Jam and LOST!

      • Jangras

        You BROTHA!!!

      • Vital10

        Thats basically what I live by, Pearl Jam and Lost. Nothing else is necessary.

  • ajjack

    Totally, 100% agree. GREAT point.

  • Chop

    I totally agree. i mean dont get me wrong, i am a hardcore lost fan, but i also want answeres to my questions. i loved season 1, 2 and 3, but when season 4 came out, they just threw more mysteries and hardly any answeres. i wonder how are they gonna answer a 5 seasons worth of questions in 17 episodes next season. yes, they did answer some questions, but not a lot. plus they did promise us the story of libby and how she ended up in a mental instittution, but then they tell us her story is over and so is walt’s story. i just think that’s not fair. my boyfriend’s just started watching the show and he just gets so frustrated when he asks me something about whats going on and i tell him i dont know!! he’s always like youre in season 5 and you still dont know this or that?!!!

  • Matthew Perry

    I personally wish that they’d add more time on to the end of the show. As great as it is that they have a set end date, I prefer that they abolish it in favor of telling a more complete story.

    • Jack Daniels

      Absolutely agree. The end date was an awesome idea, and I’ve always in favor of it, but 48 episodes was never going to be enough, I’d have preferred 72. It’s not that these shorter seasons suck because there’s less episodes, they suck because the wait is longer between seasons.
      Despite there being the writer’s strike during season 4, Lost, unlike many other shows, still managed to produce 90% of their intended story for that season. But what was worse than only receiving 14 hours in season 4, was that then we had to wait nearly 8 months for season 5 to begin, and now we’re halfway through that, and it’s going to be another 8-9 months of waiting just to see the last 17 episodes, these new hiatuses are just TOO long.
      I think that Darlton got a little scared midway through season 3. Fans started to complain, the mainstream audience had dropped off and they didn’t want their show turning into another cautionary tale, ala The X-Files. So they came up with this plan to create an end date. But they didn’t want to scare even more people off by doing too many and decided 48 would be a good number. But then to stretch it out over three years, not cool.

      Okay, I would like more story too and I think that these last 3 seasons are just going to feel rushed in comparison to the first 3, but it’s not too late. I strongly believe that season 6 should commence in September, and that Darlton should seriously consider rearranging the final season, add more episodes in, resolve a few more story elements, like Walt, Libby, etc, and let it go for longer. As it is the last season it would be a nice treat. If season 5 concludes in mid-May and then season 6 dosen’t commence until late January next year that would be a massive f-you to the fans.

      • I agree! I am still ticket off about the Libby issue. I feel there was so much more to her story – but it was dropped because of time issues. It seems they are doing this with Rose & Bernard, as well. Tell the story! That is WHY the fans stick around!

        • Ok – that should have been ticked off! I miss spell check!

  • RandomZombie

    From the beginning, the producers of Lost have been content to let the mysteries linger. This is nothing new.
    They are giving us some answers, but if that was all that they were doing the show would be unsatisfying. I want to know where Faraday is, as well, but I’m content to wait.

    They’re not doing anything new here – characters have always dropped off. Claire, Michael, Desmond – Claire returned and we learned more about he story, Michael came back and a lot of interesting things happend, Desmond sailed up and things got a little crazy.
    It almost always pays off.

    Whatever they’re doing right now, they should keep it up. I’m loving this season.

    • Dolce

      Agree. Patience, people, patience. Your Gods have not forsaken you.

      • Beena

        Amen, Dolce!

        • cpjon446

          The journey has been fabulous and I truly feel like I’m simply along for the ride. But I will reserve my judgements of how each mystery is addressed until after the series has concluded. I anticipate feeling frustration about some of the answers, elation and genuine surprise at others (in addition to the withdrawal symptoms that will freaking spread like wild fire immediately after the final LOST title screen fades to black).

          Clearly, the impending end date has brought about the breakneck pace of the series; fortunately, the story lends itself to the new pace. Every aspect of the show will continue to condense and shape itself into a singular thread more and more as we approach the end. That certainly will be viewed by many in a negative light as their preconceived notions (hopes) of where the story is headed fall to the wayside to make room for Darlton’s vision. The producers are going to tell the story they want to tell. We don’t have to like some of the results, but I, for one, intend to keep the faith and revel in the moments that do ring true.

          AND now I realize WLN posted below here negating this rant by correctly informing us he did not complain about mysteries not being solved. So, my comments are made in a general sense and not directed toward WLN.

          Chris in Fort Worth

  • WLN

    Please re-read my article. I am not talking about answers to mysteries. I am talking about leaving large holes by not addressing the many characters we are so use to following. Faraday is not a minor character, yet we haven’t seen him in a while, but we know he is not dead.

    This is only one example. There are many.

    The writers/producers are getting sloppy.

    • Hipster Doofus

      faraday has only really been absebt for 2 weeks. thats not that long. locke has been gone longer than that.

    • Paul

      Leaving characters for long periods of time and not showing us what happened to them? My goodness, what if they had done that with Walt or Michael after the raft blew up? Or if we had lost track of Claire while she was pregnant? The show would absolutely have careened off the rails. It would have been totally sloppy. Thanks goodness they’ve shown us where every character is all along.

      …Most of the gaps you’ve mentioned are almost certainly intentional, to keep us in suspense. We don’t see Des and Penny because at this point we’re wondering whether Ben’s killed Penny. We don’t see Daniel because we’re wondering what’s happened to him, how he’s dealt with Charlotte’s death, and how he’s going to get to where we see him in the opening scene of the season.

      For a couple, it’s not suspense. Rose and Bernard? Not that important; they’ve always been on the show only intermittently. Paik? You’ve got to be kidding me. Widmore is obviously pretty important, but they’re unfolding his story slowly; if he were on the show a lot it would be basically pointless. If they tried to keep every character in sight the way you suggest, the show would be a baggy mess without any coherence or pattern.

      Sure, there are problems with Lost, including Lost’s pacing. But whatever going episodes between characters is, it isn’t sloppiness.

    • Dolce

      I don’t know, man. I think it is calculated and heading towards a big payoff. This is definitely not the exact same show we all started watching five years ago, but I think I would be bored if we were still watching the same narrative formula for this long. Could we still, at this point be tolerating week after week the flashback formula without eventually running out of information that really has any value. That style served it’s purpose to move the story along, but it eventually had to move on to the subsequent chapters. Think about your life five years ago. Other than the important constants and responsibilities, do we still live our lives the same way we did five years ago? Boring. That’s all been done, now let’s bring this baby home with some style!

    • sun

      Hi WLN,

      I had the same say “What the hell is happening” during season 5, but then I realized that this is the first time in TV such a serialized show is on air. So rather than watching it and judging it per episode I think it would be best to judge it at the end of the season. Hey they have an end date fixed so now the second half since season3, it is and has been a different viewing experience. Guess it is in the best interest of the show we have to switch from character to story viewing mode, else there will be no end in site for the show.

      I think the worst part of LOST loops would be Clarie not getting off the island from desmond’s vision and how the hell did JIN who was more farther than the chopper got moved along with the island. Now that I wll say WTF

    • al

      urgh. michael went missing for two seasons. you didn’t complain then. this season is AWESOME, because we DON’T have to put up with bernard and rose.

  • This guy gets to write editorials? Really?

    • WLN

      Eric, Doc has always had an open call for front page article writers. Why don’t you email him and jump in here.

      It’s just my opinion.

  • Zack M.

    wait till the end of season 6, then we can complain

    • WLN

      My article is not a complaint, simply opinions and observations, backed up by some possibly valid points.

