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What Season 6 Hints Are Hidden In The Final Poster

By docarzt,

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poster1The final poster has arrived.  It is not up for sale, yet, but word is that there are two hints to season 6 hidden in the poster.  What do you see?

  • James

    Theres two Sayids

    • To point that out:

      There’s also two Shannons – one is DEAD and one ALIVE.

      I think that might actually be a nice hint. 🙂

    • bioariel

      Someone posted this link

      And if we count all the characters that appear twice, we should count Jurley (the van) Sayid and Shannon, Jack, Eko and Ana Lucia (from the “others” coming), Jin, Michael, Walt, Sawyer (raft)

      • Thanks for the link!
        Finally someone decoded the (missing) Numbers in the poster. I’m both amazed and satisfied that there actually are more than the ones I mentioned below.

        Here’s another link that is worth to be shared:

        It’s the poster in high(er) resolution.

        • Justine

          Thanks for the link =)

      • Madge

        Desmond is in the there twice as well, he’s being dragged by Kelvin in the lower left area.

  • Read the ODI’s story where he asked Damon and he pointed to Hurley holding the burning Anhk (is that spelled right, Nancy Drew?) Anyways, seems to me that might be a hint that the people who shot the burning arrows at the losties and killed poor Frogurt were from the time of the statue… that’s all I got…

  • I’m thinking that the direction the characters are looking might give us a clue. I haven’t thought about exactly what it may mean, but I’m working on it.

    • Steve

      Jack, Claire, Juliet, and Desmond are all looking the same way.

  • the plane boss the plane (in the sky)

  • Andrew

    Jin, Jack, and Anna Lucia are the only ones without any blue. I have no idea what that means though.

    Can anyone decipher the hieroglyphics in the clouds?

    • also no blue on Eko, Shannon, Boone

      • Andrew

        You’re right about Boone. Look at Eko’s axe and the bottom of Shannon’s shirt. Both have touches of blue.

        • You’re right. I noticed Eko’s right after I posted. I can’t fathom what the blue means though

      • Brandon

        Also no blue on charlie, and whoever is looking at the crash site. (Alpert??) Also there might be another eko at the end of the beach with no blue and someone on the boat in the water with no blue. Also desmonds shirt has a mixture of blue in it. What could that mean?

        • Brandon

          o i just saw charlies hair nvm

        • bioariel

          I think that the person coming out of the jungle is Ben… I mean, it looks like Ben, and could be 2 jacks, 2 sayids and 2 bens

    • Dodun

      Glyphs are same as ones on countdown timer

    • There is no blue on Locke either.

      • JimmyFord

        His eyes are blue.

      • JimmyFord

        Hmmm…and so are Sawyer’s, Ben’s, Boone’s, Juliet’s, and maybe Claire’s (can’t really tell). At least one is dead (Boone) and most likely a second (Juliet). Oh no, does that Jimmy’s going to die this sesaon??

  • Andrew

    Vincent doesn’t have any blue either. He’s also the only character that Darlton are willing to guarantee will survive the series. Does a character not having blue then mean they survive the series????

  • Jedi Obi 1

    Right below Ecko on the beach is someone in a biohazard suit…appears to be dragging someone.

    Appear to be some symbols in the clouds above Kate and Sawyer.

    • intersect

      I think that’s Kelvin dragging Desmond from his crashed boat:

      • Jedi Obi 1

        Ah, yes. Now it becomes clear. Thanks.

  • Who is that coming from the bushes at the bottom?

    Is that Richard? It kind of looks like Elliot from the Via Domus game with those patches of gray in the hair.

    • Luddite

      I was wondering if that was Jack. Either way, someone watching the plane crash from the bushes does seem significant.

  • Andrew

    Two hatch clocks. One broken with the plane wreckage reading 080 and another in tact in the jungle reading 108-00

    • Illundiel

      thats what i noticed too. then i started to focus on the dharma symbols…there’s sixteen. haven’t we only encountered 8 or 9??

      and yeah 2 jacks/2 sayids.

      • Cailean

        2 Jacks??? Where’s the second?

        • GeigerCounter

          he is standing in his black suit next to the fuselage

          • MojoFilter

            Adjusting his crotch, apparently.

      • dp2

        From left to right I see: “DHARMA”, Swan, Hydra, Looking Glass, Flame, , submarine, security, motor pool, kitchen, Pearl, Orchid, Lamppost, Tempest, Staff (medical), Arrow

        • dp2

          Oops, between “Flame” and “submarine” in my post, it should say “don’t know, looks like a mountain”

        • Dodun

          The one you are missing is the school logo

      • dp2

        Also two Desmonds — the main one below Locke and the one being dragged by Kelvin. It also looks to me like a second Locke standing above the guy in the lower right.

