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Wikipedia Owner Wants More LOST… Will Petition J.J.

By docarzt,

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So Jimmy Wales, founder of Wikipedia, has offered to hand deliver a petition for more LOST to J.J. Abrams.  Seems Wales is on the side of the aisle that isn’t ready to let go – and I have to say, I’m right there with him.

The interesting part of Wales offer is that he is leaving the question of what to ask for up in the air.  A new series?  Big screen movies? Epic mini-series?  Graphic novels?  Via Domus II?  (ACK!) Wales is planning to leave that up to us.  So what say you guys? Is a LOST spin off the way to go?  Or should some writer/director somewhere break the laws of story physics and find a way to reunite our beloved characters with the island post series finale?

Assuming that Damon and Carlton are being honest, and they are, the season 6 series finale will make an extension of ‘our’ story superfluous.  Plus it would, in a sense, retroactively break their promise to settle this thing once and for all with no gimmicks.  An out and out remake will no doubt happen at some distant point in the future, but to bring the present LOST cast back for anything would seem like a money grab from the start.

That said, if the mystery of the island is left open – would you, as a fan, even be interested in a new story with new characters?  Will there be enough mystery left after the series finale to fuel another suspense driven mega-arc with new characters? What do you think?  Sound off…

  • Drew G.


    • Seconded.

      • Jim

        Strongly opposed.

        • Bezmina

          No, me either.

    • Casey

      Absolutely not.

      • rodmanrc

        The only thing I would like to see again is a sequel to the video game, which I actually enjoyed and play quite frequently. With the show wrapping up, now the game can really take advantage of what the show has to offer and create a fully fantastic game.

        • Kara

          Agree with everything above

    • dpretty

      Via domas was dissapointing only because it coverd only two seasons it would be much better now that the show is basicly over and would have much more to make a decent game with so via domas 2 works for me

  • OtherJacob

    Too early to say – maybe a Nickelodeon cartoon where Jacob keeps on foiling MiB’s attempts at escaping the island??? 🙂

    • Jackisjack

      Speaking of cartoons, LOST can so be scooby-doo. With MIB screaming “damn you meddling kids” and his identity is reveled every week by pulling his face off.

  • Jamesigh

    As much as I adore Lost, and will be sad when it ends, I like the idea of an absolute conclusion. Though I suppose if it was a prequel, and showed other people that have been affected by the island in the past, it would be fine. I don’t know, though.

    • Hipster Doofus

      Ah, good one too. Prequel novels could work. There *are* a LOT of names crossed out on that ceiling. Maybe when the Army showed up. Or when the brits joined the others, such as Widmore, although I guess that story could be coming.

    • Aaron(really!)

      Yes. That’s exactly what I had in mind. The island has had a long history with many more interesting stories that we haven’t heard. A film franchise would be great!

  • Hipster Doofus

    I’d be okay with officially sanctioned novels that were non-canon but allowed that gave *theories* as to certain backstory areas we’d like to know more about. It would be non-canon, but it would feed the addiction. Like how did Radzinsky end up in the hatch? What about that damn food drop?? How did Kelvin actually get to the island? Mikhail? These are just a few that I have no problem remaining mysteries, but could make interesting stories to tell.

    • Artie Lange

      Look you retard they’ve said again and again, and again and again and again that the food drop will be answered. It is not something that can remain a mystery at all, it is incredibly integral to the story.

      • Lisa

        No need for name-calling, you’re very rude!

      • Uncle Beaver

        I’m sure Widmore is behind the food/pallet-drops.

  • erikire

    Hell NO!!!

  • Hipster Doofus

    An entirely *new* story is something I DON’T want. There’s no way I could commit to that. Part of the thing that made me, and many other fans, fans of Lost is that we were experience something like NOTHING we’d ever seen before. That can’t be done twice, and the second time would simply try to emulate the first.

  • Huge Action

    Egyptian time line would be cool. But without darlton I don’t think it could work?

  • While I do wish LOST had lasted one more season in order to better flesh out some of the rushed and forgotten aspects of its story, I don’t see anyway a sequel or prequel or new version of the show would seem fitting.