      • Michel

        … so, IT IS a complaint… because your opinions and observations say that the writers are sloppy. But that is NOT a valid point (yead, I did say that) because to keep all the characters you demand to see would need a lot of screen time that the writers simply don’t have. No matter how I love Desmond, I’d rather wait for him until his place in the story can be developed FULLY, than having him moping around in the beach without nothing to do, just like the early third season. Faraday will come back soon (REAL soon) and Desmond will be probably seen next Wednesday. So, this is the worst moment to complain about that. And yes, this is a complain. I think (yes, an opinion) you are utterly wrong, with no basis for the things you’re implying, and that you’re failing to realize how skillful the writers are being in handling so many characters and storylines at the same time.

        Most of the time, superb screenwriting demands sacrifices.

        • Dolce


        • neoloki

          Yes, thank you Michel. I have been reading through the comments agreeing with some but no one had quite put to words how I felt about this somewhat immature article. But that pretty much summed it up.

          I don’t understand where the problem is that wln is addressing because the season isn’t over yet. The Lost creators have always said watching a season of Lost is like reading a chapter in a book, so you are 2/3 the way through the chapter when you stop reading and complain that their are plot holes and the characters stories are not being fleshed out. This makes no logical sense. If at the end of the season you still have this problem with the show and have valid issues to back up your argument, then that is the time to address the problem. But not in the middle of the chapter when the story is still being developed.

          Please have enough respect for the creators of this show and let them finish the season before you come to judgement.

          • Alaine

            You didn’t respect win’s opinion. Why should he respect the writers?

          • Michel

            It’s easy, Alaine. What the writers are doing makes complete sense, and when it comes to respect, they have actually earned it.

  • IamMr.Eko

    This type of post perfectly encapsulates the reaction LOST is going to struggle with over the last 20 plus episodes. No matter what they do some people will just not be satisfied. Season one was the only season that truly featured most of the cast in each episode. The ensemble always gets pulled apart, with characters moving in and out of the main thread, and by the end of the season it always pulls together beautifully and makes perfect sense. LOST has always required a level of patience that is part of measured story-telling. The early part of this season was that it was to fast, to much mythology and not enough character. Now they are going back to illuminate the character arcs and the complaints are the opposite. How anyone can complain about a lack of devotion to the characters in the face of the plot after WHH is strange to me. WHH felt like classic season 1, strong character motivation, strong emotional resonance, a unified and realized theme permeating the episode, with tantalizing bits of mythology showing us larger parts of the overall story. Last night completely redeemed Kate’s motivations as a character, took her beyond the selfishness with which some view her, and gave her a defining sense of purpose about her journey back. It was an emotional moment for Kate and for the larger story how these characters lives intertwine. If anything WHH was a fine example of them returning to the nuanced world you claim they left. The consistency and range of storytelling this season has been fantastic and going into the home stretch it will only get better and better. LOST will always put emphasis on mystery over answers and the better for it. In the end all the threads that need to be serviced will pull together with enough left over to keep fans theorizing after the show has gone.

    • Dolce

      Well said.

    • Agreed. Thanks for the solid post.

    • Ed Holden

      I should add that not only is patience required for measured story telling, but it is particularly important when you only get to watch one episode per week over the course of four months. Most of the points raised by this editorial evaporate on DVD.

  • IamMr.Eko

    Again moving character in and out has always been key. There is a reason we have not seen certain characters for a while, because other elements of the story are needed first to fully understand where the missing characters have gone and what they bring to the table when they return. We know Desmond will return to play a great role, Hawking already basically said as much in “316”, and the mystery of where Faraday is was developed purposefully, most likely because he will be a major player in the last few eps of the season. And Rose and Bernard have basically been premiere and finale characters for 3 seasons now. Its not sloppy, leaving gaps and questions is the essence of a mystery show.

    • Dolce

      Again, well said.

  • marc

    Honestly man, you are watching a television show. the reason you have not seen daniel bernard rose desmond or even locke for a bout four episodes is so that it is more dramatic when they finally do show up. for instance last night when everyone finally got a shot of locke again it was awesome. cause we have been waiting for so long. there is a reason we havent seen daniel des and b and r.. and that reason will be explained when we see them. obv from what sawyer inferred in namaste, something happened to daniel to make him go awol. and in the first scene of the season we saw daniel down in the orchid. the point is like the producers always have said the story is being told nonlinear out of order and it will all fit together at the very end. I think ur nitpicking and looking for something to complain about just for the sake of it.

  • marc

    also its clear from the comments here this guy is in the very small minority of lost fans, bottom 1 percent lol

    • WLN

      Actually, I discussed this article with some of the other editors here before posting it, and there is some agreement on my points.

      And I am not saying the show stinks, or it should be jerked off the air. It’s just an observation on some subtle changes I’ve seen in the way some of this season has been framed by the writers and producers.

      I’m sure that we’ll see certain characters again, I never indicated we wouldn’t.

      • Michel

        Then why do you say the writers are getting sloppy? It makes no sense, unless you can provide a sensible explanation.

  • mike

    Best and most consistent season since year one, IMO.

  • Brian


  • WLN it is a dangerous game to critique a Lost season before it has finished and perhaps an even more dangerous game to deride the direction of the show before that direction has fully unveiled itself. By that I mean by the time this season ends I’m sure we’re going to know exactly what every major character is doing and has been doing during the period in time the Oceanic 5 went back in time. I for one am fine with the way the story is unfolding and I’m looking forward to how everything is going to wrap up.

    I also don’t understand your last comment about the show’s story currently being bigger than the characters. Every episode since 316 has been specific character centric. Like George Michaels said WLN, you gotta have faith. Patience babe, patience.

    IamMr.Eko makes some very valid points as well!

  • Will

    Wow… yeah, I’m the first to advocate character over plot points for the show, but you’re rather off base claiming there’s been a change in character use… Having characters dissappear from the story and take turns in the spotlight has been a HUGE part of the show since season 1. Claire Disappeared for four episodes. (We’ve not seen Faraday for three.) Michael Disappeared for half of Season 2. Desmond was in the first three episodes of Season 2 and then the last episode of season 2. The whole opening of Season 3 disappeared Sun/Jin/Sayid for quite a while after The Glass Ballerina. Jack disappeared for 3 episodes mid season 3. Locke disappeared for three episodes for 3 episodes toward the end of season 3. It’s a very… VERY normal thing for LOST to do this, and I’ve seen no signs that such things occuring recently have been any different.

    The only difference? In hindsight, these gaps and disappearences seem minor in relation to the tapestry of the whole. And when they resolve the disappearences it (almost) always pays off very well. Claire returning in the night? Michael returning a turncoat? Desmond on the sailboat? Jack playing football? Locke coming to get Sawyer? Great sequences. What this kind of thing does is allow for the fascinating non-linear storytelling that LOST’s flashbacks have always hinted at but really came into full swing with 2.15, Maternity Leave where the story begain flashing back to itself. Great stuff.

    Be patient. I doubt the current absences (or anything too important) won’t be paid off in the end. And it’s always better for the wait in the end. It’s just how lost works and how it always has work.

    • Michel

      Amen. Great list.

  • fial

    Maybe you’re just impatient. Aren’t you the dude who watched the series on DVD up until sometime in Season 4? It’s easy to say characters aren’t getting as much screentime when you don’t have to wait a week (or sometimes two) in between episodes.

    Especially after last night I don’t see how you can say it’s more emphasis on story over character. Hardly anything happened overall; it was almost entirely developing Kate.