    • Chris

      I thought it was an “080” at first as well, but after a second look, I think its just a fragment of the plane’s side with 3 windows on it.

  • there’s definitely 2 sayids there. you can even see charlie’s virgin mary statues…

  • Cailean

    Rose and Bernard are nowhere to be seen. Maybe they’re Adam and Eve??

  • Reverendmilo

    There are two red dots on the oceanic plane in the top right.

    I took shots and twittered them this morning check my Twitter feed for the links.

  • dp2

    That’s the wrong foot (up from Hurley). Clue?

  • trishpip

    Is it just my bad eyes, or does it seem like there’s lava coming down the side of the mountain in the upper right corner? My prediction for the finale of LOST has always been an epic volcanic eruption.

    • Cailean

      I think that’s just fire coming from an unseen torch… but then again, the one by Hurley becomes an Ankh, so anything’s possible. They have briefly mentioned the volcano in the past…

      • dp2

        They did, in Ben’s first flashback. Olivia (the teacher) mentions the island’s dormant volcano.

  • GeigerCounter

    Great poster. I wish it was larger.

    I’m sure you all know about that weird glitch in the LOST graphic (letter S) in the opening title sequence. On this poster it looks like the L, O, and T have some red paint missing. I have no idea what any of that signifies though.

    • Cailean

      What’s the glitch in the opening sequence??

      • rob

        ha! 1st time ive seen anyone mention it. a video editor friend of mine and i have been bothered by this for 5 years. always wondered why its never been fixed. just watch the S as the LOST logo passes in the opening. you cant miss it. youve probably seen it hundreds of times but never noticed. lol.

        • GeigerCounter

          I know, right? Five years!!!
          And I totally remember someone mentioning this to Darlton somewhere (probably in a podcast) and I remember Carlton saying they’ll look into it. Apparently they never did.

    • JimmyFord

      Funny thing about the letter “S”. It’s not linear and if traveling along it, you basically visit the same vertical axis 3 times and if you connect the ends of the “S” (by let’s say a wormhole), it turns into a figure “8” or infinite loop.

      • Hmmm

        I don’t see it.

  • That looks like the raft from season one and eko’s church to the right. Both have dudes standing in the same “tied to a cross” position. Does that mean anything?

  • Ah, I’m sure what ever the clues turn out to be it’s going to be unsatisfying.

  • Costanza

    The Virgin Mary is in the middle of the letter O – almost like it’s been intentionally circled. Significant?

    • Brandon

      I was thinking the exact same thing

  • I think the weirdest thing is the small sideways letter “F” at the top of the T in LOST.

    • Oh yeah when you turn the picture over so the F is upright you see the bottom of the poster has an ‘i’ maybe there are other letters that spell something

  • jim

    why do we see ana lucia but not libby?

  • peaches22

    What about the scar on Lock’s face? Or did that happen during Season 5, and I just forgot?

    • That happened in the pilot.

    • Shinto

      That’s always been there, since the pilot.

  • xeno

    Lockes scar is from S1

  • JimmyFord

    The only thing I picked up and may be reaching is the idea of duplication and/or duality (characters, statue, planes, etc). Let’s see…hmmm…2 of the same, 2 existing at the same TIME, 2 timelines…parallel universe!

  • also, say hello to our good ol friend smokey….

  • Matt

    I dunno… I’d love to get some hints as to what’s in store for season 6, but then again, I can’t really see Damon/Carleton giving any of these artists the inside scoop. I have a feeling that everything on this poster simply comes from a bunch of stored up memories over the past five seasons. Folks seems to be suggesting that stuff that shows up on the poster will show up in season 6. Could be. But then again, since I’m not seeing much of anything that hasn’t already appeared in some form or another, are we sure it isn’t just a “LOST” imagery greatest hits? Seems like nothing more to me…

    Still a great poster though; I’d love to grab one.

    • JimmyFord

      You’re probably right, but it’s a fun exercise none the less.

      • Faraday’sGal

        Darlton said in an interview, that there actually are deliberate hints in it…

        “I think you should look in there and there will be a couple of clues to the final season that are embedded in that poster. It will make a lot of sense once you’ve actually seen a few episodes of the show.”
        “You should look at the poster and think of the things you’ve seen on the show, and then whatever else is left, that’s a clue for Season 6.”