  • Herb

    I wouldn’t mind a new video game; either an open-world game that follows the storyline of the show, or basically a new set of characters that find the island.

    • Dawn

      I think a new video game would be great. They could do something where there were different mysteries to solve and at the end you’d get the answer to a question from the show that never got answered before the end…for example the Hurley Bird…

  • cap10tripps

    A movie every now and again would be cool with me…

  • elginmiller

    I don’t want another TV series or a movie or anything that detracts from the 6 seasons we got. There might be room for a Darlton-sanctioned comic book or something, to fill in some of the gaps in the story – maybe some ancient Egypt, some Dharma, some Others…

    I would certainly play a video game if it was a LOT better than Via Domus. That game was awful. I would love to be able to traverse the entire island freely while carrying out little missions. Maybe you’re an other in a GTA-type game set on the island?

    I doubt Lost will ever be remade. And I seriously hope Lost will never be remade. Look what they did to The Prisoner. [shudder] It’d be like trying to remake Twin Peaks if Twin Peaks was near-flawless.

  • fritz

    How about a show about the DHARMA Initiative, there is so much that can be done here. We can see their beginnings, and what the hell they were really doing. It always seemed that there is so much ore that can be told to that story. We could even have special episodes with our main cast but seen from other perspectives, this would also allow us to see the immediate aftermath of the Incident.

    Plus we would all already know that there would be a definitive ending to that show…

  • lostinnashville

    No thanks. I think that every season has made rewatching previous seasons with a new perspective fun and rewarding. The BluRay disks step the whole experience up another notch as well. It looks astonishingly better than ABC’s broadcasts. Darlton does an intro on Season 3 Disc 1 (maybe others, but I just noticed it there) where they discuss filming the show with the most modern HD technology in anticipation of releasing the show in that format. If you haven’t yet heard the show in surround sound, you are missing out too. Plus, it is really fun to see details that were either unexplained or seemed unimportant the first time around, but gained meaning as the show progressed. I am looking forward to a full on rewatch after the finale. Although I am truly going to mourn the loss of pondering LOST mysteries, that idea satisfies me far more than a prequel-novel or ARG.

  • MacSky

    A movie focused on the Island mythology could be cool. But anything involving the current cast (Jacob & MIB excluded since I presuming they’re involved heavily in the mythology angle) would be out as far as I’m concerned. I think a prequel type movie could definitely work since there seems to be so much more that’s happened prior to the Losties arrival.

  • widdershins42


  • Drew G.

    No way.

  • Doc Arzt

    How about Lost: The Coda? Then they can true up all of the fan’s top loose ends. C’mon where are any of these actors going to go next? Street Racer II?

    • lostinnashville

      ha ha ha. Maybe they will finally tell us where Dharma got those damn polar bears!

      How about the distraction factor at seeing these (mostly) fine LOST actors on other shows? Flash Forward with “Charlie” and “Penny” lost me after a few episodes, Damages distracts me with “Amy”, lately I’ve seen Tom Friendly, Mikhail and Abbadon on previews for new ABC shows. Jin is headed for Hawaii 5-0. Though you have to be happy for “Kate” getting a shampoo commercial, bless her dirty heart.

    • DocArzt

      Hmmm… alternate universe me?

      • Libbe

        I’m replying to you, Doc, in hopes that you will actually receive this msg. I can’t believe this myself, especially considering that the series isn’t technically over yet…but here it is – THE ANNOUNCEMENT OF A LOST MOVIE. I know, you think I’m full of it, that’s fine. Just read it, and get back at me. I would love it if this was proved false.

        • hb

          Check the date of that announcement

          • Libbe


            Thanks for pointing that out for me hb, I didn’t read it on the 1st, so it never occured to me.

      • Newbie

        I think — I have to agree — Like the quote Jacob said “it only ends once everything else is just progress” well they could go off of this time being the end to a cycle . . . . and the new series would still have Jacob and MIB but with a new group of losties set to go through another saga where we see their beginning an their end and the “progress between”. . . and solve the questions we have open like why the frig cant they have babies – what the heck is the Latin really all about- what’s up with the branding – did Jacob bring Dharma there or did they in fact “find” it — Inquiring minds want to know!