    Also also wik, we’re fastly approaching the home stretch and almost every character on the show has been super filled out already. We don’t know a lot about Faraday and his mom, but we’re obviously going to learn more (check the press releases).

    If you were just throwing out some opinions in a comment it’d be easy to wave a hand and dismiss this junk, but an editorial calling the writers sloppy? I mean, there’s definitely a sloppy writer ’round these parts; just not on the show itself.

  • fial

    Sorry for the double post, but I wanted to stress that by “hardly anything,” I meant not a whole lot of different things all going on at once. I wasn’t playing down the importance of Ben and the development (there’s that character development again) of him and the castaways.

  • IamMr.Eko

    Thanks Ryan! You were right on point as well.

  • cap10tripps

    I believe the best term in describing season’s 4 and (up to this point) 5 is “the calm before the storm.”

  • Bookhouse Boy

    I miss Vincent…

    • Dolce


    • Ed Holden

      That’s a good point. Actually I’m more curious about where he’s ended up than I am about Rose and Bernard.

  • Uncle Beaver

    How dare anyone criticize LOST and it’s creative forces. Talking shit against LOST is unacc….

    Oh, hell. You’re right. About time someone spoke up !!

    • neoloki

      Have you thoroughly read the comments critiquing WLN’s problem with this season? This isn’t about someone taking issue with Lost but how a story is told. Their have been very mature criticisms have the article.

      Your comment is asinine and not relevant.

      • Alaine

        calling someone’s opinion asinine and not relevant seems extremely immature to me. But that is just my opinion.

        • Michel

          His opinion had nothing to do with this context. He was mistaking criticism against WLN’s controversial post with lack of any possible criticism against LOST’s writers. And, like neoloki said, it had nothing to do with that.

  • RodimusBen

    I, too am in the camp of “wait and see.” I don’t mind that characters are gone for long arcs as long as they get back to them eventually, as I’m sure they will with Desmond and Faraday. My only beef has been about Rose and Bernard– how no one has even addressed their absence.

  • Dolce

    Yeah dude, I agree with Fial ( and others ) on this one. A comment is one thing, but to lay that kind of unfounded criticism out there without waiting to see how the season plays out is a little premature. Way to paint a bullseye on the front of your hoodie. Not thinking we’re going to hear from you again in an editorial aspect for a while.

    • WLN

      I’m been writing here for over a year, I don’t think I’m going anywhere. I’m not sure why you are under the impression that because someone posts an article that contains some criticism of LOST, that there is something wrong with the article. Opinions are one of the items that we have a right to, and they are free. Thanks for reading.

      • Michel

        No all criticism is valid, that is a false pretense. When the reason for criticising something are not logical, then the critique is not valid altogether.

        Now tell me, is it true that you go used to watch the season in DVD and that’s why you’re eager now?

      • Dolce

        If you have been writing here for over a year, than surely you must be aware that opinions are subject to criticism. There is something wrong with the article, yes. The articles I am used to reading here are more analytical than critical. They give us something to ponder and speculate upon. Yours does nothing but invoke negativity. Do articles by any of the other regular posters here create the reaction you’ve gotten on this one? I’ve not seen it, and I have been following Doc ( at first as a lurker, eventually throwing my two cents in ) since he was at TTS. Your article is not worthy of sharing the same spotlight as Sonyalynn, Marc Oramaner, Fishbiscuit, etc. You put it out there, take your medecine. Thank you also for reading.

        • Jacobs Lather

          Here, here, Dolce. I think this is just indicitive of the overall atmosphere of dissent this season is causing amongst fans. There was much less to get upset about in the past, but now that the gloves are off and the show has revealed itself for the time-traveling sci-fi tale that it is, the fanboys have come out of the woodwork. And if there’s one thing fanboys love, it’s debating the validity of each other’s opinions. I’m not deriding fanboys, just saying that it’s to be expected now. We’ve entered the realm of Star Trek, Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica, and other shows with the word ‘star’ in the title. Add in the debate over whether or not the past can change the future, and you’ve got a lot of fodder for people to opine about.

          • Michel

            We have the comments sections to see that. No editorial is required, at least not to share only one point of view.

    • KeepingAwake

      I haven’t penned an article here in a long time, but I’m going to throw my two cents from an author’s perspective in anyway.

      Of course everyone who writes expects that other fans will hold different opinions from their own. Every article is expected to spark a lively discussion and debate. It would be pretty boring around here if every comment were “Oh, you nailed it!”, “Me too”, etc.

      So yes, disagreement is expected and encouraged.

      However, it’s also expected that everyone can behave like adults-that you can offer your dissenting views without making personal attacks upon those with whom you disagree.

      You might also note, Dolce, that Lost fans all come to the show for different reasons: some people love the characters, some the mythology, some are rabid fans of particular writers/producers/directors, and some love the triangle/quadrangle. Anyone who loves the show and can comment without attacking others is welcome here. 99% of DocArzt commenters manage to engage in lively discussions and debates without personally insulting anyone. Why don’t you join us?

      • Dolce

        Where was there a personal insult in my comment? Point it out and I will adress it. I didn’t think I did attack anyone, but I can be an ass ( my wife will confirm ), so if you can be more specific, I will confirm or deny my assiness accordingly.

        • KeepingAwake

          Thought the comment about your thinking WLN wouldn’t be writing around here anymore was a bit over the top.

          • Dolce

            Maybe. Just thought the content of the article didn’t seem consistent with the other articles posted in this section. I think it would have been more suited as a reply under the Rate and Sound Off header. I think it’s merit may have gone over better there. I look to the articles for insight and analysis. This was a harsh critique made before all the facts are in.

  • Tapdawg

    Who said Faraday is still on the island?

    • Michel

      I say it.

    • Juliet says so, too.

      • KeepingAwake

        Did she? I can’t recall when she did. Maybe you can point me to the episode?


        • Shaun

          All I remember is Sawyer’s cryptic remark when Jack asks “Did you say Faraday was here too?” and Sawyer responds “He was, but not anymore,” or words to that effect.

          We know he was in the cave underneath the Orchid, presumably helping with the FDW, and that was probably sometime between 1974-77. But I think that’s all we know about Faraday’s whereabouts at this point.

          • Jangras

            To me Danny is on the Hydra in the 70s, that’s where Caesar found his papers. Or maybe he’s with Mama Ely in the jungle. Just hippying around, y’know..

  • Blake

    With Lost firmly establishing its forward direction, there are certainly going to be people who just don’t get it. I just can’t believe that someone who understands the storytelling of the series (or tv in general) would be asking questions like “Where are Rose and Bernard?” at this point of the narrative.
    I am just so glad that the producers and writers of the series are taking big risks and presenting one of the first truly sophisticated mythologies in prime time television history. This season has been the most rewarding viewing experience I’ve maybe ever had, with its bold distillation of pure, riveting plot.
    If you prefer the same old episodic programming where everything is accounted for at the end of each episode, you have plenty of options WLN.

  • meb

    Listen, WLN seems to be making a perfectly valid critique here, and one that I think resonates strongly with season 3. S3 was all about The Others, and yet…what were we left with in terms of concrete knowledge about their operation, intent, origins, etc. These are not minor questions. We spent a whole season with them and the writers managed to avoid addressing most of the compelling aspects of The Others. We’re now well deep into season 5, ostensibly about the Dharma Initiative, and wtf do we know? Such complaints have a legitimate precedent within the history of the show.