  • JonEwaD

    Where is this gonna be on sale and when???

  • beatriz

    Darlton said in an EW interview to look for the two things in the poster that have not happened yet, and those are the two clues.

    • How about the bottom right corner with what looks like Richard coming out of the jungle to see the crash site?

      • bioariel

        Still looks like Ben to me…
        About two things that haven’t happened.. has Eko ever wield an axe?, because that doesn’t look like Eko’s stick to me

        • Andrew

          he did, at the very least once. in “?” he has a dream where Yemi tells him to make Locke take him to the question mark, “and bring the axe”.

        • dp2

          He spent a lot of time chopping down trees to build the church.

          • bioariel

            UR right :S

      • Yep. Direct hit!

  • shull

    Where’s Kate?

    • Funback Joeq

      Isn’t she right up top? Kinda looks like Ilana but I doubt she would be given such a high ranking position in the poster, esp at the expense of Ms. Austen.

    • Seabiscuit

      Second person on the right in the top row.

      • Seabiscuit

        *- to the right.

  • Andi

    No Libby or Penny either. Hmmm…

  • Beena

    The ship is on the water, not in the jungle. We only saw this ship in the water once, in the season five finale. I’m sure there will be more story on that.

  • Hmmm

    Anyone else having their comments deleted? I posted a while ago and now it’s not there. Anyway…

    Damon said “You should look at the poster and think of the things you’ve seen on the show, and then whatever else is left, that’s a clue for Season 6.”

    I see the letter “F” at the top of the T in LOST. I also see what could be an “r” or “1” at the top of the O in LOST. There’s also a small mark that looks like it could be an apostrophe at the bottom of the letter L in LOST. Not sure what it could mean, but it’s there.

    I hope a larger, clearer version of the poster comes out, because I can’t really see a lot of the little details.

    • Up above someone posited that it’s a lower case “j” at the top of the “O.” Also, there is an “i” at the bottom right of the poster.

  • mpl

    The volcano erupting – that hasn’t happened yet, so that must be one.

    • I don’t think that’s a volcano erupting, on LostARGS they have a close up and it just looks like another torch.

  • Alex

    What’s in Claire’s right hand?

  • Alex

    Also, am I the only one noticing that some of the characters look like their faces have cracks in them e.g. see Ben’s and Walt’s foreheads.

    • Flash1230

      Yeah! I saw that too! I was wondering about that

  • Jacoby

    uhm this may not actually be there but by the statue there seems to be a white speck and a black speck. Is that supposed to be him and his enemy?

  • Rick

    Maybe the reason that its the wrong statue foot is because its another statue

  • lol How sad. Feb 2nd needs to get here soon…

  • Benjamin

    Volcano? The flame on the RIGHT. The fire on the left is quite obviously from hurley’s torch (which also obviously shows the ankh). But above Desmond and to the right of Locke’s head, what is the other flame? Or what we assume is fire. The only other fire in poster is the torch and the fire in the grass, presumably as part of the wreckage. However, the top right flame isn’t attached to anything significant…except…the mountains. I can’t be the only one who’s thought about the dormant volcano, mentioned in Ben’s Dharma School scene. Someone please agree with me, haha.

    Oh and I too, am unfamiliar or can’t recognize the Dharma logo to the left of the Arrow. The group of people under the ‘T’ also caught my attention. Not sure as to what that could be. I also find it interesting that of all the deaths to show mention to, Shannon’s is the one they choose. Is this just one indication of things that will be reversed after the jughead detonation? Or is shannon’s death and Sayid’s connection to it significant?..Who knows. Great poster in general.

    • Annebeth

      I was wondering about the group of people under the T too, I wish someone could make a closeup of that 😉

      • Andrew

        the group of people under the T looks a lot like when Sawyer Michael and Jin first encountered the tail section survivors.

    • dp2

      I listed the DHARMA logos above. Next to the Arrow is the Staff (medical station).

    • Pepper

      Maybe that fire is from Ilana torching jacobs cabin?

  • Jon

    Does anyone find it interesting that Faraday is on there but not Miles, Charlotte, or Frank?

  • SeeYouOnMadMen,Phil

    A lost poster is.. A LOSTER???

  • Ryan

    Anyone else notice that Eko is carrying an fire axe and not a staff?

    • dp2

      It’s true we associate him with his staff, but he did make frequent use of the axe as well, particularly in building the church. Yemi: “And Eko….bring the axe”.