        Truth be told – unless it was a really super freaking story that could combined all of the elements of the original and give me something more to ponder to satisfy the “Mega Nerd” in me – I don’t think I’d be happy

  • wowers

    New t.v series set in the late 70s/early 80s “Dharma Days”!

    • Jackisjack

      I can see Three’s Company Dharma Edition…”come and knock on our hatch, radzinsky’s been waiting for you”.

      • cap10tripps

        LOL! Where the bunnies are here and here and there; three realities too…

      • lostinnashville

        THAT should have been the video in the Season 5 “Dharma Orientation Kit” DVD set! Ben as Mr. Furley.

  • Ajira Luggage

    I’d watch a series about Desmond and Penny doing anything, no matter how boring or unimportant.

    • Ament

      Well what if it is an on-island ending where Desmond’s destiny is to stay on the island leaving Penny behind…except the other-Penny is running those steps in the stadium to train for great boat race, in which case her boat would end up on the island ultimately course correcting them to be together at last.

      • lostinnashville

        I like. We can call it “It IS Penny’s Boat”!

        • lostinnashville

          But why is a “tour de stade” running exercise preparation for a boat race?

          • Ament

            Cause thats what Desmond was doing to prepare for it in S2 when he first met Jack.

    • Doc Artz

      You should check out the new porno with Desmond and Penny. I think it’s called, See You in Another Wife, brotha!

      • The Dharma & Greg Initiative


  • No interest.

    They’ve always said the final episode is “The End” and I believe them and I like that.

    It stands a decent chance of going out as a true classic. Let’s not mess with that.

    • DavidB

      100% agree. Besides, JJ already HAS his “next” series, it’s called Fringe.

      As much as I love LOST, I’m 100% against there being anything left “open” like so many TV shows have done in the past. We’ve been told going on three years now that the end is the END. I expect Damon and Carlton to tie up many of the loose ends, but from a pure enjoyment of the series perspective much of the mystique of LOST is that some things are best left unanswered. And my hope is that they ARE left unanswered, as “something else” (be it a movie, books, whatever) would cheapen what we’ve invested our time in these past 6 years.

  • Meli

    No. Please no. I love Lost like no other, but I want a definitive ending and I want some things to remain mysterious and open to interpretation.

  • Ajira Luggage

    After the LOTR trilogy, Peter Jackson said he was done with that world and here he is now directing The Hobbit. So anything is possible.

    • Mike

      Pretty sure he’s just producing/overseeing the project, not full-blown directing.

      • Jack’s Sidekick

        Guillermo Del Tor, who directed Blade 2, Hellboy 1 and 2 and Pan’s Labyrinth is directing The Hobbit, Silly.

    • Drew G.

      No, he’s not. Del Toro is directing The Hobbit.

  • Ament

    I remember reading some where about Michael Emerson and Terry O’Quinn wanting to continue working together in another drama, which would be pretty cool.

    • lostinnashville

      I just saw that too. A project about awkward detective partners, I think? O’Quinn was developing it and Emerson said something like “Sounds cool. I’d be into something like that.” had the story this past week, but I am pretty sure it came out elsewhere a couple of weeks ago.

  • Mike

    I really like the non-canonical novel idea to speculate on the past, as long as it was nothing that contradicted what would happen during OUR Lost timeline. I’d buy everyone copy.

  • amy

    I will be so sad to see it end but I really want it to end with finality. I don’t think a spin off would do it justice and would leave me with a bad taste. I would like to see more backstory, but again I just think it would feel too forced and not authentic enough. Sometimes you just have to let go….

  • Jason Berry

    Man, I have to say video game for this. I can’t make the time commitment like this anymore either. Way too drawn out for me. They could have told this story in 3 seasons. Then I obsess over it for too long in between weeks and seasons. Not healthy. But a video game with 50 hours or so of game time would be fun. Take the “Legacy of Kain” series for example. Other than the vampires, the story is almost identical. Twists and turns at every chapter end. You never knew who was good or bad or even pulling the strings. An free roaming game with graphics like Crysis and attention to story like Legacy of Kain would be sweet! The crazy stuff in Lost would go over great in a game if you get the right developer to do it. Get Bioware to do it. Forget the cost, just do it. 🙂

    • adam118

      Uncharted would be perfect, mixed with Resident Evil’s survival horror limited resources.

