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What’s In a Name? Ausiello Confirms Title & Centricity of 6.04 – *SPOILER*

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Okay, here we go with another title. Depending on your tolerance… this could be considered a major spoiler. Now, something else is revealed here. My five-year-old son is studying patterns right now at school. I think he would pick up on this one pretty quickly. First, a quick review:

6.01 – 6.02 – LA X (Everybody Centric)
6.03 – What Kate Does (Kate Centric)
6.04 – The Substitute (Locke Centric)

I call your attention to the episode order of season one:

1.01 – 1.02 – Pilot (Everybody Centric)
1.03 – Tabula Rasa (Kate Centric)
1.04 – Walkabout (Locke Centric)

Could “The Substitute” have something to do with the faux Helen that Locke was paying to be his phone friend? Or something completely new and exciting?

Let’s not overlook the fact that the man in black’s “Locke” facade was a ‘substitute’ for the man himself. Could there be a meaning in that connection?


For more, including Doc Jensen’s take on the title, check out Ausiello’s post at EW!