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What Does It Mean? The ‘LOST’ Comic Con Commercials

By docarzt,

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Well, we didn’t get the Chang video I’d hoped for, but we did get some commercials that are very telling.  I’m working on the Kate video, but here’s what we have.  Hurley video where he talks about returning from Australia with the idea for a chicken recipe, and a commercial for oceanic celebrating an accident free 30 years, since 1979.   What does this all mean?

Are this bits of ‘alternate timeline’ in the same class as Dr. Chang’s plea from last year that “Time IS the essence!”?  And by that, I mean mere indications of what the the season may be ‘about.’  In other words, could an alternate time-line where their connections, friendship, loyalty, and love be the end game they are working against?  Or could it be the circumstances they are working from?

What do you think?  Playful gag, or clue?  Watch and weigh in. Also check out LOST Panel Offers A Glimpse of Season 6 Timeline (Or Does It?).

  • Benmanben

    First to comment! I think. When is the Emerson video going to be uP!???!

  • I think this is more of a thematic thing, than actual happenings. Or it could just be a fun Comic-Con thing. At another site, someone suggested we may be flashing between 2 realities, one crash reality, one without a crash. I expanded on this by saying that Sun, Ben, Not-Locke, etc are in the non-crash reality already, which would explain the condition of the Dharma barracks in “Dead Is Dead.”

    • Zonker

      Except why did Sun, Ben, Not-Locke get on Ajira 316 to go to the island if the Oceanic 815 crash never occured?

      • That’s a moot point…When they got on the plane, they were in a timeline/reality where the crash occurred. After the flash on the plane in which Jack, Kate, Hurley, and Sayid ended up in ’77, Ben, Sun and Not Locke were transferred to a non-crash reality.

        • Kevin JJ

          Then why was the old beach camp built, and the game of risk still set up in Ben’s house from the day the mercenaries attacked?
          Seemed like the same old Island to me..

          • Jack&LockeYummyEachOther

            It was the same island, in the original show’s reality. The explosion will create an alternate time line, considering how these guys love the Dark Tower books so much, I’m guess the ones in the alternative time line will start to feel torn in two, starting right after the crash was supposed to occur.

      • neoloki

        2 SEPARATE realities happening at the SAME time and we will see both.

  • jbaz65

    With last year’s video being dismissed as important to the show, one does have to wonder about these videos. I, for one, am hopeful that they are relevant. Cross your fingers and give a wink!

  • Space Lizard

    Elaborate gag.

  • I would love to think that these videos are of no importance, but even though the video shown last year ended not being able to be used in the show, it still offered a good insight into what the season was going to be about. I fear the same to be true of these videos. I still haven’t seen the Kate video, but I have seen the youtube videos of the panel, and right after they show them Damon says, “I thought Kate killed her Dad.” I think we are going to be dealing with an alternate reality or alternate timeline here. Now, I can’t answer why or how they will do this, but I am making this conclusion based on several things; the videos, Damon’s comment, and also the fact that during the panel they were talking about how each season is like a chapter in a story, and each has it’s own element. We’ve seen flashbacks, flashforwards, and time travel. Now we have the last season and Darlton was very cagey about divulging the details as to what the final season was going to have in terms of flashbacks. I think we may be dealing with an alternate reality. Which I am not a fan of at all just to be clear. I just see it going in that direction based on all this stuff seen recently. Unless they are just screwing with us, as lizard thinks, I think we are going to be seeing a different reality this season.

  • Desmundo

    What’s trippy is Hugo looks about as big as he was in Season One. I just saw Jorge in San Diego and he was not this big.

    Last year’s Comic-Con video got us acquainted with the idea of at least Daniel being back in Dharma times. I think these videos are meant to get us used to another idea, the one they’re going with for next season. If the bomb thing worked, then they would all have revised histories.

    theory156, I was not on board for the flashforwards or for them going back to Dharma times, but when I actually show the show, I liked it. I think we should trust the team behind Lost. I agree that Damon’s comment was def a clue, they weren’t just fraking with us, or they would have been more overt about it.


  • RandomZombie

    I’m not too big on the idea of a revised timeline, but I trust the writers.

    I’m leaning towards more of an additional timeline, rather than a revised one. Maybe the incident was prevented, therefore Oceanic 815 didn’t crash – but, being already on the island, the 815ers and friends weren’t affected by the change. Maybe in the outside world Hurley still runs Mr. Cluck’s and Oceanic has a perfect record, but those on the island are still there, with the same memories.

    This would also open up the possibility of the return of once dead, but now never-having-died, characters, such as Charlie, Shannon, and Boone. Well, okay, they died on the island, but still survived the non-crash of Oceanic 815.
    And perhaps those who were dead, but now alive off the island, will have residual “memories” of their experiences, like Jake in The Dark Tower – experiencing two sets of conflicting memories.

    Season six is going to be wonderfully confusing.