    I’m certainly not asking for a quota of revelations and answers per episode/season, but it’s clear that the writers have spun their wheels in supposedly juicy territory before, and while this season has been much more exciting, it’s not crazy to worry that by the end of season 5 , we’re going to know little more about the Dharma initiative than we did at the end of season 4.

    • Michel

      Are you serious? In S3 we learned tons of stuff about the Others. All about the Purge, for instance… ow how they kept recruiting people like Juliet, or having operatives with missions in places like Canada… how they did the Purge and how Ben rose to Power, their control over the Barracks, msot of the Dharma stations and the Hydra island, some of them being originally and the ancient indigenous population of the Island and being the Hostiles to Dharma, the fertility problem and how it was a novelty for some of them, why they kidnapped Claire, how they were in touch with old places in the island like some ruins and The Temple, how they kept the Monster out with the sonic fence DHARMA created, etc.

      Sorry, but we learned more about the Others in the Third Season than in any other season, an specially in The Man Behind The Courtain. I don’t think there is any basis for what you’re saying here.

      • Dolce

        Nail on the head. Ditto Michel.

      • meb

        I’ll just quote myself here : “concrete knowledge about their operation, intent, origins…”

        You’ve listed plenty of peripheral elements that are interesting about the Others…but the fundamental questions still remain.

        The writers spent S3 stalling, while revealing elements about the Others that only marginally increased our understanding of them.

        Y’all got to chill out. I love the show, and I’m in til the bitter end. But if you felt like S3 provided you with a materially better understanding of The Others as an entity, we were just watching two different shows. Hell even the writers themselves have said as much – starting S3 they didn’t know what the future of the show looked like.

        I hope the rest of S5 ends up being genuinely exciting and revelatory, but we’ve spent a bunch of time in Dharma 70’s style, with very little to show for it in terms of information.

        • Dolce

          No offense, but, marginally increased our understanding of them? That is where we leared everything about them. We are seeing the dots get connected this season. ( Sorry Doc ) Meb, go to lostpedia and go to the mysteries section, then click on Dharma Initiative. Sure, some of it is not canon, but it will give you all the info you need up to this point. From here on out we have to let the writers give us what they see fit, when they see fit.

          • meb

            “That is where we learned everything about them.”

            If by “everything” you mean everything we know about the Others to date, then that’s about right. That’s also not setting the bar very high.

            But, to return once again to my original argument, my beef was never with the quantity of the information, it was with the quality.

            They threw a bunch of shit at us in S3, some interesting, some not. But I’m diagramming a deeper narrative issue here – we spent a whole season with the Others, and I still don’t know what’s DRIVING them.

            A similar problem now exists with the Dharma initiative. I don’t want the whole mythology laid out, but I do want to be given something to sink my teeth into in terms of purpose.

            This is basic storytelling stuff. And no, I don’t have to let the writers give us what they see fit. Loving something requires you to demand more of it, to challenge it, and to hope that it reaches its full potential.

            At the end of the day, if you’re completely satisfied by the writers’ handling of this season and especially season 3, then I’m envious. I wish I was too. But I’m not.

          • Jacobs Lather

            Meb, your disturbing definition of ‘love’ notwithstanding, I do also feel very let down this season by the depiction of the DI. I knew going into the season that we’d learn more about the DI, but I was hoping that would include a healthy chunk of people like the DeGroots, and Chang, and other scientists doing actual research. In fact, other than Radzinsky building his model, I don’t remember if I’ve seen anyone doing anything that required more than a high school diploma. Are we supposed to believe that Horace and the rest are really the cream of the crop, the “scientists” we were teased about for 5 long years? I’m still hoping it will be revealed by season’s end that the real scientists are in a separate facility, doing real sciency-type stuff.

          • Michel

            Meb, come on, you have come to know that the true nature of the Others is probably THE most integral piece of mythology in the show. I fthey give that out too soon, most of the mysteries won’t matter anymore. That’s why they have to show more of the superficial details so the fans can connect the dots, and then give the essence of that people. Same happened with the DI… they will give out what they are doing in the Island. They will tell us more about Pierre Chang, mark my words. And in this season. That the writers are stalling only means that those bits of info are too huge and important to be delivered so soon.

        • Blake

          This has been the most informative season yet! The lamppost? The exit? Widmore was an other? The island is moving through spacetime? There is a hydrogen bomb buried in the island? We saw the back of the four toed statue? Abbadon’s quaint first name Is ‘Matt’? Going back to the island can bring you back to life? Charlotte grew up on the island and saw a crazy Farraday who advised her not to come back?
          Holy f, the characters actually *travelled through time* for the first few episodes!

  • Desi’s Brother

    I agree with this assesment. I think it is valid. I’m annoyed by how Desmond is so absent this season. He is the star of LOST and every Desmond centric episode is one of the best in the series.

    I wish that when they introduce new characters those characters would actually be important. Charlotte seemed so underutilised. Miles is the same. Sometimes he is funny but what purpose does he serve on the show? Why introduce the ghostbuster thing and have it amount to nothing? Why have Charlotte an archiologist who never makes it to the temple? Why do that? What does it ackomplish for the show?

    • professorstotch

      As some one who complains that we don’t see Rose and Bernard enough, I don’t think you should be asking what purpose a certain character serves on the show until you’ve asked that about R&B. Miles so far has been 120% more important to the show than both R&B combined.

      • Shaun

        Actually, while I agree that Miles probably is more important than B&R, we really haven’t seen evidence of that yet. Have we? I mean, we know that Miles can speak to the dead. He’s made a few discoveries on the island (He found Rousseau and Carl, for instance) but has he served any real purpose other than being a wiseacre who’s always got a snappy comeback, or a comedic foil for Hurley?

        He might’ve been an important clue regarding Claire and her disappearance, but of course Claire’s off the table until next season. We also really don’t know why, exactly, Widmore chose Miles for his Freighter Four team… Something to do with his special talents, but what? I like Miles a lot, but I’m still waiting for him to do something significant. So far, he simply hasn’t. Same could be said for Charlotte, who never really did much in short time.

        Now contrast that with B&R. Their story might not be terribly important at this point, but they’ve been there (well, Rose has) from the start, and I think a lot of fans like them. We got to know Bernard pretty well when we met the Tailies, and he helped to save everyone at the end of season three.

        Likewise, Rose’s cancer being (apparently) cured by the island seemed significant at one time. Maybe it still is, maybe not. But we know B&R were on the run when the Others attacked in the ’50s, and now they’re just AWOL. Their fates aren’t the most burning question on the show, no, but it’s understandable that people would want answers about them too.

        • Michel

          Which should be telling that TPTB have something quite large in store for Miles. They are consistently decreasing our expectations so the information blow is big enough. Charlotte died, and he didn’t, because he role in the story is not over. And he was bleeding quite soon, right after Charlotte. What do you think that means?

  • Please pardon me, but: What’s happening?

    This article was completely superfluous.
    I agree with dolce and other commentators. Seriously, how ridiculous is it to discuss missing characters and plot lines on this show? That simply is a redundant waste of time. 😉

    Patience is your guide to happiness.
    It’s the key to the whole game as Hurley would say.

    • Landry B.

      Ok…Some of you, including the person above, are so pertentious…”how ridiculous is it to discuss missing characters and plot lines on this show? That simply is a redundant waste of time.”

      What the hell do you think that this site is for? I really love how any theory on how the hell is laying Jacob and how the time-travel is working is fare-game, but this is not?