      I mean, Uncharted had a nazi sub on a mountain. Kick ass!

  • SharktacO

    Id like for them to ma Via Domus II as long as its NOTHING like Via Domus. They have such potential to make a spectacular LOST game but they dropped the ball severely with that.

    A DHARMA spin off would be cool but they would definitely need Javier Grillo-Marxuach involved along with D & C…but that wont happen.

    A Movie? Im for it as long as its done right. Doesnt even need to have any actor from the show in it…just need to be done right.

    Personally, Id love some Graphic novels but I dont think the entire fan community would get into them. An actual show would be better honestly.

    Something animated would be cool.
    Im sure Damon and Carlton will end it on TV and if there is never anymore LOST Ill be totally satisfied. Watching the show this whole time has been one hell of a ride, not to mention a learning experience.

  • Desi’s Brother

    I don’t want another LOST ever! If it isn’t resolved properly by the end then it should never be revived. I want it to END really well.

    That being said. I really hope that the writers of LOST will create a new really great series.

    I’d love to see a post-Lost-post-Battlestar version of Star Trek that takes it to a whole a level.

  • Joe


    There 100% will be another Lost. Disney/ABC has a fiduciary obligation to their shareholders to milk all the cash they can out of this brand.

    • meli

      Why are you yelling?

    • dolce

      No, there will not. And yeah, why are you yelling noob?

      • Joe

        FYI: the caps were ironic, and the term “noob” is sooo 1999 my friend.

  • For me, I don’t want more LOST when it’s all done, just as I didn’t want a sequel to King’s “The Stand.” When Lucas made the prequels, we were all excited for them at first, but remarkably vicious towards them later. I think what we should do is continue to have re-watches and discussions on-line so we can further our geekiness. I don’t need more LOST; I want to embrace what I already have.

  • shep

    No, bad idea IMO. Would hate to see it end up like 24 which has been squeezed into oblivion. All for a new series from JJ & Darlton though, Lost is a rare gem and my early morning weekdays will never be the same without it. :=(

  • adam118

    Yes! Things along the line of Tolkien’s book that describes the history of Middle Earth
    Amazon is pre-ordering an official Encyclopedia
    I don’t want anything else with the characters we know, but some new stories to explore mythology that is 100% canon would be awesome. Video games, comics, etc.
    Cameos from MIB, Jake, and Richard for instance.

    Like, things about the founding of Dharma, the Egyptian era Others, etc.

    • Newbie

      Yes Adam — more history — fill in what we dont know — tell me who Jacob and MIB r how they got there ahd why!! Which i dont think will fully be answere here!!

  • spinflip

    Maybe some short episodes to fill a gap or two would be nice, otherwise it can get only worse.

  • Mammam

    Absolutely no extension of the series.
    But I’m still hoping for a second Via Domus, but this time with an actually free island to explore and not that level-based-crap.
    I also really enjoyed Bad Twin, which isn’t technically a Spin Off but still contributed to the Lost Universe in a way

  • GeigerCounter

    Bad idea.

    Also, what does J.J. got do with it at this point, anyway?

  • Jalocke

    I would be absolutely down with a series of comic book mini-arcs. These would just flesh out some of the mysteries that won’t be answered. I.e. what’s the deal with Walt? Well here’s an excellently drawn, really well thought out comic book or three describing what happened. Who was Magnus Hanso and what exactly was his deal? Abbadon? Comic book.

    I personally think its the perfect medium to answer these things. Oh and every so often they will just collect them all in a book for the lazy people.

  • Neville

    kudos to ‘Jason Berry’ for making that Kain-Lost connection ! I’m a huge fan of both and you’ve made me realise how both stories are very similiar in terms of scope and the way they’re told. Just like LOST with the Others, Kain fans are still questioning where the Hylden came from..

  • boonesghost

    I’d like to see some kind of spin-off, but I doubt it would work as a tv series. Comic book or graphic novel sounds do-able.