  • What attracts my attention is the lack of explicit references to the [Valenzetti equation] numbers aside from the classical 108:00 swan station counter.

    There are 16 Dharma signs, 4 torches and ambiguously (~)23 people on this poster.

    Has anyone spotted another possible #s-pointer?

  • Illundiel

    “Lindelof: You should look at the poster and think of the things you’ve seen on the show, and then whatever else is left, that’s a clue for Season 6.”
    …great, that narrows it down.

    • That might refer to Richard observing the crash scene.
      I bet it’s safe to assume that we’ll learn a lot more about his point of view on a lot of LOST’s stages and pivotal settings during Season 6.

    • Costanza

      What’s happening just above the head of the guy in the bottom right-hand corner. Can anybody make it out?

  • Also noticed the Virgin Mary statue in Claire’s robe. It’s in the center of the O, central to the circle of Lost. I told you guys to read “The Second Coming of Christ” by Paramahansa Yogananda. For the sake of Aaron, you still have a month to prepare yourself. 😀

    • striferaven

      and also note how the virgin Mary has herself in nearly the same position as Claire–as if Mary were holding an invisible child.

  • Rick

    Oh! I got it. THe fire on the right coming out of the jungle is Jacob’s cabin which was set on fire by Brom and Illana

  • lylebot

    Notice how Jack, Kate, Sawyer, and Locke are arranged like Mount Rushmore; I believe this indicates that in the future, each of them will be President of the U.S. for at least one term.

    This poster will make a great jigsaw puzzle someday.

  • Alex

    Smokey and the polar bear are mirror images of each other. Top left – Smokey. Bottom left – polar bear. And one’s white, the other’s black – that recurring theme once again.

  • Curtis

    I got it, Walt has never looked up and to the left before! He will do this in Season 6, just watch!

  • mrmax86

    Well, we see the flaming Ankh…in the general vicinity of Taweret. Does anyone remember, from the opening scene of 5×16, that the statue of Taweret is holding one Ankh in EACH HAND? Perhaps the fact that the flaming Ankh in the poster clues us in to how the statue of taweret was destroyed.

    Also, trusty Wikipedia tells me that Tawaret was the Egyptian Goddess of Motherhood. Was this somehow connected to women’s inability to have children on the island?

  • Christy

    Not really a clue but… I think it’s kind of interesting that Shannon is looking down over Sayid holding dead-Shannon.

  • Sarah

    Kate almost looks like Alana

  • GeigerCounter

    You know what occurred to me? This looong hiatus has taken its toll on our sanity. More than a hundred comments in only two days on a wild poster clue hunt. What’s next? Visions of Locke in burnt toast? 😉

    • Costanza

      I saw a cheese curdle that looked like Richard Alpert – does that count??

      • GeigerCounter

        as long as it was REALLY old

        • Cutter XXIII

          It’s snowing so much in DC, I just found a frozen donkey wheel in my backyard.

          • Iwantmykidneyback

            I keep putting snakes in my mailbox on the offchance that the mailman will one day connect the dots…

  • I have had a poster moments in the show over on Spoiler TV, I’ve updated it for this poster. I will probably be working more on it this weekend. But I think I’ve found some interesting things. On previous posters I’ve focused on when the poster moments happened in the show, but I will need to dig deeper into this one, so much going on.

    I especially liked how Smokey is intertwined with the characters in the poster, and they relate to times in the show. Check out the thread at

    and let me know what you think 🙂

    • bioariel

      great zoom-ins 😀

    • Great post! Thanks a lot for that.

      “Richard w/ Rifle (season 6 image – watching Incident)”
      This HAS to be the second clue. I’m virtually certain it’s the one we’ve been looking for. I’m also about 85% sure that this guy is Richard and not a new character we haven’t seen yet (or even Jack/Ben/someone else).

      • I still think that is the Ajira plane in the upper right

      • bioariel

        OK, so if this is the second clue, which one is the first one?

  • Brian

    dont know if anyone has noticed this yet. theres a polar bear in the bottom left corner behind the two torches.

    • Faraday’sGal

      Wow, I’ve been alanlysing this to the ends of the earth, and I didn’t notice that at all! In favt, i still don’t…where is it? :S

  • Faraday’sGal

    Did anyone find it odd that the Dharma symbols of the pearl, and whichever one is all black in the middle (sorry, i forget the name…) are right next to eachother? reminds me a bit of Locke’s backgammon explination to Walt? Two sides: one is light, one is dark… creepy…

  • Lockab

    There is black smoke in both the top left and top right corners. This could mean that the entity we’ve come to know as smokey is really two different smoke monsters. This would completely change the way that we should view all past appearances of smokey in terms of who was in fact controlling it at the time (Jacob, Jacob’s nemesis, the woman who can be heard in the whispers?).