      Seriously people, debate the points of the article, not it’s usefulness…check out some of the other dribble on the site (and I am avoiding calling names, but a lot of it is from full-members) before you start casting stones…

      For Pete’s sake, she is just saying she is disappointed in the lack of DI info, given the whole season thus far has been centered in that time…she was disappointed in the lack of info on the Others during SE…valid opinions…and ultimately, that is what this site is for…

      Maybe some people need to lay off the LOST theorizing and take a course in debate, diplomacy or just plain niceties…

  • Patrick

    You lost me when you repeatedly used the phrase “to wit.”

    You pompous jackass.

    • Jacobs Lather


    • WLN

      To wit, I agree, I shouldn’t have used it more than once, bad style. 🙂

    • Alaine

      Name calling, really?

  • I think it’s all a setup for season 6 which will have traditional flashbacks.

  • Patt

    Well what the writers are getting sloppy about is not the lack of characters appearing but rather what the appearing characters are doing. Here we are finally in the midst of the Dharma initiative that the survivors have been questioning what exactly it is since the second season but yet now they don’t seem particularly interested in learning anything about them. Sawyer doesn’t seem particularly interested about what’s happened in the past 3 years to our survivors and how they would have explained the crazy going-on’s of the island. Similarly Jack, Kate and Hurley don’t seem particularly interested in what Sawyer knows and has learnt about the island in 3 years. Strangely the characters don’t really seem to be all that pertubed by the fact they’re now in the 1970’s and seem to be more concerned with matters like how Sawyer is dating Juliet. They really need to fix this 🙁

    • Shaun

      That’s a great point Patt… I started feeling the frustration earlier this season when they were all gathered with Ms. Hawking in the basement and no one really seemed to ask, or DEMAND, answers of this woman. I almost wanted Jack to throttle her and say “WHAT THE F*CK ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT??” Likewise, now that we’re squarely focused on the island in 1977, you’d think Jack, Kate and Hurley would be all over Sawyer, Juliet, Jin and even Miles with questions about what’s going on.

      Characters raising important questions seems to have mostly stopped, but when it does happen someone’s always interrupted or changes the subject. It was cute for awhile (like trying to figure out who Jeremy Bentham was), but it makes for stilted, unrealistic dialogue too.

      Hell, one of the most telling moments of this past week’s episode was Sawyer and Kate, supposedly desperate to save young Ben, stopping to talk about their relationship while Ben is bleeding to death. Was that really necessary? Unless Juliet’s going to get killed off (hope not) leave Sawyer and Juliet together and get on with the important stuff! I’m no “shipper,” and I don’t feel like Darlton should be catering to that crowd at this point.

      The show is still great, but I miss some of those “Old School” Lost elements.

      • Judge Taco

        How dare you sir! Stilted, unrealistic dialog interrupting at a crucial moment of revelation is a staple of the writing of this show and the fact that they have ramped it up to several times per episode has only severed to fill my rampant hunger for stilted, unrealistic dialog!

  • Kyle

    When the writers don’t want to give away all of their big guns like what the dharma initative is and the entire history of the island then they become stuck in a place where none of the characters can ask q’s about what’s going on and the believability diminishes somewhat. This is exactly what happened in the 3rd season where we received no answers about the others. I would have thought that this is the time to answer some q’s to perk up believability and give the writers something better for dialogue. Seriously what the hell is going to happen when such mysteries are answered? Is it going to be the last episode where everything is explained in some large exposition scene? I would think that this is a more natural place to do so.

    • jack

      Couldn’t agree more, WLN says the story has been built around the characters. The problem I’ve always had with lost is that the characters never behaved like real people in order to keep things secret. 5 seasons in and I still don’t think anyone has addressed the smoke monster and any time a serious question is raised we’re fed some “It’s a giant hamster wheel” response or are interupted. This season, barring 5.11 all we’ve been seeing is the stuff that people we’re wondering about 3-4 seasons ago. And I for one am glad that average Rose and Bernard arn’t clogging up the system with banter that would better suit The O.C

  • yourmum

    I honestly couldn’t DISAGREE more. I think this the best season so far because of the pace, and the added sense of mystery. I’m sure your worries of other characters will be put off as the season commences, and the show continues. Very much like the show itself; lost fans are divided between the two paths you can take – faith or science. Kate echoed the opinions of some fans in this episode by saying to Jack ‘I don’t like the new you’ .. Personally I want more of locke – but I’m sure that is coming.

  • Jacobs Lather

    Here’s how I have always described LOST to those who seem to lose faith in it: It’s a novel. From the outset, it was always intended to have a beginning, middle, and ending. It has a plot, a storyline. And for that reason, you have to be patient.

    Would you quit a book halfway through and complain that “the author never answers any questions?” Imagine quitting Lord of the Rings (the books OR the movies) after a few chapters because they haven’t gotten to Mt. Doom yet. “I think Tolkein is just making this up as he goes along.” Unimaginable. Sure, you might quit a book because the writing is poor or the plot seems unbelievable, but complaining that you haven’t had your questions answered? That’s just silly.

    (And while I’m on the subject, here’s a note to all those who say they’ve “seen an episode or two but didn’t like it.” Again, it’s a book. If you picked up, I don’t know, Pride & Prejudice, or Dune, and read a random chapter halfway through the book, do you really expect you could make a judgement about whether or not the book was good? Again, a ridiculous notion.)

    But I can’t completely fault people for judging this show as they would judge others. LOST is a completely unprecedented show in many ways. Truly, LOST will be a show that will only be fully appreciated when it is all said and done. When people can watch the whole thing, from the first eye-opening to the final scene where Smokey and Locke have a swordfight on the prow of the Black Rock (oops, spoiler), then they will really understand what the rest of us have been so devoted to for so long.

  • KeepingAwake

    There are some ways in which I and some of my friends miss the ‘old school Lost’, and I am in agreement with WLN in that respect. The show has changed significantly this year.

    Part of what we all(yes, even the people who always complained they weren’t getting enough answers!) loved about Lost was the mystery–the need to get on the phone, watch the show in groups or hit a fansite and speculate about where it was all heading, trade theories, delight in the nuances.

    Yes, at times old school Lost could be torturous. But it was good torture! Kind of like foreplay–we were happy to be tortured, and when we got a payoff, our heads exploded.

    Now things are happening at break-neck pace and, while thrilling in the moment, it’s leaving an empty space for many of us between episodes. The payoffs are not as explosive, there’s far less nuance. It is becoming more like ‘regular TV’ and that’s disappointing to me.

    I’m in it till the end, but I miss old school Lost and I know I’m not the only one who does.

    • Alaine

      I agree with you. The show feels rushed lately.

    • Dolce

      I agree that the show has changed sigigantly, but I would offer up that the change occurred when they found a guy living underground pushing a button every 108 minutes. But, as for this season feeling rushed, I don’t know. It sort of feels to me like reading a good book, or good series of books. The better the book is, and the closer I get to the end, the faster I read. I think I read Dark Tower 7 in about 10 minutes.

      • cpjon446

        Nice analogy Dolce…although DT7 took me longer than any in the series simply because it was so damn long.

  • icyone

    There’s a fine line between complaining and critiquing. Just because you use $10 words and phrases doesn’t turn your complaint into a critique.

    For example, Paik isn’t even a major character. Why not complain about Ben’s butcher, Jill, or maybe Charlie’s brother Liam. We haven’t seen them for a while. I haven’t seen Cheech on screen for a few months.

    At least this site puts the author’s name in the teaser, so I know which “articles” to skip from now on.

    • WLN

      Paik built the physical plant that is the Drama Initiative. That is his tie in, as per TLE, which, I realize is not canon, but, if you followed it in any sort of way, you would see that he is a MAJOR player (or was) in the story line.