  • Rams

    No no no!!! Leave it well alone!

  • Professor Askew

    I am absolutely all for more Lost in any capacity. I would be particularly interested in another limited TV series as well as novels. No sequel or prequel, no matter how terribly produced, could take away, or dilute, my experience of these past six seasons. And I can rewatch them anytime I want for the rest of my life. But, nobody could convince me that a clever enough creative team couldn’t come up with another great idea for a new show. Lost was the most tangential show ever created for television. Surely, there is gold in them thar hills. As long as they find a team that can maintain a similar sensibility (don’t turn it into a cartoon of itself), I have no doubt that it can be done.

  • zach

    if it ain’t broke, DON’T FIX IT!

  • Hexonxonx

    As most others have said, I really don’t want any more stories involving characters from the show, even minor ones. We might not know what Abbadon’s deal is, but apparently it’s not particularly important. Depending on how the show wraps up, there could be room for a six episode miniseries about the island’s ancient inhabitants and/or Jacob and the MiB’s backstory.

    I think a serial graphic novel would be the best route to take if they want to go further. The stories should be about entirely different individuals who have come to the island over the course of history, each of whom meets their demise on the island after attaining various degrees of success or failure for Jacob’s mission. Some of the stories can touch on historical periods that we’ve seen on the show (US Army, Black Rock era, DHARMA, etc), but most would be entirely separate to avoid any continuity toes being stepped on. Many of the stories could be one-offs or told over two issues, but maybe others could span several issues.

    Come to think of it, I would love to see an Island-themed pulp serial: each issue has a variety of stories, some of them self-contained, others in serial format. I’d definitely want to see a long story about the Egyptian/Phoenetian inhabitants: how they came to be on the island and the rise and fall of their civilization. If it’s not explained on the show, I’d love to know more about the frozen donkey wheel and what it meant to whoever created it.

    • Chad Geri

      This is really the only kind of continuation I could get behind.

  • Do we really need a Lost Silmarillion?

    • Professor Askew

      Love that book! LOL

  • taco

    I’d wait a few years for “LOST – The Next Generation” or “Return to LOST Island”. Still hoping though that Fox Mulder ends up finding his sister on the Island…

    • Newbie

      she is totally there

  • Drew G.

    Well, that’s been a resounding “no,” almost across the board. I wonder what Jimmy Wales would think if he was reading this.

  • Seabiscuit

    I’d watch a cop show about Sawyer and Miles with Kate as the fugitive girlfriend Sawyer keeps having to hide at inconvenient moments.

  • This is the ultimate disrespect to Damon and Carlton, in my opinion. It’s their story, and it’s their choice on how things go out. Abrams hasn’t been involved with the show since Season 1 (save the S3 premiere).

    • Rams

      I agree! What has Abrams got to do with it now? He and Damon masterminded LOST, but JJ moved on soon after. And I feel Abrams has taken some of the ideas from LOST and incorporated it into Fringe. Darlton have been at the helm for so long now, it would be utterly disrespectful to bypass them in any decisions concerning LOST.

      • kaptan36

        If Abrahms were still involved with the show, the last 3 seasons would have been much better and episodes like “Meet Kevin Johnson” & the Nikki & Paulo debacle would have never happened.

        • Drew G.

          I know I’m in the minority, but I actually LIKE “Meet Kevin Johnson.” I just rewatched it a few days ago, in fact–damn good episode.

      • kaptan36

        Disrespectful maybe, but those guys took Lost in some questionable directions.

        • Rams

          And you think JJ would have done it better? That’s assuming too much, IMO. You cite two examples of things that didn’t work, as opposed to the many many things that did work. Darlton have done a great job with the show.

  • neoloki

    Lost porno, “Lost: Doing It Like Bunnies”

    • Brian

      With all of the porn parodies out there I’m surprised they haven’t gotten to LOST

  • dp2

    No. I like the sub-mysteries and the fact that they will remain mysteries. Find something else to read/watch, Mr Wales. This story is almost done.

  • kaptan36

    yes to a video game sequel, and maybe a future re-union episode, but no to anything else.