  • Togabot

    I can think of 2 things:

    There are many worlds, and these people are from a different one than we’ve seen.

    Everything has reset, and 815 never crashed.

    Hurley talking about a dream he had made me think what if they all made it to la but they have dreams about there lives on the island that slowly help them remember.

    These both happened in the dark tower btw; Many worlds, and people who lived 2 time lines and had memories from both.

    • Kevin JJ

      “There are other worlds than these.”

      • kinyah

        the man in black fled across the desert, and the gunslinger followed.

  • Togabot

    Well okay I now i’ve watched the Kate vid. So its not a reset (phew)

    • neoloki

      What? She never killed her father. She killed a guy that works for Wayne at his shop. How are these the same.

      For me, great. Bring on parallel realities. This will allow for a reset AND the original time line all happening at once. This also jives with Mathew Fox’s comment about the time lines merging a 1/3rd of the season in.

  • ashe

    I agree with the concurrent timelines theory. It’s the only way they can keep from invalidating the previous 5 seasons, as Jorge Garcia pointed out at the panel. I think they’re dipping straight from their primary inspiration – The Dark Tower series, as others here have suggested. Perhaps the endgame can only occur now if all of the original cast is present. They all have some part to play, to prove Jacob right, I suppose. (Or wrong, maybe Jacob’s the bad guy. An aside, I think the conflict between Jacob and Titus Welliver’s character is not good vs evil, but destiny/faith vs free will.)

    What I suspect will happen is that the cast members who have died or were in the blast of the bomb may or may not have memories of their alternate time on the island, similar to Farrady’s breakdown on seeing 815’s fake debris on tv. (I wonder if maybe his mind ending up glimpsing alternate realities, or if Desmond’s did, for that matter.) However, the people left on the island in 2008 (which is basically just Ben, Sun, and Richard, now, and possibly Desmond.) will come across some knowledge that they need to “draw” those alternate versions of the castaways into their version of reality. (Not unlike Jake in The Waste Lands, as has been pointed out.)

    That would be the most direct reference to The Dark Tower to date, and it’s one I could definitely get behind.

    And if they do have alternate selves that never crashed on the island (which looks very likely) and they still have memories of the island (maybe because of Jacob’s touch?) they could have a great cold open with Jack on the plane, freaking out and insisting that it’s supposed to crash. They might even lock his ass up.

    • ashe

      I just thought of a hole in my own theory – The 1977 DHARMA picture that Christian shows to Sun & Ben. If the Losties going back in time spawned an alternate timeline, why would that picture exist? Perhaps it’s an artifact from another timeline? If that’s the case, how did Christian get it (no way to tell yet) and why would he bother showing it to them if it was something he had to get, since they were gonna follow Locke around anyway?

      So, my supplementary theories to the concurrent timelines- I can think of two possibilities:

      A) A large-scale event needs to occur to spawn an alternate reality, much like the plot of Donnie Darko. In this instance, everything pre-crash would be the same, which would mean the new Comic-Con video of Kate is just to get people thinking about the idea of alternate universes, not that this is necessarily how things would play out in the alternate universe that will be used by the show. (Assuming alternate or parallel timelines are the direction in which the show is headed.)

      B) What happened, happened and Jack and the rest caused the incident, so nothing changed. However, there could still be an alternate timeline where small things are different – Kate killed the wrong man, Hurley didn’t get cursed, but instead found luck, and most importantly – Oceanic 815 didn’t crash, for whatever reason – perhaps it did, but the cast just didn’t get on the plane. In this instance, things pre-crash could be different, and therefore the Kate video could end up being canon. In this timeline, of course, the original crew is still alive, and if they are needed for some event in 2008, they could be pulled from here. (Assuming that theory is correct.) However, in this case, I’d think it less likely that they retain memories of the original timeline (of 1974 – 1977 or 2004 – 2008.)

      • In Star Trek Neros attack on the Kelvin and the death of Jim Kirks father spawned a new universe. The one in which the sequel that Damon Lindelof will write with Orci/Kurtzman will take place.
        If Juliet detonating Jughead in 1977 created a B-Timeline, this will not erase the events in the A-Line.
        If Kate killed Ryan Milder in Timeline B this will be an event isolated to this new universe.
        Sun, Ben and Lapidus are in the year 2008 in Timeline A. The remainig question is how the two universes will collapse into a single one during season 6…

        • ashe

          But in the current show timeline, we know for a fact that Kate killed her father, not some plumber. We see it ourselves and the marshal confirms it. That’s why it has to be some alternate pre-crash scenario.

          • ashe

            Oh I misread you, sorry. If the jughead explosion created the B universe, though, I don’t really see why it’d have any other effects like that, unless they add some weird chaos theory stuff in there, but that seems like a lot of trouble for what could be a much easier and less confusing resolution.