      I wish I received 10 dollars a word, but alas (is alas a pompous word), I don’t.

      Sorry you didn’t like the article, that’s life, but thank you for reading.

  • professorstotch

    “The believability of the show starts to wobble when characters just drop off the face of the story. To wit, Bernard and Rose, the Others at the Temple, Frank Lapidus, Desmond and Penny, Widmore and Paik and even Faraday. And what about Pierre Chang and Caesar?”

    The only valid argument in this line is Desmond and Faraday. The rest of the characters you’ve mentioned here are so far “minor” characters that only show up once or twice a season anyways. And all of them, with the exception of Paik, have met that quota so far this season. If anything, we’re seeing much more of characters like Pierre Change and Widmore than we’ve seen in any other season.

    And I agree with icyone. If we’re going to complain about Paik and Caesar not being around enough, we also have to complain about characters like Liam, Kate’s mom, Jack’s wife, the Warden of the prison Sawyer was in, Nadia, etc…because all of those are far better established characters than the majority of those you’ve listed. The Others at the Temple? We know…what…three of those Others? A stewardess, and two kids.

    And to counter the argument here, we may not be seeing Rose and Bernard, but we are seeing a lot of Horace and Amy. We may not be seeing much of Paik, but we’re seeing a ton of Miles. Frank not be around 100% of the time, but Richard Alpert is playing a big part.

    The point is, you’re not seeing Lost drive itself away from a “character” driven show. We’re just seeing the older, stupider (yes, Rose and Bernard are pretty stupid and pointless) replaced by characters that more people care about.

    • professorstotch

      And also, WLN, I’m not cricizing your article, I’m just trying to provide a counter argument to it.

  • Shaun

    WLN, I hate to admit it but I’m starting to agree with you. Don’t get me wrong… I still love Lost, and I’m board ’til the end, but the fun trime-travel trippiness that seemed so intriguing early in the season has devlolved into something of mess now that we’re in the stretch run for season 5. There’s what, 23 hours of Lost left I think? It’s getting tight, and I worry that we’re not going to get a satisfying finish.

    I started really feeling this way with the Locke/Benthem episode. We jumped around quickly from point to point while Locke/Benthem tried and failed to win anyone over. It felt rushed, and we were left wondering how Walt (will we ever see him again? The episode seemed to kiss him goodbye) and some of the other Losties even knew Locke was calling himself “Benthem,” but I had faith in Darlton and let it go.

    But the holes and sloppiness have continued. Charlotte apparently existing in 1974 (Darlton admitted they screwed up), rushing through Sayid’s backstory last week (and letting this trained assassin get captured far, far too easily, in a situation similar to one he found himself last season), no sign of Faraday lately (just a cryptic remark from Sawyer), and nothing about Bernard & Rose (or the dog, for that matter).

    I’m sure a lot of things will get answered in the weeks ahead, but when you hear Darlton say that the mysteries about Libby will never get answered, that’s frustrating. We (inexplicably) saw her in the nuthouse, but we also saw her show up just at the right moment when Desmond needed a boat. My guess was that she worked for Widmore and her meeting Desmond was no accident. Looks like we’ll never find out. Likewise, I always wondered why we never learned why Kate was in Australia… She’s the only character who’s reason for being there was never revealed (or how she even got there, given that she was a fugitive). I’m sure that will never be addressed.

    But more to the point, it’s stuff like (as WLN said) still not fully knowing what Dharma is doing on the island, how they found it in the first place, and what their true agenda is. OK, perhaps that’s still coming. But then I get concerned again when, during the otherwise hilarious conversation between Miles and Hurley this week, Miles mentions Ben’s turning the donkey wheel. HOW does Miles even know anything about the wheel, let alone Ben’s turning it? Even Locke didn’t know there was going to be a wheel to turn when he went down the well. Hopefully there’ll be an explanation that Faraday told everyone about the wheel after working in the Orchid, because I can’t see any other way. This is the sort of thing I find sloppy, and I think it’s happening far too much lately.

    No, we don’t need to see Liam, or even Hurley’s, dad again… But I would hope we’d see Jill the butcher again. I mean, she just came out of left field and I’d like to know what her deal is! I think KeepingAwake is right when he/she says the current breakneck pace is indeed thrilling to watch, but when I stop to think about it all later I’m feeling kinda empty too. There’s not as much payoff lately, and there are less “Oh sh*t!” moments now. Things are getting predictable (who couldn’t guess that Aaron would end up with Grandma?).

    Look, we all want the show to be great and to have the most awe-inspiring ending ever. I hope it will, and I think most of our major questions will be answered. I just worry that time is running out and it seems like Darlton & Co. aren’t being as neat and tidy with the continuity as they used to be. I’m confident that everything will turn out great, but I hope Darlton won’t let us down.

    • WLN


      You addressed my observations in the way I was hoping that other commenters would. My article was to suggest something, not to make a laundry list over every little “hole” that I have been seeing.

      I was hoping that the visitors here would do that, debating those point. I was hoping that the fans on Doc Arzt’s would have analyzed the possible weak points as you have.

      Your comment was very insightful.

      • Shaun

        Well, it was also long, and riddled with typos… LOL. I need to slow down and edit myself.

        Actually, I expect some people will give me crap for the criticisms I laid out here too, but that’s cool as long as people are adult about it.

        Anyhow, it’s OK to tell someone you love about that dab of mustard on his or her chin, and that’s all I was really doing here. I think you were too. We wouldn’t be here if we didn’t love Lost!

      • marc

        wLN i mean now ur just insulting every other reader here who had an opinion that is different from yours. Nobody has a problem with an article that may look at somethign on lost in a negative light. The fact is what most people here are feeling is that your complaints are silly and unfounded. I am not trying to insult you, but saying the writers are getting sloppy just because you havent seen certain characters is just silly. If anything this is the writers plan. Just sit back and watch the show, if faraday and desmond never show up again then you will absoultely right and everyone here will look like idiots myself included. but personally im waiting for the holy sht moment where we find oh my god this is where faraday has been the whole time.. or desmond sails up to the island and saves the day at the end of the episode and then we get a flash back next ep about where he was (just speculation). to me this type of thing is the best part of lost and what they do very well. by not showing the characters they are building curiosity as to wheere they are. we are supposed to be wondering, nobody is getting sloppy. P.S. the last two episodes were the most character driven of the season. watching the transformations is awesome.

        • neoloki

          Thank you marc. I also do not get how the writers are being sloppy. This is one of the most creative and challenging shows on tv since Twin Peaks. What they have accomplished by bringing this story to network television and finally treating viewers like educated adults is amazing.
          I am full of confidence that the major mysteries will be addressed while leaving just enough not answered to create our own involvement in the story and dialogue for the future. Not addressing Libby is perfectly acceptable because she will always remain a mysterious character that we can theorize about forever. A good story always has enduring mysteries. In the end their is plenty of time in the show for it to be wrapped up succinctly and I just don’t think this is the appropriate time to be complaining about the seasons story line or characters. Be patient, wait ’till after the finale.

          All this is mute anyway because after “Dead is Dead” the Lost fan community is going to be having a collective orgasm all over the internet.