    • justin

      wow some of you guys are out of your minds. if there are two clues their kinda obvious i have the poster from the art show maybe its just easier to see but the tourch hurley is holding is pretty obvious and the man with his back showing on the bottom right is the other clue. why would they put a character we know with his back to us? and when has ben ever carried a rifle or richard for that matter. geeze some people look to deep and miss the obvious stuff

      • striferaven

        Richard carried a rifle in the past, of particular remembrance when he was around Faraday, and Jack. Didn’t he even point one at Faraday right before his mom shot him?

    • Justine

      The smoke also extend to the bottom of the poster — hard to see if you’re no viewing a larger version as it is only a shade off the black in the lower left.

      • Justine

        Also in front of Ben, behind Eko, behind Sayid, between Sun and Claire and by Hurley’s torch hand.

  • Sam

    Anyone else notice the hierroglyphs up in the clouds?

    • Yes, they’ve been mentioned before. They are the same glyphs as seen on the countdown timer in the Swan.

  • JacobsLather

    The big clue is obvious. Don’t you see?? Season 6 is going to be ANIMATED!

    Why else would they say that even a single frame would spoil us?

  • Harriet

    I just noticed – some characters are wearing the same clothes that they did in the pilot episode/ when the plane crashed.
    for example, sun, jack, michael, sayid, hurley, ana Lucia, shannon…
    However, Locke, Charlie, Walt,Sawyer, Kate are not.
    I know I may be looking to much into this, but what made me think this in the first place is Sun – she looks exactly the same here as in pilot episode.
    could that not be some sort of hint?
    Also looked up what Ankh meant – An Egyptian hieroglyph used as a symbol of love, life, reincarnation, and a few other positive energies. Interesting.

  • Per

    All the letters in the poster are an anagram for “soft cajole”.

  • DontLostInDetail

    We saw the fake lock put Jacob on fire in season 5 final episode. Now Hurley holding a firing ANKH. is this mean something? Jacob is the Ankh on fire? there was two Ankh in Taweret’s hands one is Jacob and another one is black smoke.
    Hurley will be next leader. we also know that Illana talked about possible candidate.

  • Tuval

    Just to the left of the mysterious guy at the bottom right (with the rifle) there’s a broken piece of the plane which seems to have some stuff written on it, but it’s tiny…

  • Shane

    And no Penny!!!!!

  • cody

    seriously tho,
    how dreamy is jack?

  • Guliana

    Read somewhere that one clue may be the Ankh that Hurley is holding. Remember that guitar case that Jacob gave Hurley in the cab? Wondering if maybe inside is an Ankh, not Charlie’s guitar.

  • dp2

    I don’t know why I just noticed this, but the DHARMA logos’ colors are all reversed. Much like the LOST logo at the end of the S5 finale. Not much of a hint, but maybe relevant to the season.

  • Tuval

    Maybe the white letters inside the red ones spell “Fiji”
    Flight 815 might land there in season 6

  • dan

    Why is Faraday there? Is he the loophole? Not in Season 1 but there when Season 6 starts looking at some of these things from a different perspective. He sticks out more then someone we can only assume was there and watched the crash when it happened (which is not suprising people already on the island could have that knowledge). He is the only non 815er in the top half of the picture.

    • dp2

      Except for Desmond, Juliet, and Ben.

  • dan

    doh and desmond

  • If I have my allegiances straight, none of Widmore’s people are there.

  • Matt

    Just a thought… black smoke monster appears to be everywhere in this picture. And if you look VERY closely in the Pilot episode when the guy gets sucked into the engine and it explodes, something black quickly swoops in and hits the top of the engine then disappears.

  • Tuval

    Matt it was confirmed as CGI error and not the monster, sorry.

  • I didn’t notice this in any comments; “Oceanic” on the plane is facing an odd direction graphically. Perhaps this is symbolic too?

  • SpammyTheDharmaGardener

    Can anybody else see the word “TiME” or possibly even “TiMER” written in mostly blue grass just below Sayid carring Shannon. The big green leaf makes the cross of the T also helping to dot the lower case i. Then a McDonalds style M and then the upper case E and perhaps an R further on.
    I reckon clues are in the colours. There’s lots of random yellow. Maybe inverting colours in certain places might help.

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