          • neoloki

            Be careful about using those videos for specifics in constructing your theories. The general idea (parallel realities) yes, Kate does not kill her father, No. Like other years at comic-con and the videos shown we are given a general idea of the story construct, but the films never appear during the season (faraday and chang never sent a video to the future) and thus are not cannon. With that I am going with time line b starting at 77.

            The other possibility though is that the reset was complete and since the Swan was never built time line b actually starts at the characters birth. In other words Ashe, time line B is a complete reset. Time line A involves the Jughead detonation. You have to keep them completely seperate.

          • Jughead’s little core goes off. Boom. Not a big blast, but enough for the Swan site. They all die, as Richard confirmed.

            Maybe the visitations by Jacob seen in ‘The Incident’ happened after that, in the already formed new timeline. That would explain little differences, like Kate killing the wrong plumber. And Sawyer not killing Duckett. Maybe Christian will not drink himself dead in Australia. Which leaves the question why Jacob visited Hurley that late in the game, dropping that guitar case…

  • Cutter XXIII

    Heh…anybody notice the Locke, Michael, and Walt look-alikes eating chicken as Hurley walks through the dining room? 🙂

    • stweedle

      I caught the kid looking up at Hurley and wondered if it was supposed to be Walt. At the end though, the “dad” didn’t look anyhitng like Michael. It seems funny though that the camera lingers on the kid looking up at Hurley for a long time.


    the meal only costs $4.42!

    • bryan

      maybe the price is from a previous century?

  • SeeYouOnMadManPhil


  • Heidi

    The unknown in 1977 Jughead action is who else or what else is on the island that maybe we don’t know about that either gets killed or a changed life that changes something else in the alternate timeline. If the numbers are never recorded on the island broadcasting loop, then Sam and Leonard never hear them and Hurley never hears them and maybe he wins the lottery with another set of numbers and that is why he has good luck. He may have traveled to Australia just because he wanted to. Just an example but there is no way we can really predict why or how things would be changed in the future. Smarter minds than mine can list out the possibilities.

  • Uncle Beaver

    Remember “Flashes Before Your Eyes”? Maybe our characters will have memories of their time on The Island in a way of vivid dreams. And like Ms Hawking told Desmond… they can’t avoid the path they’re on… whatever is going to happen to them is their destiny.

  • preztige2k6

    Does anyone care to elaborate on how the show will now take place in 2009?! Since 1979 Oceanic has had 30 years of perfect saftey record –> 2009.I think this is important.

    • stweedle

      Along this same line of thought…if this is going to be the way they are going why is the Oceanic Airlines website still saying they are out of business. Thats the first thing I checked after the video.

    • skeptic

      I don’t think that’s significant at all. I think it’s just a wink to the fans who are at ComicCon in 2009, and clearly establishes that Oceanic 815 did not crash in 2004. As I recall, last years’ tie-in had the DHARMA Initiative starting back up in 2008, which has been entirely irrelevant in the show.

  • Cutter XXIII

    BEN: Let me put it so you’ll understand. Picture a box. You know something about boxes, don’t you, John? What if I told you that somewhere on this island, there’s a very large box… and whatever you imagined, whatever you wanted to be in it, when you opened that box, there it would be. What would you say about that, John?

    I’d wonder whether that box could, in effect, “collapse timelines” by drawing in characters who had been lost?

    • That must be the box with Schroedingers cat in it…

    • Ament

      I wonder if the box he was referring to now wasn’t his Job but the actual box he was carried in, “You know something about boxes, right john?”. Very funny comment now.

  • Wally

    Jacob warns as he is bursting into flames “there coming”, jughead worked the plane never crashed, there never was a purge, demond never crashed the plane etc.

    As John Locke once said “all roads lead to the hatch”. Jacob touched everyone and as a result they will be drawn to the island. No matter what road they are on they will all lead to the hatch. A new plane will crash, Hurley, Locke, Jack, Kate, etc will all be on it. As we learned on the beach in the last Episode it “always ends the same” and “anything before that is just progress”. The ending will be the same the road that takes us there will be different

  • Jack&LockeYummyEachOther

    I think that John Locke and the “Non-Locke” will turn out to be the same actor!

  • Ament

    It’s insane, I mean with this amount of creative writing yes it of course could be plausible to make an alternate timeline, but I have a hard time imagining it. The one thing sticking in my mind is when Sawyer and the crew pre-DI flashed to the Ajira camp and found the bottle of water, took a boat and shot an Ajira passenger (presumed).

    I’m thinking they flashed after finding out about locke and when Jacob said they’re coming perhaps Illana , Bram, and crew were on the defensive when a boat was taken by Sawyer and gunshots were exchanged.

  • Lebowski Achiever

    I think when the bomb blows, Jack enters something similar to what Desmond entered when he turned the fail-safe key. I think he keeps seeing these commercials/shows that remind him of the island much like Desmond did. Unlike Desmond, Jack doesn’t flashback, he flashes forward to see what time would be like had the plane not crashed.

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