          • Dolce

            * collective orgasm all ove rthe internet *

  • Embrace the Random

    Let me say that I am huge fan of Lost. It might be my all time favorite show. I love it.
    But…I don’t understand this fanatical defense that people have. It’s okay to have problems with the show. It’s okay to question the way things are being done. I think WLN is a fan with a few concerns. Why is there this rage and rabid attack on him?
    Relax. It is not a crime to think that there is a problem with the pacing of the show.
    Like I said, I really enjoy the Lost, but if Darlton tells me the answers are found at the bottom of a glass of koolaid in Jonestown, I’m not drinking it.
    I worry that some you might.

    • Shaun

      LOL… Well, I won’t go that far. I don’t think it’s a “drinking the kool-aid” situation here. I mean, it’s just a TV show. A damned entertaining show that makes us all think, and when we think hard about something we’re all going to have our opinions and our differences. That’s OK. Would Lost be even half as fun as it if we didn’t have stuff to debate? This is just one of those things.

      I don’t think WLN is saying the show sucks or anything, and I don’t have a problem with people taking issue with that WLN said (or what I’ve posted, for that matter) either. As long as everyone’s being an adult about it and not resorting to name-calling, etc.

      I doubt any one of us here 100% loves every single thing Lost has ever done: Nikki & Paulo, Ana Lucia, the tattoo episode, the way Michael’s return (and subsequent demise) was handled, deaths of characters we really came to like, the way Walt seems to have been pretty much forgotten, everyone here’s probably had a gripe about something. It’s OK. What WLN’s written is one guy’s opinion, and I think much of what he said is valid and certainly ripe for debate.

  • Naina

    I don’t agree with everything that’s said in this article, but I have to say that I love that we are discussing Lost flaws in a mature way. In fact, some critical commentaries are far more interesting than the article itself like the one adressing how S3 and S5 haven’t really answered what drives The Others and the DI, the other one critiquing how they seem to underuse certain characters and the one about how characters don’t seem to react in a realistic way (how true that one is!). I agree with all those critiques and just because we love this show doesn’t mean we have to ignore it’s problems. And it’s not a question of not being patient because if you continue to watch, then patient you are. It is a question of critiquing how they decide to tell us the story. Some of us think it could be better told, therefore making the ride more enjoyable.
    As for me, I think one of this season’s problem is that lately they’ve just concentrated on answering many misteries that were introduced this very same season but that are not important in the big picture. For exemple, the last two episodes were all about solving the mistery of in what circumstances and why Sayid and Kate came back to the island, a mistery that was only introduced in this very same season, some episodes ago (in episode 6, 316). I have no informaiton abour the next episodes but it seems this is the structure that seems to prevail now. To me, this makes this episodes look like fillers. I understod this kind of strategy back in S3 (they didn’t know for how long they would have to go on) but it’s hard to understand now in S5, given the amount of misteries that have to be addresed being so close to the finale.
    Having said that, I do think we’ve seen many great moments this season and certain episodes were amazing. I love this show no matter what.

  • neoloki

    I will add this again: After “Dead is Dead” is anybody still going to be complaining about Lost. I doubt it.

  • WLN you opine that the Lost writers have been sloppy. Most of the people on this thread have found your reasoning to be sloppy. What’s wrong with that? Marc sums it up pretty well with his response to your post.

    Your article read like a lot of post “Fire + Water” Lost editorials. People saying that the show “was Lost”, it was creating too much myth and not answering any questions, people were questioning whether or not the writers knew what direction they were going in. When that episode aired I was so ripped that we “didn’t find out about anything that was actually happening on the show”. But I watched it again recently and I realized how brilliant that episode really is. In isolation that episode is really well done and a great entry in the backstory tradition. In context to when it aired however it was a massive, massive, nuclear disappointment. Two episodes before we got our first big closeup of smokey and then we had 44 minutes of annoying drug drama? Come on.

    It’s an interesting phenomenon but I find that the Lost fans I know that have watched the show since it aired like myself find Season 2 to be the most frustrating and trying Season of the four finished ones. My friends who started watching the show online or via dvd all LOVE Season 2 and cite it as being one of their favorite seasons if not the favorite.

    So, you have every right to say that you think the show is going down a dark path from which it may never return. We, the reader, have every right to tell you to be patient and back up your claims a little better. You need to realize that the case your making is not as water tight as “If the glove don’t fit, you must acquit.”

    MANY people have taken issue with your last paragraph, where you state (paraphrasing) that ‘maybe the story is getting too big for the characters which has led to sloppy writing’, despite the fact that the last five episodes have been almost traditional character centric stories. I think a little clarity is all the people want.

  • WLN

    The best way I could sum up what I am saying is the show (in my opinion) is losing some of it’s internal consistency, the ability to maintain the “believable” factor in the LOST world.

    Yes, there has been large reveals and insights this season, but, at the cost of the smaller details that in the past has been what made this show so unique. The smaller details that added to the mythos, to the overall feel of the show.

    The feel has changed for me.

    I’m not asking for a whole Rose and Bernard centric episode, or 20 minutes with Vincent. But, they have been dropped like a hot potato. With Michael, he was gone, there was a reason he was gone, he got off The Island.

    We didn’t see Penny for long periods of time, but we knew what was going on “off camera.” She was looking for him.

    In the past, other characters have had limited screen time, but the writers have given us SOME sort of reason, however shaky or vague, but something so we could, in our mind, reason out their status.

    What’s happened to the Others that went to the Temple? Not even a cheap plot device to give us some reason that we haven’t seen them.

    And like I already mentioned, what happened to Vincent, dog gone it! (little pun)

    No, this is sloppy. Like I have said, at least give us some lame points to hold us over, even if the show never gets back to these characters, even if it’s not all wrapped up in one neat package.

    • Alaine

      I hope all the ranting won’t stop you from posting again. I am beginning to hesitate before I post an opinion for fear 20 people will come down on me for it.

      • WLN

        This is FAR from my first post, and far from my last. I have been posting article here for most of last season. I don’t do it on a weekly basis, but I think I managed 8 articles during the last year.

        No, I don’t mind the ranting. I do think it’s a waste of everyones bandwidth when someone simply posts a nasty remark and does nothing to contribute to the discussion. But, I guess there are some children who post here.

  • OCKi

    I respect your opinion.
    BUT! To quote various characters throughout this season; “I’ts a leap of faith..”
    It’s clear that the creator of this article did not catch that message..

    Have some faith in the writers.. I know I always have. And I know it will all pay off in the end!
    And WHEN the end comes next year, I will then sit with you and create the “RED HERRING LIST” of mysteries that were never answered on the show, starting with Walts powers and Libby in the mental institution! 😛

  • FlashForward

    Since we are on the subject of “what happened to this or that character”, does anyone think that we will ever find out who the corpses in the cave are? You know, the ones with those rocks in their pockets? Just thought I’d throw an old rusted monkey wrench in 🙂

    As for this whole article, kudos to youdos that takes the time to write about such a heated issue and then wear the armor to ward off the attacks 🙂

    • WLN


      I don’t mind the commenters who do not agree with me, I would have been surprised if everyone did.

      I am surprised that there are some commenters who can only manage to reply with some snide remarks and add nothing to the conversation.

  • Andi-chan

    Each episode of lost is like a piece of a large mosaic. With time, different areas will be filled with that missing information. It’s hard to judge it when its not even close to being finished. I think that once all the pieces are in place, and I know the writers have an overarching plan for the endgame, we’ll all like the mosaic it makes. Just be patient and try to reserve judgment until the end.

  • To me, this post is just another case of one person thinking the show should cater to their needs. Darlton have a master plan, and whatever it takes to unleash it is what I want to see.