  • dolce


  • ashlie

    I might be interested in some sort of comic book continuation in a prequel form…not even really a prequel, just examining some of the gaps in time, like someone else mentioned, with the early Others or when the Army gets there. Something brief though, similar to the limited issue run of Fringe that came out last year. I wouldn’t be interested in seeing some watered down version in a movie or anything like that though.

  • Red

    Absolutely not.

  • Joseph


  • Jamaste LeFleur

    How about a movie where Claire falls in love with vampire, but then it turns out they’re not in the present and it’s September 2001 – 3 years before the 815 crash, and the vampire dude dies in the WTC attacks…No? Then how about a movie where Jack is working for the secret service but it turns out he’s not, his working with Ceasar, ’cause they were both candidates once, and they are out to kill yet another Candidate, but this time is a Candidate for re-election as president of the US, and the president has a double, kind of like an Alterna President. No? Well, how about then a TV series, where Charlie didn’t die, but group up in Canada as the only British sounding member of his family and he becomes a scientist and he screw with the world and we get lots of FlashForwards much like “Through th Looking Glass” and most of season 4. And one day he start working with Penny’s husband. Who’s not Desmond, and It’s Not Penny’s Boat, tying it all together. No? okay I’m out of ideas. Maybe Lost is brillaint because it’s spin off free, and it’s spin off free because it’s brilliant and it should stay and be preserved that way.

  • rowan

    no way

  • naultz

    new show…NO. But bring on everything else. books would be great, filling in some of the pieces that the Darlton has already admitted would not be answered. how about a books filling in the gap from the end of Ab Aeterno to Dharma times. a Video game(s) would be really cool too. a spin off would be the worst idea ever. except for Frazier, I can’t think of one succesful spin-off show. They may make a movie, but in the end I think that disney, being so hungry to rule the world, would make it to try to influnce non lost watches to buy the Dvd’s of the seasons. Unfortunately, their desicions to further lost won’t be about the story or anything that we would want to know, it would be about exploitation and money 🙂

  • Katherine

    Nope. As much as I love Lost (and I really am a fan), I think the show needs to be over -and most questions answered, as soon as season 6 is over. They could make a 21 episodes season if they need more time to reveal mysteries…but I wouldn’t endure another season, nor another “remake” show! Jack, Charlie, Locke, the Kwons, Hurley, Kate, Sawyer, Sayid, BEN!, the weird Desmond, even Rose and Bernard and the dog…they’re ALL UNIQUE.

  • Andrew


  • theusedfan31

    if any spin off it should be lost:the chronicles of Richard Alpert.

  • tobordab

    3 words – LOST Disney Attraction.

  • Brian

    No Darlton = No More Lost (at least for TV)

    I would love to have SOMETHING that could continue my obsession with LOST besides just watching reruns (Note: I must have just passed the denial stage because that is the first time I have ever used LOST and reruns in the same sentence). I think books could be the best route because it does not necessarily have to be cannon with the show. Definitely would like to see more philosophical and mythological kinds of books that analyze the show. But creating novels that either coincide with the time line of the 6 seasons or something that tells a story before or after would be great as well. Maybe someone should put all six seasons into novels. And since books/shows/movies don’t always have to 100% parallel, fans can put their own twist to the story. At least we still have the show as the real story. Then if Darlton ever gives a fan made lost story “four toes up” then maybe we can consider that work unofficially official cannon material. The fandom of LOST has already surpassed expectations and whether or not it keeps going is up to us (and Disney).

  • jfwilder

    I would love a mini-series or even 1/2 season of PREQUIL stuff…Dharma..70’s…more to fill in. Even a prequil movie is fine. Something that answers those pesky unanswered questions. Sprinkle in cameos of our current losties…fine with me…but don’t base it on the current losties….or a “transfer” from current to new cast.

  • matthew dickey

    Don’t know if I want a whole new series but i want all the questions answered and more in depth stories about the characters, island, and how they’re all related.

  • Hexonxonx

    Probably not the place for it, but I just want to state my support for Disney World to turn Tom Sawyer’s island into Lost island.

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  • Dante Corra

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