    Also, those of you saying to ditch the end date are ridiculous. You obviously don’t realize that the creators KNEW when they wanted an end date, and had the story styled accordingly. It’s not like they’ve changed structure since they set the date. Wanting to keep the show going after the creators want to end it is just classic selfishness, and really the attitude that is wrong with American TV these days.

    Personally, I’m loving the show, and think that Darlton is doing a great job. If you don’t agree, no worries. But at least have a good argument, and not a “personalize this show for me” argument.

    • Dolce

      I think I read some where that D+C only wanted to do about 4 seasons, however the studio wanted more like 9 seasons. During the long break between the first part of season 3 and the second part, they decided on a compromise of 6 seasons. If you look back you can see the difference between s3 first half which dragged on and brought us the intro of new and useless characters (Nikki+Paulo anyone?), and the change of pace in the latter part of s3. Since they now had an end date, and knew how many episodes they decided to do it in, the storytelling has been more diliberate. They don’t need more time as you said crazy bearded jack ( love your choice of names) as they are the ones who decided on the end date and how many episodes to do it in.

      • Dolce

        Oh yeah, and how much would it have sucked if we only got 4 seasons. Talk about sloppy, holey, and rushed.

        • Crazy Bearded Jack

          Great point about the beginning of Season 3. I saw an interview where they compared the caged characters (Sawyer, Kate, Jack) to their feelings of writing at the time. They said they had a lot of things they wanted to address, but didn’t know how long they had to spring the trap. So glad they got an end date, and I wish more serialized shows would consider it from the beginning.

          Thanks for the name compliment to 🙂

  • Kevin

    I agree with this post. The only thing that is wrong is that this started occuring during Season 4, not just this season.

    This rushed pace, which has totally abandoned the character development that made S1-3 incredible, is a result of the Lost Fandom’s “ANSWERS NOW!” crowd. Everyone was complaining that there were no answers. Well, now we’re in answers mode, and it makes for less compelling television.

    I still love the show. But it is like watching a different show from S1-3 that is not quite as good.

    • Crazy Bearded Jack

      The thing about his post is, he makes two different points – one that they’ve abandonned characters, BUT he also wants answers. Kind of goes against what you said.

  • mpl

    I trust Darlton. Wait and see.

  • Dolce

    Is it just me or does the “older comments” button not work?

  • No it’s not just you

  • Plot holes? How about characterization holes!?!

    I swear that John gets dumber and dumbest with every showing. And if he follows Ben into the Temple and gets eaten by Smokey, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.

    Jack, Jin, Kate, Sawyer, all do things so out of character simply to move the plot along that watching Lost has now became a chore to see how it ends.

    • Jangras

      You’re kind of right but… how about an accidental spoiler?! You’re mean, Smitty!

  • The Hurley Bird

    Well, the thing we all have to realize is that the season 4 of Lost was pretty much mutilated and a LOT of stuff from it just got pushed to this season. Charlotte should have died in season 4 and the whole Jin/Rousseau deal also should have appeared last year. Don’t blame the writers for trying to fit EVERY plotline they had planned out and couldn’t do it because a unfortunate event chopped the forth season to bits. Darlton rules and they will shut you up.

  • marc

    smitty is stupid

  • Erikire

    There are too many misteries to solve, many dead ends… so few episodes to run… the end will come too abruptly, and (perhaps) a lot of stuff will remain in secret… absurd.

  • Bri

    I like how the torpedo effect of this season, though I must say I too think several characters have been “left behind” or utterly ignored this season. I am sure though that Faraday’s lack of appearance for most of this season will be explained.

  • Richard Christy

    I was really pissed off when i saw that the first conversation we witnessed with Jack, Kate and Hurley after they realise they’ve gone back to 1977 was that Hurley knew Sawyer and Juliet were together, and kate didnt. Thaat’s the mosst suprising fact they find when they go back to the past island.

  • michael

    1million% disagree; ironically it seems like youre the one rushing them rather than vice versa! youll get your answers.

  • Dan Berry

    This is stupid. you are the one jumping to conclusions. Faraday was shown at the beginning of the season at the dig site of the Orchid. A flash forward. there’s obviously more to that. and i doubt they’d just never mention bernard again. patience.

    • WLN

      No, we saw Faraday in the Orchid dig site during a flash, we don’t currently know where he is or what he is doing. The writers could at least give us a “placeholder,” something that let’s us know that he is still part of the story. They don’t have to dedicate more than a few seconds of frame time to him. The same could be said about Rose, Bernard, the Temple Others (from season 4), Vincent, Claire, Caesar, Desmond.

      I’ll repeat myself, I love the show, but I think that they are moving so quickly right now that they are getting sloppy and loosing the tight ensemble based episodes that we have seen in the past.

  • Vital10

    This probably the most bull shit article I have read on this site. IF you are not happy watch something else. I am sure 90210 needs viewers. This is the most intriguing and thought provoking show I have seen. I am content to sit back and let Carlton and Damon drive the car. Enough bitching and whining, go watch all the other garbage on TV, I think that’s more your style.

    • WLN

      LOST is the ONLY hour of TV that I watch, period. I love the show, but I think that they are moving so quickly right now that they are getting sloppy and loosing the tight ensemble based episodes that we have seen in the past.

      And it is my intent the continue to watch the show, right through to the end. I’m not even sure if you read my article since I never implied that I didn’t like the show.

    • Embrace the Random

      This is the protypical fanatical tirade that I am talking about. I don’t want to go watch something else. I want to watch Lost, and I want everyone to have an opinion without being lambasted by a Lost Lunatic. I bet you’re the same guy that argues about Star Trek too. Just let everyone voice their opinions about the show.

      • WLN


        This is a BLOG. The concept here is I write and article, you leave some opinion about my article, I write back, discussing my opinion, pro or con, and we get into a DIALOG.

        Guess what. Life doesn’t owe you an existence without conflict. You are going to come across people and organizations and bosses and partners in relationships that DON’T ALWAYS AGREE WITH YOU.

        Now, please stop stomping your feet. It’s very childish of you.

  • Peter

    There’s still time, how goddamn impatient. This article is a waste.

  • Silvertouch

    I agree that the pace and quality of storytelling has been of a lesser standard lately, and although little character-centric episodes like the run beginning with LaFleur have been awesome, and the STORY of Season 4/5 has been great, I think that the characters have been short-changed by the fact that the writers know the end-date. Honestly, for all the badmouthing that gets done about Season 3, it’s my second favourite season (after 1) because I feel it had the most engaging pacing and the best character work. Season 4 was pretty boring in large chunks, in my opinion due to the fact that it was 14 episodes instead of 23/4. They really should have done three seasons of 22-25 episodes, that would have allowed Season 4 to deal properly with the events it portrayed rather than rushing through them. Ditto Season 5 and the portrayal of Dharma.

  • Vital10

    I give WLN props even if I disagree mightily. The idea of these blogs is to get back to talk and this post has sparked much debate and conversation.

    That is cool!!

  • El Yerbero

    Agree 150% with WLN. RUSHED AND SLOPPY. Im still LOST’s Biggest fan, but feeling somewhat dissapointed.

    Also has anoyone tracked the number of actual minutes of LOSt story telling we truly get in one hour ? It seems that the number of commercial breaks, and the length of each break has gotten significantly longer. It seems like 5 minutes of LOST and then 7 minutes of commercial. . . fuckers !

  • dp2

    All those “filler” episodes look kinda good now, eh? I agree, it has been rushed. And I blame the fixed end date, as well as the writers’ strike last year. A bit sloppy, too. Michael’s time back home and Jeremy Bentham are the most grievous examples of sloppiness.